The tower of Pisa is a 210 million pounds structure that keeps leaning towards an inevitable crash because it was built on an ancient river bed. With the passage of time this structure would most likely experience a colossal crash due to its faulty foundation.

The story of the three little pigs and the wolf is one of the tales we grew up knowing. The building capabilities of the pigs were put to the test and the ones who built with straw and wood ended up becoming tasty pork chops for their lupine foe. While the one that built with bricks saved his bacon.

Thing is, in life we are all masons, every day we are building a future/eternity, our marriages, our children, our careers, businesses, health, relationships, name it. Each person in the world has a destiny that is weightier than the 210 million pounds of the tower of Pisa, hence we cannot afford to joke with the construction of our lives.

Life is about foundations because everything we build will be subjected to the huff and puff of unfriendly elements. Paul the missionary said that we have to be careful of the materials we build with because everything will be tested by fire. So if you build with straws and wood, your edifice doesn’t have a prayer but if you are constructing your world with gold and silver then you will be around for the long haul. For instance, if the structure of your body is built daily with the raw materials of nicotine, alcohol and junk food, when the wolves that reduce immunity come around with their fetid breath in your face, you sure do have a battle in your hands. Or if your relationships are built on what you can get and not what you can give, they can only be as solid as phantom ships. What about your marriage? What is its bed rock? Was it lust, looks, desperation or pure love (check out my post; Genesis, magic and the fellowship of the ring)? Are you building your business on greed, selfishness and lack of vision or the desire to serve? Did you steal other people’s money to start your enterprise? You might as well forget it because time will see it submerged into nothingness like the lost city of Atlantis. Are your children being built on the cornerstone of values or you just let them be and spoil them to assuage the guilt of the little time you spend with them, then you would have sentenced those kids to a future that will make them less tasty than porcine steak (check out my post; The Unit).

The tower of Pisa became a source of concern some years back and tourists were barred from its site until some work was done in the 90’s to buy some more time before the inevitable. When we start construction wrongly, the most we will be able to do is some make shift temporary work to ward off impending doom. This is why King Solomon said that if the foundation is faulty, even if you employ all the goodness in the world, you are just “monkeying” around.

Jesus Davidson said that our building should be on the rock of principles which we hear and apply into the frame work of every area of our lives. This is the only way we can survive even when others have become as extinct as the dodo. He said the foundation we build on is what will ultimately show whether we are wise or foolish.

There are principles involved in every walk of life and it is by abiding to those principles that we can build enduring and eternal monuments. King Solomon also said that it’s the honour of God to conceal a matter and the honour of kings to discover it. The Onus is on us to find these principles and build with them. If not our edifices would eventually crash in such a way that comparably will make a house of cards seem to have the durability of the Taj Mahal.

The question is, WHAT FOUNDATION ARE YOU BUILDING ON? The answer to this is what will guarantee whether we are constructing timeless monuments like the pyramids of the Pharaohs or whether we will be buried in the shifting sands of life’s circumstances. Life is not a game of dominoes, BE WISE; BUILD YOUR HOUSE ON THE ROCK!!!!



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