The clang of clashing steel rent the heavens as Satriel and the minion went at it. Surprisingly the minion was taking the fight to him and on hearing the trumpet of my comrade, I knew I had to join the fray. Sulphurous fumes choked me as I got entwined in the battle and no sooner had I joined than I started losing ground myself. Something was definitely wrong. Naturally, the minion was not in my league and should have capitulated long before now. It should have been a higher prince in their dark ranks that would have fought with such skill, certainly not him. I had to get that scroll of promise from his hand or a lot would be lost right from the very beginning. Something made me look downwards and immediately I saw what and where the problem was…..

Kemi had not let go of the past! A cloud of depression still hung over her. Her break up with Femi and the job she lost were still so much on her mind. Even though the word had gone forth that God was doing a new thing in this new dispensation, she clung to the pain of the past like a drowning man clings to a life line. She still swam in the ocean of her hurt, colouring the canvas of a new year with the brush and oils of a painful past. The atmosphere she had created around her was too melancholic for heaven’s intervention (The Elohim inhabits the praises of his people).


We (Angels) ministers to the Heirs of salvation need the medium of jubilation and celebration to carry out our celestial duties. Even though our mandate was to bring the words of Elohim to pass in her circumstances, we were hamstrung by her attitude. The scroll in the minion’s hand was the title deed to the promise of victory that was hers but we could not retrieve it due to her gloom and doom attitude. When would the blood washed earthlings realize that they determine to a large extent what happens in the heavens by their mental and emotional inclinations.

Terror raced through me, as I saw another minion slobbering and jabbering over her head. It was “Suicide” and he was staking claim on her mind through the dense clouds of all that dank mood of depression. Suicide loves depression, the way the teenage mutant ninja turtles she fancied so much love pizza. He feeds fat on it. This situation was getting critical. My duty was to assist her assess all the goodies that had been written into her destiny from the foundation of the world. Something had to happen fast! I had to get the scroll but my hands were tied, my wings had been clipped. Without the scroll of promise, all was lost.

The minion had made short work of Satriel and now came at me with all the fury of hell. Slashing, thrusting, parrying, cutting, he unleashed a torrent of blows at me to the last inch of my life. It was all I could do not to capitulate. The last blow was meant to decapitate me and I blocked with every bit of might I possessed. My head was saved but the force ripped the sword from my grip. The cocky grin on his ugly mug dared me; his smile said it was all over…..

The prophetic word had gone forth that this was my “year of enlargement” but I had heard all that before. Last year, it was “Word and wonders’ and all I received were harsh words that destroyed my esteem and wondrous heart break. Before then it was “Transfer by favour” which was true because my position at work was transferred to another and ultimately I was fired during a downsizing exercise. I am surprised at how cynical and sarcastic I have become considering the fact that I used to be pretty gay. I am even so shocked at myself that these days I even entertain the thoughts of suicide. I find myself browsing suicide sites on the web, all that stuff about guarding your heart with all diligence had become hogwash to me. I know I have opened up myself to the prince of darkness but right now, I am past caring. What would be will be (que sera, sera). Truth is sometimes I feel someone praying for me even though I have left the prayer unit of my church for a while now. My presence in church these days is more out of religion than communion. I have become a sad, miserable case. Anyway I started it all by giving my heart to an irreverent soul because he was so good looking and rich coupled with the fact that I was approaching 38. But even though it was my fault, I still laid the blame on God’s laps. He should have been able to avert all these, but the scriptures that say a man seeks out his ways, and then rails against Him kept darting through the muddy waters of my heart like a mudskipper.

It was 3am and the telly was blaring. That is the only way I get to sleep these day. The TV has be on to give a feeling of companionship. It helps me to combat the feeling of loneliness but conversely it does not help me sleep much. Through the haze of lexotan induced sleep (that He gives his beloved sleep stopped applying to me months ago), the voice of some televangelist came cutting through “He has loved us with an everlasting love”. For some reason, those words were like the hint of spring following a harsh winter. It stirred something within my soul, awakened a feeling that was long dead. A long capped well opened within me and out of it gushed living water like I had never experienced. Joy and faith surged like the rising Nile. I knelt by my bed and wept while asking for forgiveness. I prayed and worshipped. I sang and praised and I wept some more………

It was like a fist of cloud quickly blossomed into giant mushrooms of divine cumulus nimbus clouds that poured forth healing rain. Rains that filled the dry wells of my spirit and as I remembered that the prophetic mandate was for us to sing this year, gallons upon gallons of praise were lifted to water my dry altar. Fire whooshed down like it happened between Elijah and the prophets of baal in the Old Testament. I sang like a thrush that had escaped the shackles of a harsh and debilitating winter. I crooned like a nightingale laughing the buffeting winds that ripped away its feathers to scorn. “Great is Your faithfulness”, “Great is Your mercy towards me”, the praise poured forth like rich wine, each cupful meant for the worship buds of my King. I sang and sang and sang……


Inexplicably, my weakness disappeared and with the speed of lightening I flew after and caught my falling sword. The minion was in trouble and he showed it, as a confused look suffused his face. We both looked downwards and saw what was happening. That was the last look he ever took. Some of his higher princes appeared but since I was in my element, they did not have a prayer (that is if they could ever pray, I chuckled to myself….). They came at me in hordes and I harvested their heads like a husband man putting the sickle to harvest. It had been written that the gates of hell will never prevail against the Lamb’s chosen ones. When the others heard the flap of Michael’s heavy wings, they all took flight. I picked up Kemi’s scrolled title deed and felt so good. I was delighted within for her because I was going to ensure every promise was performed in her life, my job was to make good the pledges of the Elohim to her. The year will be a spring of possibilities and enlargement…………

As I flew down to start off my urgent assignment, top priority was to extirpate “Suicide” (he escaped my wrath once and caused great havoc, this time he will not I determined resolutely); I heard the words that the Elohim spoke to Jacob’s children years ago through Isaiah in the 54th chapter of his manuscript…. Sing……Enlarge the place of your tent and let the curtains of your habitation be stretched out: spare not: lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes. For you will spread abroad to the right hand and left……..”


© 2013 Ekpo Ezechinyere

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21 thoughts on “2013: WAR IN THE HEAVENLIES……..

  1. Aw! Angels on assignment.If only we are able to see the battles that are being fought on our behalf.Well done.I found this very engaging and inspiring.


  2. Aw! Angels on assignment, if only,we were able to see the battles that are being fought on our behalves.This is very inspiring and engaging.


  3. Very beautiful write up, the vivid images it engenders in the mind, exemplifying events within the spiritual realms, with a potent message. It however, got me obsessing about the form heavenly battles take, what weapons are used, and what constitutes a defeat or victory in real terms (not just the effects on earth). Viz:
    Daniel 10:13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia.
    Daniel 10:20-21
    Then he said, “Do you know why I have come to you? And now I must return to fight with the prince of Persia; and when I have gone forth, indeed the prince of Greece will come. But I will tell you what is noted in the Scripture of Truth. (No one upholds me against these, except Michael your prince.
    Rev 12:7-8 And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them[a] in heaven any longer.
    There is a semblance of physicality in these verses. This might be the wrong forum, but I would like some exposition.


    1. Thanks Bro! To answer your questions, let me start by saying, we know in parts. If i am to put together all the things i know in the bible, i would say the weapons used are swords because the bible talks about angels using flaming swords. i think since the fall of lucifer what constitutes defeat or victory are tied to the effects on earth. Like u observed, some form of physicality seems to be involved but it might not be physicality like we know it…… I sincerely hope this helps.


  4. Thanks… … … but, more questions brewing in my mind in response to your comment. Well… … … er… … … I guess some matters are too complex for the human mind to grasp, maybe we’ ll just focus on the wonderful message, not the mechanics. Thanks.


  5. @Etim: Hey you! Long time! The subject of angels is always an interesting one. Lovely story and great write up. I had told Eze earlier that I however did not agree in principle. We do not know a lot but the bible reveals things we can make deductions from. To respond to some of your queries, there is physicality involved in my opinion. Remember lucifer being bound with chains and hauled into the bottomless pit for a season in the book of revelation (too lazy to give you reference)? Well, he would have had to have been subdued physically in order to bind him. With regard to weapons, we know about swords, but I daresay it couldn’t be limited to it; however any other suggestion would be mere postulations. You also cannot lope off a demon’s head; they are eternal beings and as you know, spirits do not die (neither can they be roasted nor whatever catches our fancy in the churches these days). Hierarchy and order are strongly recognized in the realm of the spirit, and as such, an angel of a lower order would not even dare to cross the paths of a demon of higher rank and station and vice versa. So, some so-called battles are never even fought. Michael appears, the prince of persia gives way. Michael leaves and the poor angel (who appears to be of the same rank as the prince of persia) has to go and fight his way out. In the book of Jude, we have this strange reference to Michael and lucifer (2 very very senior officers as we would say in the military of presumably equal rank), contending for the body of Moses, and Michael would not as much as bring condemnation or judgement, but left the matter to God to deal with. I had said to Eze that for me, it is all a rights issue. If one gives the devil rights in his/her life, all the angels in heaven would not even dare to raise their swords against that spirit. The moment that same person opens the door to the Spirit of God, the angels would not even have to lift a finger, for by the law of creation, the creature cannot stand in the presence of the creator. These are my 2 cents in the matter


  6. This is a simple albeit graphic reminder that angels haven’t hung their boots. They are still ministering spirits who serve the heirs of salvation. One key thing we must not forget is that they respond only to God’s word in our mouths and not our whims.

    Sir for writing this, you have revealed the mind of the Spirit. You have drawn back the curtain and shown us the spiritual realm. God bless you. I am taking a lesson from this… It is time to give my angels legal right to operate by maintaining the integrity of God’s word in my mouth!.

    Also you have stirred up a book idea in my spirit…oh Lord! sir we need to meet ooo.


    1. Glad to know you found ds inspiring Bro! Now than ever before, angels are at our beck and call to carry out the good will of d Father concerning us. I would be in the fore to get an autographed copy of your bestseller when it hits the waiting world like an atomic bomb. Thank you my brother! You are so cool! I would love to meet 2! 08025066565.


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