There was something about the apocalyptic theme of 2012 (the movie) that could make one break out in goose bumps as huge as the Andes’.

The hair raising tsunamis, the heart racing earthquakes, the spine chilling disasters that marked the end of the world were almost too much for one’s imagination to conceive.  They were petrifying!

The globe has been inundated with different tales about the world stopping in its tracks in 2012. I read somewhere that following the movie people bought coupons on the internet in the bid to escape destruction when calamity strikes (isn’t it quite preposterous and hilarious that people would buy tickets to avoid death and destruction instead of repenting from nefarious activities).

For me the flick’s conclusion was quite intriguing in the sense that we were not told what happened to the survivors. Did they ultimately meet the end in the depths of a watery tomb like their unfortunate counterparts or did they survive the odds. But I think that was left for our imagination to decide by the producers.

The movie brought to my mind a similar story that happened in the genesis of creation. It was about a man called Noah, his family and the animals in his ark. The world as at then was wiped out by rain leaving this man and his family in a waterlogged earth. Everything had gone south; the world had drowned in the furious tears of heaven mingled with that of terror crazed earthlings. The planet was dead and silent. The only sound heard was that of rippling waves as the vessel was tossed to and fro in the mischievous grip of nature’s wrath .

Something then happened that changed the whole scenario, the scriptures recorded that God remembered Noah and his family. He sent a wind that dried up the world for them and gave the man a rainbow of promise.

You see it doesn’t matter how your previous years might have been nor the kind of sustained pressure the last years might have poured down on you.

Have the rains of life tried to pound you into submission? DON’T WORRY!  I believe strongly that the old is gone and the new has come. You are not forgotten or forsaken. Irrespective of the predictions by the bookmakers, this is your year of positive change.

The last years might have been so cold that you have gone into a frostbitten hibernation.

Have you stopped feeling? Has life has become a stuporous feast? But the truth is the winter season prepares a seed for spring.

I believe God will remember you this year! It all depends on whether you can see the RAINBOW of His promises, the bright colours of a better tomorrow. The rainbow tells us that the things that plagued us yesterday cannot overcome us tomorrow. It impresses on our hearts that the possibilities of tomorrow are better than that of the past. Can you see His assured token of a better future?  

In the midst of all that bleak landscape of never-ending water, Noah sent forth a dove which brought back an olive branch to him. Release your faith and it will come back to you with something that will tell you your life will be green again; your colours will reign once more. Your destiny will be sweet again. Things for you will become better than normal. Out of the oceans of pain will bloom trees of fruitfulness. Your heavens will once more be filled with the joyous cackle of singing birds. All you need to do is to allow the winds of God’s good fortune to blow away the memories of the excruciating agony of days gone by, the flood of pain induced tears. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy!

This is not a year of death but glorious life. You will not drown; you will not be submerged by evil but by blessings. But you will need to sign unto Noah’s friendship terms with the One who controls the seas and the elements.





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