At the inception of everything, before production and productivity, Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness, a watery abyss, then God said “let there be light”. I personally believe that the light that came forth connotes ENERGY or POWER. My reason being that power is the ability to do work and the work of creation could not commence until light was generated from God.
God separated the light from the darkness and called the light day while the darkness was called night. God’s son, thousands of years later said that one can only work in the day, no man works at night. This means that it is people, countries who have light that can fulfill the potential and capacity for work and productivity, while countries or people that live in darkness have stunted ability for fruitful production. This is why high fructification outfits like Michellin move out of the dark energy zone of Nigeria to places where power is constant to ensure ceaseless work and feracity.

God intended Energy to be self-perpetuating, self sufficient and continuous, so he created the sun, moon and stars on the fourth day. The sun and stars are basically made of hydrogen and helium through thermonuclear fusion while the moon is essentially rock with a reflective surface. This shows that God made these light giving heavenly bodies with substances that are abundant and easy to get. These bodies also give clean energy without the emission of noxious substances unlike most of the generators we have in Nigeria. They don’t pollute the environment with noise and require no maintenance.

Lots of first world countries have tapped into this divine method of procreation by producing power that is cheap, noiseless and pollution free. For example wind energy, is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, and produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation. Denmark uses a lot of wind energy. Windmills are popular in the Netherlands. Germany makes use of a lot of solar energy. The USA and China utilize hydroelectric power to a great extent. I have seen an advertisement that says that cars will run on water someday and I would not be surprised to see this reality because it will be in line with the God template for energy production using plenteous, clean materials.

Following the creation of the energy bodies, earth was transformed from being formless and void into a beautiful world and man was put in charge to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish. He could now subdue and dominate. But before all this could be, there was light. This explains why power played a huge part in the in the story of the industrial revolution.

On the wings of this revolution also came colonization. Like Adam in Eden, the western world could dominate the world because they had energy. They could fuel transportation of goods and men to different parts of the world. They could free their people from menial and manual jobs which could be delegated to machines whereby allowing time for fresh thought and inventions. They became more fruitful, their goods multiplied and they filled the earth with their presence (both human and material).

The story of Genesis sheds a lot of light on why Nigeria is still trying to don its racing shoes while other nations have sprung off the starting blocks. For any progress to be made, power has to be constant and light has to stop being scarce. Darkness is oppressive, it hamstrings creativity and potential. The wealth of a nation is in the creation of small businesses which grow to meet the needs of its people and then spread to other parts of the globe (U.S.A and Japan give credence to this fact). But most fledgling outfits in this country expire like premature deliveries before they can see the light of day because of the high cost of diesel and gas needed to power activities. Consequently the spirit of entrepreneurship is deprived of motivation and is exorcised out of our economy like a frail ghost.

When God created light, he did not put it in the hands of any one man, it was a universal benefit that should be enjoyed by all. The sun, moon and stars are no one’s property. So it is extremely repulsive that the energy generation efforts in this country is scuttled by some folks who believe they have the monopoly on power because they own fuel stations, oil companies, generator sales shops, candle manufacturing companies and so on. Furthermore the oligopoly of PHCN should be scrapped and the company should be sent back to the Jurassic period through a time warp. Newer methods should be explored.

There is a new regime in this country and I use this as an opportunity to tell Mr. President that we are tired of inhaling smoke belched from second rate generators, we have had it with Vulcan’s pyrotechnics of destruction caused by stored gasoline, we can’t take one more day of insomnia originating from personal generating sets and we are sick of the deadly gases emanating from these machines. It now seems that these engines of doom have taken over Nigeria like a scene from the movie “Transformers”. Now we have had enough!!! So like an ancient Greek wife begs Poseidon for her seafaring husband and his cronies whose lives have been caught in the maniacal pranks of choppy seas, we plead with you, President Goodluck, Ebele, Jonathan, in your tenure and beyond, please LET THERE BE LIGHT.


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