Calling me a sweet-tooth won’t be an entirely wrong statement. Amongst the toothsome things that are agreeable to my palate, ice cream about tops the list. There is something about walking into an ice cream parlor and seeing all those different flavors beckoning at you from behind their glassy sanctuary. Chocolate, butter pecan, vanilla, coffee, strawberry, chocolate, name it. They make my gastric juices pop like a profusion of lilies in June.


Sometimes I wonder how life would have been if it were a huge tub of ice cream with just one flavour. Very boring I would bet, even for ice cream lovers.


Just like with frozen dessert there is something about variety that adds to life and beauty. This also applies to human beings. The sweetness of life is in our diversity. The assortment of gifts, complexion, complexities, race, taste, style, etcetera that we all possess in varying degrees make our world fun and exciting.

You would agree that what enlivens any circus show or carnival is its multiplicity of acts. Each new act injects verve into the show like gas into a racing Ferrari. Each show is unique but together like enmeshing gears they combine to produce a phenomenal display. In war video games, you would see that to defeat an enemy, the soldiers usually have different personalities, one might be a marksman, another, an explosives expert, one might be a machine gun carrier, the other a sapper. Their victory lies heavily on their different specialties.

But the tragedy is that the distinction of our diverseness is lost on us a whole lot of the time. In the cartoon little mermaid, Sebastian the lobster said the seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake; alas this applies to quite a number of people. Like Ariel, the underwater princess, we have a treasure filled trove within us, we possess whozits and whatzits galore but we think its no big deal. We want what someone else has, we desire to be a part of someone else’s world and be their kind of vanilla especially if vanilla is supposed to be the rave. The beauty of people who are releasing their flavors to bless the world and the rewards they accumulate make us want to be them. We would rather squeeze ourselves into someone else’s mould than be us. It would appear that being a clone has more appeal than being an original.


But the truth of the matter is that we all have something to offer in the act of life and no one else can do what we were born to do better than us. We are the only one of our kind just like fingerprints and voiceprints. Without you and me, life would be incomplete. The world would be like a rainbow missing some of its colors. You are the blue, I am the violet. And no color supersedes another. Without our unique individual colors, life’s rainbow will be dark and grey.


We are much more special than we think, so there’s no reason to envy any other person. You are so essential to our world but the problem might be that you have locked up your essence for too long. This might just explain why you feel pretty ordinary. Can you imagine buying your favorite ice cream flavor on a very sunny day and scooping it into your mouth with feverish anticipation but instead of it exploding like a confectionery bomb on your buds, it is all tasteless and insipid. Disappointment and anger will make you spit it out in a hurry. The whole exercise becomes such a waste of time and resources that it is almost tragic.

This illustrates how we are when we don’t release our natural endowments. Our world does not feel us; we are dull and uninteresting, bowed and dejected. Releasing our talents gives us a lift and makes us soar like a Peregrine falcon ruling its skies.

There’s so much locked inside you like an invaluable pearl in an oyster shell. It could be your singing, dancing, football skills, writing, baking, administrative skills, leadership ability, drawing, the list is inexhaustible. Sometimes we can be likened to nameless designer perfumes amongst numerous others on the shelves of the mall of life with our fragrance locked in our containers. Unless our stuff is released, no one will perceive our aroma. Become a self triggered atomizer, fill the olfactory cells of the earth with your essence and take the world to dizzying heights.


Saturate your atmosphere because YOUR NAME IS IN YOUR FLAVOUR!!! The name of the butter pecan ice cream is what it is because it tastes like butter pecan and not strawberry, and likewise every other flavor. Michael Jackson is called the “king of pop”, Pele is called the “black pearl”, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is known as the” great one”, Hippocrates is the father of medicine, Mohammed Ali is called “the greatest”, Henry Ford is the father of the automobile, Picasso name is associated with masterpieces and so on.

Wwe The Rock body Wallpaper

So the question is, what can you do? WHAT IS YOUR FLAVOUR?

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©2016 Ekpo Ezechinyere


13 thoughts on “ICE CREAM AND FLAVOURS

  1. We all should not allow the fear of the unknown or wateva it might be kip us from releasing the flavour, talent and skills the creator has deposited in us to fulfill our porpose here on earth. A man's gift maketh way for him. Nice one Doc.

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  2. so very true, if only half of us see life the way you do we would all be better people. less envious, more joyous and altogether better people in a better world

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  3. My flavour’s vanilla! I’ll have it no other way, by golly! *laughing*

    I concur with you on this Doc, everyone’s special in their own rights and none should feel less inadequate cause another thrives in a particular aspect, so much more than them! Nothing beats the admonition to stay true to self, be original and just ‘do you’! Its only then that things will naturally evolve and effortlessly too! Kudos, thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

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  4. Thought I was the only one who love Ice-cream this much. And yes, I love diversity, I’m not the kind that stick to one type of color or flavor. I like to tease my taste buds with rich tastes.
    That said, this is apt and right for the now.
    Thanks DrSwag.
    You made my day and the rest of this month…

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  5. Nna, this tickled my fancy! Oh my! I liked the part about the rainbow, and the fragrance most! Ah… and it’s no farther from the truth. We humans are hungry observers– and in that swift moment of observation, more often than not, we find a barrage of things that make us forget our own gifts and identities. But the truth is, we are what we make of ourselves. And the more conscious we are of the fact that the mind is a tricky playground, the more we force ourselves to look inwards and re-channel our thoughts. The victory is not in the size of the “win”, but in its essence. It isn’t until the world proclaims us great that we start to allude to that quality, “greatness” starts from the simple efforts we make in making a difference in ways that reflect the things that matter the most to us. In spreading love, and kindness, and peace. In building friendships, and sustaining relationships. Our greatness lies in our essence. Our flavour. Our being. So we must set forth, and cast out, and just be; because someone needs us, and we need someone.

    Everyone needs everyone.

    Thank you for this DrSwag! Thank you. ❤


  6. Phew….This id VINTAGE ME! It was a comment like this that attracted the hummingbird in me to the honeysuckle of your words many moons ago..This is an expository that humbles and delights the senses of the mind…you should do an elaborate post on this..It is in bringing and merging the forces of our flavours that we form rainbows over the world..I love this!

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  7. Mehn this was reading in 2011, 2011!! So while we were struggling to grab hold of the pen, some people were already writing masterpieces!
    This is a refreshing read man.
    And you are right, some of us might have locked up our essence. And it’s a shame because Picasso, Pele and the rest have only one head. Just one!
    God help us


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