The pharos of Alexandria was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was a lighthouse that was built to help sailors navigate safely into the harbour especially at night. It was the king of lighthouses.
The wonders of lighthouses are too wonderful to be expressed; they have prevented loss of uncountable lives and goods on the seas. Most lighthouses used to do this using a combination of lamps and lenses. The lamps give the light which is focused and magnified by lenses.
The Psalmist affirmed in his timeless poems that the word of God was a lamp unto his feet and a light unto his path. The first lens ever was natural and it’s the one in the eyes. King David also wrote that, God instructs and teaches us in the way we should go, that He guides us with his eyes. It is the synchronization of his word and the light of love in his eyes that makes life navigable.
Paul the missionary due to confusion was on a genocidal mission of calamity when he saw a light and heard words which brought about a positive U-turn in his life. The conversion led him to the security of divine and eternal significance.
After suffering a crisis of loss of Identity, Moses was singing baa baa black sheep with wooly ovines until he saw a burning bush and heard Gods words. He stopped being ordinary and went on to become the extraordinary leader of a fledgling nation. The encounters these two had, showed that the lens of Gods eyes was always on them and He could not just sit while they self-destruct on the rocky shores of human existence. He showed and gave them light in the midst of pitch darkness.
In my last post, I said we are all masons but aside from that we are also mariners sailing the seas of life seeking for a harbour where our destinies would nestle in safety. A better job, a secure career, fat domiciliary accounts, fertile real estate, the embrace of sweet love, solid pillars of posterity and so on.
But sometimes it seems the storms of life hit with a vengeance, we find ourselves on choppy, stroppy seas in a skiff. Masts broken, sails torn, huge waves of helplessness batter and make one feel like a hapless featherweight boxer who unwittingly finds himself in a heavyweight category . Poseidon rises with fury, his trident of hate stabbing pain into the core of our beings. The sun hides its face behind gloomy, dark clouds, the mist and fog of confusion blind folds. The shoals of disaster are before and the reefs of catastrophe bare their hungry fangs. Depression becomes like rocks that tear the bottom of our ships (fellowship, friendship, relationship, etc) like a sharp knife gutting the underbelly of a guppy. The salty waters of our tears rush in and threaten to drown us under the weight of crushing challenges. Hope slinks away like a cowardly hyena.
At this point all that matters is how to get to the other side or perish. Everything boils down to who and what you can see. The priority becomes how to see beyond the darkness that engulfs like that of Tartarus’ pit.
Thankfully on the shores of our lives the Lighthouse always stands, beaming His light for all to see. For His light cuts through darkness like a chainsaw through papyrus parchments, shreds it into ribbons of nothingness. Never give up, for his eyes of love are always on you to take you through the storm. He said you are the apple of his eyes, intricately connected to his lens. The lamps of his words are always glowing but the question is CAN YOU SEE THE LIGHT, CAN YOU HEAR HIS WORDS???
You had better! This is what will prevent you from becoming sardines’ food in the depths of a watery grave.
You can ask His disciples, they faced inevitable death once but for The Lighthouse. IN HIM WAS LIFE AND THE LIFE WAS THE LIGHT OF MEN…. AND THE LIGHT SHINES IN DARKNESS AND THE DARKNESS CANNOT COMPREHEND IT…………….

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