The problems that plague Nigeria are more than a swarm of angry bees that sting a bear invading their hive.

In the first part of this article, I mentioned that prior to the formation of the world; God had made energy and light. Based on this sequence, I believe a lot of the ills this nation is experiencing will disappear if our power problem is resolved. Darkness is a favourable medium which makes evil grow like a poisonous mushroom in the dark womb of the rain forest.

Power failure has contributed to numerous bad things happening to Nigerians over the years. Examples are fire outbreaks, carbon dioxide poisoning, complication of respiratory diseases, insomnia, food poisoning from eating spoilt food, diseases caused by the administration of denatured vaccines stored at wrong temperatures amongst others.

Light was created to by God to be free and attainable by all and sundry, therefore every citizen of this nation is entitled to uninterrupted power supply especially in a nation blessed with so many rivers and  lots of sunshine.  A land where a speaker and his cronies can make away with N10b in two shakes of a lamb tail is a place where there is a surfeit of wealth and resources. There is therefore no excuse for us to remain in this abject state of economic and social paralysis.

A lot of countries that do not have the wealth of natural reserves we have enjoy uninterrupted power on a constant basis. This shows that generating continuous energy is neither an impossibility nor rocket science.

But the truth is the government seems not to want to make this dream a reality and like its happening in many parts of the world, we might have to peacefully but firmly ask for it. IT IS ABOUT TIME!

Patrick Henry said give me liberty or give me death and changed history by being in the vanguard of the move for American independence. We must ask for what rightly belongs to us. Any government that is not ready to assist us in making this country better should go. Democracy is about us the people anyway, not about leaders who don’t give a hoot about us and stuff their pockets to the detriment of millions of people.

This is a season for change, a season of possibilities for us and our children. We cannot continue living under the inimical shadows of callous leaders. We want light and we want it real fast! No one can afford to sit on the fence on this one. Darkness is a curse, a plague that inflicts to stagnate and destroy. When God inflicted Egypt with it, everyone was affected both the ruler and the ruled. It destroys creativity, kills vision and extirpates progress. This is a clarion call to all! A bugle that should awaken us from the slumber of complacency!

His Excellency, GEJ, has made a lot of promises but I believe he should start with the power sector; a country in darkness cannot become first rate and at best would follow the weak beams from the flash light of developed nations.

Harry Truman said the buck stops at his table. GEJ, concerning this odorous issue emanating from the bowels of Hades, no excuses will suffice. Make the buck stop at your table! PLEASE LET THEIR BE LIGHT!!!


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