Greek mythology has it that the eleventh task Hercules had to perform was to get some golden apples from a garden guarded by a 100 headed dragon and some nymphs called the Hesperides.  Now this was one job that was even too much for the strong man so he had to get the help of Atlas in exchange for helping the titan carry the world for a while.

Life is full of herculean tasks and the absolute truth is that we cannot handle most of them on our own. Hercules was a demigod yet he needed the help of a god. All his machismo, wits, muscles, guts could not help him out this time so he needed higher power.

From the genesis of creation, we were not made to function without help, which is why the Elohim said from the beginning that it was not good for man to be alone.
The power of partnership is exponentially powerful! Yes I know we live in a world where people hurt one another and try to swindle them out of what is theirs but that is not new. Atlas tried the same thing on Hercules but that does not negate the benefits of team work. In the days of yore when the tag team aspect of the WWE was still rocking, seeing one or two fights in this category would have shed more light on the advantages of pairing power.  “One shall chase a thousand and two shall chase ten thousand” says the good book. When two people make up their minds about something g on earth even the heavens move for them.

Firstly we need a higher power, without God, we can do absolutely nothing. We need God like a sail needs the wind to fly. Our lives are empty without Him, on our own we can’t do zip. It is delusion of grandeur to think we are self sufficient.

Secondly we need our life partners (husbands and wives); this is one area of partnership that is not maximized in our day. We even sometimes look down on our partners thinking they are a burden (men are more to blame in this regard) but this is usually to our detriment. Thing is, the first idea about team work that God had about man was in the form of marriage. The benefits of this great institution can never be over emphasized.  It just boils down to making sure you hitch your cart to the right horse that is someone you agree with (check out my post GENESIS, MAGIC AND THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING). Being alone on the matrimonial bed on a frosty night would rob you of the warmth of companionship when the harsh cold realities of living seep into the soul.

The third thing is we need people. In the chronicles of the Hebrew kings, there is a story of a widow who got into a financial ditch with her children and the revelation a seer gave her was that she should borrow vessels.Of course it should be noted that her borrowing was to develop an assets base and not to fritter it away on liabilities. We need people’s vessels, that is, their ideas, time, experience, expertise, money, name it! Most of the things that move life are based on other people’s books, past movies, technical knowhow, the works. The financial gurus of the world know they need other people’s money (this is one of the reasons the real estate market in Nigeria is exploding, OPM). On the terrain of warfare, we all need someone’s input in fighting back to back with us, so that our rear is covered while we face the issues before. We need the covering fire of friends to keep the heads of our adversaries down when we go for the big prizes.

We are sunk in the race of life without the input of others. God wanted to make man and asked for the input of His Companions. He said “Let Us make man”. Jesus needed the disciples and the women that helped his ministry, Paul had Silas, Batman had Robin, Superman had Lois Lane, Asterix had Obelisk, Bill gates had Steve Ballmer, Starsky had Hutch, Dempsey had Makepeace.The fantasy universe impresses this on us with great teams like the “Avengers, Justice League, X-men, Teen Titans, Legion of the Superheroes, etc. Life is basically team work and we should never forget this.
On the other hand like I mentioned earlier, on the road of working hand in hand with others there are also pit falls which can be avoided if we are sharp. Therefore we need to be wise, look hard and well before leaping so we don’t get burnt. Hercules had enough gumption to get the best from Atlas without being hoodwinked. Fire has great potential for good but it could be destructive; we cannot do without it! In the same vein, we cannot do without others. It is just that caution is needed!

Like Hercules, if you are stuck on the quest for some golden apples in some area of life, then it’s time to change your strategy! Seek for Help! The only time that it was recorded that Atlas moved from his comfort zone (better still comfortless zone) and made some progress in life by doing the seemingly impossible was when someone else helped him carry his burden. WE ALL NEED BURDEN CARRIERS! Even Jesus needed one. If Simon the Cyrene had not carried his cross, the road to the heights of Golgotha would have been more arduous.

Having this truth in mind would help us appreciate God, our spouses, friends and other people more. For example, if you have a business, you would not think that you are the benefactor of your workers and without your outfit they cannot take care of themselves or their families. The actual fact is that it is a mutually benefiting relationship. My people have a saying that if the right hand washes the left, the left hand would equally wash the right.

The trail of life is littered with the skeletal remains of people who tried to do it all alone. Life has no place and patience for lone rangers and one man gangs.




  1. Absolute truth that one cannot dilute to get through in life. I remember a quote that says one can run fast, but two can run farther. Thanks for sharing bro. Miss the family


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