It is usually an exhilarating expedition taking a voyage down the literary seas of Greek mythology. You cannot help but be more amazed at the sights and sounds of their intelligence and imagination than Captain James cook was astounded by the beauty of the Hawaii.

Before the advent of the Greek civilization, it was impossible for earlier civilizations (Egyptian, Persian, etc) to conceive of the image of God so they created ugly monsters with different animal parts to depict their gods, veritable Frankensteins of confusion. The Greeks were the first, by having gods that had human attributes, to have any inkling that YAHWEH made us in his image even before the Holy Scriptures became rife. Uncannily enough they were somewhat aware that our King also suffered our infirmities by attributing human foibles to their gods but they could never discern that He could not be overcome by sin, He is holy beyond holiness. The Grecians practiced polytheism having gods for everything because they could not comprehend that God is everything, He is the EL-SHADDAI (The Many Breasted ONE), and He is everything in one and One in everything. Since Jehovah cannot be understood with ordinary mortal intelligence, they could not fathom that He was the God of war, love, sex, health, wine and all things.

From this rich stew of creativity come forth classic tales (which are juicier than well done prime sirloin) and everyday words like Zeus, Chaos, Uranus, Hermes, Atlas and so on. It is also from them that the Fates originated, three sisters who were said to control people’s destiny by spinning, measuring and cutting the thread of life. These ladies gave birth to the Latin spin-off “SIC VOLVERE PARCAS” (SO SPIN THE FATES) found in Virgil’s Aeneid.

The Greeks said that our fortunes in life are determined by these sisters and we have no power to influence them whatsoever. We cannot help it because what is written is written. It is about our stars, the patterns tattooed on our palms from the beginning of time. Do I hear you concurring, we are predestined to become who we are and everything that happens to us is in accordance to what has been predestinated. Please save us the drivel!

Forgive me for bursting your bubble, there is nothing like that.  WE ARE THE FATES!! We determine what was, what is and what will be and that is by the CHOICES we make every single day. Life coach extraordinaire “Anthony Robbins” in his bestselling “Awaken the giant in you” said DECISION DETERMINES DESTINY!

From vanilla to coffee, lilac to orange, Ferrari to Porsche, life is full of options and it is those preferences irrespective of how inconsequential sometimes that ultimately determines how our fates turn out. Boarding an airline, taking a particular route which are usually no brainers have resulted in the life or death of some people.

Some women give more thought to picking Victoria secrets lingerie than they give to choosing a life partner and by doing so they spin the frail thread of the marriage, measure it to last for a while with the tape of battering and abuse and maybe after two years, she cuts it with the scissors of divorce. You chose your own fate my sister. It was your choice.

Maybe you have a thriving outfit but you never come through for your clients (like most Nigerians do) and they stop bringing you business until you shipwreck on the shores of bankruptcy, you carved out your own destiny my brother. It’s not the fates. You predetermined with your lack of integrity that you were going to have only a decade of financial success before everything would come tumbling down on your head.

If you have children and you don’t spend any time with them because of your high flying career, and you think giving them all the latest gizmo and bathing them with dollars without discipline is what makes you a great parent, then you’ve got it all twisted. If you end up with delinquents on your hands to tomorrow, it was as a result of your choice and your greed. You called the shots. You are the fates; you spun the threads, measured them and cut the destiny of your children with the scissors of carelessness, greed, drugs, alcohol, name it.

Truth is, this message confronts us every day but our nonchalance prevents us from seeing it even if it sinks its teeth into our posteriors like a rabid bulldog. We usually miss the point. For example, in the critically acclaimed “Devil’s Advocate” featuring, Al Pacino, Keanu Reaves and Charlize Theron., Keanu made a choice for a swanky life over the values he once held dear and like William Butler Yeats said, “things fell apart” for him.

We cry everyday about how terrible Nigeria and our leaders are but we chose the leaders. From the emancipation of America, the French revolution, the Bolsheviks uprising until the recent Arab spring, men got tired of their situation and decided to make a change. They knew that continuing to live under oppression is a choice. Their destiny was in their hands and they fought for it. For crying out loud, the oppressors are usually a minority. The black outs we suffer, the looting of our national coffers, the area boys littering the streets and harassing all and sundry. It is how we want it.  It is crystal clear to even a bat that we made the wrong choice last year, but we have a chance to make amends with our vote in 2015. Will we take the chance or watch it slip by as usual.  IT IS OUR CHOICE! WE ARE THE FATES!

A great Hebrew leader knew this and when he was about to die following an impactful life, he called his people and gave them a choice. He said “choose you this day, whom you will serve. As for me and my house we will serve the lord”. He knew their choice would determine their future and that was exactly what happened. They chose the wrong side of the coin and came under very harsh subjugation by their enemies for thousands of years.

Lot chose a lush land and wasted his generation; Abraham chose his slave girl out of impatience and started an enmity that still rages today within his household. Yeah, the consequences of our choices stretch like a sea of desert sand from one generation to another even to eternity. Amazing, isn’t it?

Making a choice is like initiating a never-ending nuclear reaction which can produce useful energy or cause destruction of gargantuan proportions accompanied by radioactive fallout which affects the people around you for years on end sometimes.

Esau chose pottage, Demas went for the world, Judas settled for 30 pieces of silver, and Samson embraced Delilah. WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE?

The best way to choose is to choose The One Who Was, Who Is and Who is to come in our decisions. He is there to assist if we can only reach out for his help. Engage the help of the One who knows tomorrow, who can see the future.



4 thoughts on “SIC VOLVERE PARCAS….

  1. Thanks for the truth well spoken. We truly determine who and what we become and this is truly how God makes us, free will means just that with Him! He will not give us free will and take it back surreptitiously but that is what some people assume He does. Thanks, because I am determined to use my influence for the best good for me and all I come in contact with! Yes!!!I am fates!!!


  2. Dts true sir. God himself hs given us choices. But its also amazin dt he did nt jst leave us confuse. He went further n told us 2 choose LIFE. Glory 2 God!
    Bt then, wen it comes 2 nigeria……seriously i dont see any presidential candidate who wud hv done it better. we hv choices in nigeria (presidential candidates) bt den these choices ar intertwined 2geda, non seem 2 b better, each comes with its own problem. Its alarmin


  3. Thanks sis….. i absolutely agree with you but concerning Nigeria, one of the choices we have to make will be for GOOD men to come out of hiding. I am sure there are a few good men in this nation who can turn things around.


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