Ranking high on the list of my favourite superheroes is Shazam (Captain Marvel).  Ever since I saw his advertisement in a comic book showing him towering over his boyish alter-ego with a caption that read “the world’s mightiest mortal is a kid at heart”, I have remained absolutely in love.

The story of this hero is that a boy called Billy Bateson someday happened upon an old wizard who gave him the magic word “Shazam”.  Anytime this boy utters it, he is transformed into a mighty being with the super powers of legendary figures whose names form the acronym of the change igniting utterance.   The wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury.

The part of this that hits me like the fist of an enraged incredible Hulk is how one single word alters a lad into someone beyond his wildest dreams. That word for young Billy was an agent of change and amazement. It was inherently imbued with the power to effect astonishing feats by making his cells, muscles, bones, body, mind, soul, will, intellect go through metamorphosis like the conversion of a grubby caterpillar into an exotic butterfly. Likewise in “Masters of the universe”, Prince Adam is an ordinary fellow who turns into He-man, the most powerful being on earth when he holds the power sword aloft and cries “by the power of grayskull, I have the power”.

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will have gotten acquainted with my reiteration that there is a thin line between fantasy and reality.

Words are usually much more than we think they are. Since they gush from some of us like water from leaky faucets, we make the mistake of thinking they are merely the wheels on which communication is conveyed. But that is where we miss it, WORDS ARE POWERFUL!

Have you ever noticed that spells are cast through the instrumentality of words! Blessings are rained through the same, curses too. No oath is covenanted absent them. The world we live in was formed with words.

The book of Genesis is filled with …..and God said, then God saw………….His words are active and powerful; saturated with living unction, they bring transfiguration and inspire wonder, they are supernatural. Our world was chaotic and disorderly until the Almighty spoke, then out of darkness came light; beauty came of ugliness and order out of chaos. When He wants to deal with a situation, He releases a life changing expression. An ancient Hebrew king recorded that when his people are mired in the quick sand of challenges, His words are the instruments sent to heal and deliver. There is dynamic power in His utterances to bring about a revolution. If God wants to remove a mountain, His words will become bulldozers and dynamite, if He wants a garden of daffodils, His words will become trowels, seed, water, sunshine and weed killers. If He wants to heal a septic patient or a cancerous growth, His words will become a living organism that will gobble up the inimical micro-organisms and malignant cells.  Jesus and his disciples found themselves in a vexing financial conundrum. He told Peter to go catch a fish and that the first one would have enough dough in its mouth to settle their bills. His words caused a chain reaction; not by happenstance a rich merchant while being ferried across the Sea of Galilee was counting his days proceeds when the ship hit a swell which made him lose a coin. The money was accidentally swallowed by a tilapia which got caught on Peter’s line (my own version of the story).

Simon was a shifty dude with the consistency of a reed who could not even stand up to a maid but the Messiah spoke words over him that turned him into Peter a rocky character that would become a bedrock of the early church. We are and become what his words say we are!

Mary even though a virgin conceived when she believed that God’s word can become a baby in her (are you hoping to jump the broom and it seems you are all alone like a marooned sailor on a hostile island, the word can become your mate).

Is your body continually ripped with the cat-o-nine tails of sickness and limitations? Does the tremor of challenges rattle the foundations of your marriage? Has the blight of lack tarnished the verdant growth of the fields of your finances? Have the orchards of your life stopped bearing fruits? Does your career swing like a yo-yo in the hands of a manic clown? Do you need the supplements of wisdom, strength, stamina, power, courage and speed that make one extraordinary? All you need my friends is the transforming power of your Creator’s words. YOU NEED A REVELATION! WHAT HAS HE SAID ABOUT YOU? WHAT DO YOU HEAR? For it is as you imbibe and speak those words that you will find yourself and your circumstances transmuting from an infantile state into a marvelous one like the word shazam turned an unassuming kid into Captain Marvel. All the growth and fruitfulness you need is in one word planted into the heart of your spirit.

Experiencing the miraculous in 2012 is dependent on your life being illuminated by the light of God’s word, quickened by the power of revelation. Whatever he tells you will come to pass because He watches over his words to bring them to pass. One of the popular catch phrases of Stone Cold Steve Austin in his hey days was a very emphatic “that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so”. If a human can be so cocksure of his statements, how much more the Master of the universe, He would rather self destruct than see any word He speaks to you fall to the ground.

This is what would make 2012 a year of WORD AND WONDERS!!!



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