Parrots are the real deal! Aside from dogs, I love them for pets. I think it would be nice to have one sitting on my shoulder like Treasure island’s Captain Flint on Long John Silver’s, squawking out “pieces of eight”. But thing is that the ones that give us so much fun and entertainment by their fusillade of mimicries are usually incarcerated. They are freedom less.  Truth is also that the frequent repetitions could grate your nerves especially on a day your emotional fuse is short. Free Macaws fly unhampered; they are nobody playthings unlike their imprisoned counterparts.
I heard a song Fela sang about twenty years ago yesterday and it was saddening to note that the same things he was crying about are still the issues plaguing us today; it is just that they have gotten worse. Power, water, transport, bad leadership, etc, have been Nigeria’s perennial thorns, penetrating the heart of its citizens.

The miasma of pain and the anguish from the Dana air disaster still hangs over this nation like a cloud of putrefaction over a mangrove swamp. And the whole nation is agog with the tragedy of it all. Knowing Nigerians, the whole episode would soon dissipate like tendrils of fog on a sunny morning except for the families directly involved. The agony of losing a loved one may wane with time but it never completely goes. It is a big gash on the heart that never completely heals.

Sadly enough all we do is talk! We organize a jamboree of lamentations, participate in an orgy of sorrows, dance along in the carnival of tears, orchestrate a fete of sadness and that’s where it all ends. ALL WE DO IS TALK! The carousel of destruction keeps up its monotonous circle, the wheels of déjà vu keep spinning, we have been at this point before and here we are again. A lot of noise was made just a few years ago when we lost some stars amongst them school children and the illustrious Bimbo Odukoya. The Corpers that were gruesomely massacred after the elections have been forgotten. We talked then and nothing happened, and the same circle of carnage keeps repeating itself. We parrot away while everything seems to be going to hell in a hand basket.

A lot of hue like the bright plumage of our focus bird is made, we cry until we are blue in the face yet all we get are a few seedlings of placation to smooth a few ruffled feathers while the prison wardens in their flowing robes shake their head in amusement wondering what the whole chatter is about. They are so used to our ineffectual cacophony of bedlam, the tweets, chirps and chirrups that do no good.

Panels are set up over and over again, but at the end we realize they are just like avian parades where a lot of meaningless songs are sung. After a while we don’t even remember where, and when it all ended, if it ever ended or if there was ever any verdict/conclusion.

We revel in the sensationalism of the latest broadcast and try to out tweet ourselves like that would qualify us to win the award of the most informed African Grey. We are like zonked out drunks snoring on a bed of vicious vipers oblivious to imminent cataclysm unless we wake up real fast.

But the talk is surely enough, is it not? Passengers of Charon’s canoe feel like they are on a sun filled trip as they are ferried across the Styx to Hades comparative to the kind of blackout our nation has but it doesn’t matter so long we have enough to buy fuel into our multiple generators. New kids get wiped out like old lessons on a blackboard by the duster of malaria and other ailments that should not even kill an ant if not that we have greedy rulers who keep stuffing their maws with sweets from the national treasuries. But what is the big deal if we live in upscale areas with more mosquito nets than metal grills in “Alcatraz”. A Neanderthal shows more intelligence in deciphering the letters on the Sumerian stone than our so called leaders depict even in the reading of the alphabets, but what do we care so long they continue giving us the million dollar contracts . Bombs go off at the pace of exercise induced heart beats but don’t matter much so long it happens far away from us.

So why not just talk and retreat into our gilt edged shells, bury our heads in the sands, Ostriches of self deception. With all our prattle we have become inured, developed thick skins that makes an elephant’s seem as soft as a Vaseline lubricated baby’s bottom.

The reality should have started to dawn on someone by now that the gap is now being bridged, almost no one is safe anymore whether home or abroad. We cannot remain ornamental talkers. IT IS EITHER WE DO MORE THAN TALK OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES (SOME HAVE ALREADY PAID WITH THEIR LIVES)!!!

There was a time during the exodus of the Hebrews when they were plagued by the consequences of their sin and all they did was moan, mourn and plead. While this disaster was going on, one brother was busy grooving with a Midianite doxy perpetuating the root cause of the nation’s problem until a fellow named Phinehas took a spear and lanced the couple through. That single action stayed the hand of the plague. This hero of Israel took action instead of talking. He struck at the heart of the matter, took out the root cause of the evil but before he did that 24,000 people had died. I am not advocating violence but we have to take action until the jokers who are up there start to take us seriously. Our destiny and that of our progenies are at stake here. WE HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL!!!

Some people say we should keep praying. I strongly believe that if you are a Christian, about the most potent force you can exploit is the power of prayer but prayer is not everything. There is no better model of prayer than Elijah the Tishbite(anyone who prays down rain knows a thing or two about prayers) in the scriptures but when Israel was infested with the bugs of bad leadership, aside from praying, he confronted the king and his henchmen. King’s Ahab’s regime was reminiscent of Nigeria, spiritual darkness that could be likened to PHCN power, famine that caused economic hardship, Jezebel his wife, a terrible first lady, murdering of anyone who stood in the way of their gain like they killed Naboth and the roll call of evil goes on. While other prophets were hiding in caves, Elijah confronted these people and started a spiritual revolution that toppled them. He put some of their spiritual advisers to the sword. Someone had to account for all the bad things going on like extirpating the lives of infants on the altar of Baal.

In the movie “the Good, Bad and Ugly, someone wanted to kill “Ugly” and droned on and on until “Ugly” was able to get a vantage point of shooting at him. I never forget what he said, “if you want to shoot, shoot! Dont talk!

Allow me to digress a bit but if any of you leaders are reading this, you might not have figured this out though it is not rocket science, the airline you didn’t do anything about might cause the death of you or your loved ones, the gully in that road you refused to build might end up swallowing your soul like a Venus fly trap eats up a fly, the hospital you neglected might be the one that your sole grandchild would be taken to in an emergency before your jet gets ready to evacuate her abroad and by then it might be too late. The schools you refuse to build might raise the assassins that will have you in the cross hairs of their rifles tomorrow. Don’t be deceived, whatsoever a man shows that shall he also reap, it is a given. You cannot run away from this one.

Nigeria is our kingdom; the ruler is never more than the people especially in a democracy. We call the shots and that had better begin to dawn on us.

Elijah knew something about the kingdom of God that most of us have not cottoned on to…


6 thoughts on “NIGERIA, A NATION OF PARROTS…..??

  1. Good.I like.Our talking so far, has seemed ineffectual;but is not. ..just slow to manifest it's full effect.Nigeria is a slowly social evolving entity..not yet blessed with laeders,only rulers.


  2. It always has to start with a spark! However until enough people are “kindled” there will be NO burn-fire of change. I like this spark.. but what in practical ways can be done to kindle ourselves & others!


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