We live in a troubled world. Funnily enough the history of humanity’s distress is similar from different perspectives. The Greeks say that the origin stems from Pandora, a lady created by the gods who was given a box that was never to be opened. She willfully disobeyed out of curiosity and unleashed “wahala” on the world. From the book of genesis it was that man was formed by God and placed in Eden. He was given the permission to generally reign but was prohibited from eating a particular fruit. Man refused to comply and here we are.

I am appalled when I think of the wickedness on our planet (I seem to do a lot of that these days). The racial and religious bigotry, the selfishness, the greed, the kidnappings, terrorism, murder, ritual killings, gang wars, fraud, rape, armed robberies and my heart breaks. Why do we hate so much?

The question is, how do we put a stop to all the bloodletting? This is a query that no one seems to have the answers to since it has confounded even the wisest of men from the inception of time.

It was said that after Pandora released her problems and was weeping uncontrollably, a small voice was heard in the box which was supposed to be the solution to the earth’s distress. That voice was hope. 

What is the hope of our world? What is the panacea to the difficulties released by Pandora? It is LOVE!!! The love of God is what man desperately needs. The love that would make us treat one another like ourselves. 

A lot of people rail at God for the problems in the world. Some are atheists because they believe there can be no God if there is so much evil in the world but man is man’s own nemesis. God has given and lavished his love on earth, so is it any fault of his if earthlings refuse to walk in this love? Case in point, is it God that made those guys kill Cynthia Osokogu for no just cause? It is terrible! 

Jesus gave an example of a Samaritan who saved the life of a Jew. Jews hate Samaritans and vice versa with a passion. They could not stand one another’s guts but one day a Hebrew guy’s life was slipping away after being attacked by armed robbers until a Samaritan came along after the brother had been abandoned by his own kinsmen. The Samaritan took care of his wounds, carried him to a hospital and promised he was going to foot the bills of the injured man. Why would make an enemy treat another like a friend? Love bridged the rabid rapids of xenophobia and hate! LOVE MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! LOVE MAKES US SEE DIFFERENTLY! 

Without love we are sunk and the globe will sink deeper and deeper into morass of darkness until there is nothing left! 
That is why Jesus narrated this agape tale, so that we can see the benefits of Godly affection and begin to live by its creed.



6 thoughts on “PANDORA’S PANACEA

  1. This is so true, but how do we spread this good news fast enough so that more & more humans are not engulfed by this epidemic of hate? That is the question.


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