AD 2013: …….ENLARGEMENT (1)


AD 2013: During the celebration on the eve of yearly shifts, The Commander of the DCC Light Forces “Sam Seer” proclaimed that “The Elyon” had declared a dispensation of Enlargement for the colonies of Zion to enable them take territories and resettle abandoned intergalactic terrains. Thing was a “key of revelation” from the city of
Isaiah was needed to make this prophecy a reality.

Like late summer wind through a field of ripened golden wheat, the good news spread ripples of joy through our ranks  After all the struggles of yester-years, it was finally harvest season! However any agent of Light worth his salt knew that it was going to involve some good fight. The city of Isaiah was 4000 years in the past and we had to go bring the key to the present to unlock the divination. Furthermore the “Fallen ones” were going to fight tooth and nail to frustrate our efforts. They were going to try to steal, kill and destroy, their sole mission of existing. The guys are MEAN!

I picked up the straw to retrieve the key.  I needed to be in top form for the battles ahead hence I headed to the Temple Training Center (TTC) which housed our exercise facilities. As I crossed the floor towards my destination, The Gym of Supplication, I kept looking at the full length painting of Elijah, the greatest athlete that ever passed through this way. He was said to have been so fit, he could lift the “rain weights” (these were the Temples heaviest ever and the man lifted those back breaking masses for three years at a stretch without baulking). With a sigh, I wondered whether I could ever become like him . Sgt. Mantis was already waiting for me. This Instructor believes in going at it turbo charged without ever ceasing and since I could not keep up, I had to engage the help of Parakletos the oldest guide in the temple. He was the gentlest being you could ever encounter, older than the hills and sprightlier than the fittest and youngest agent. Parakletos was especially good at helping us through angles never imagined, more so when we grew so weak. However, when this old dude got his groove on during His bench- presses, He could make one utter such aching groans that can be heard all the way from here to the ends of the universe.

Next, I spent considerable time in the “Hall of Mirrors” to see myself the way I really am and how I could be. The reflections here help you see into the soul of The Elyon. The astonishing thing is that as we gaze into His soul,  His reflections fall on us and glorious transformation takes place.The change experienced makes that of caterpillar to a butterfly or an ugly duckling to a swan seems so ordinary. Ultimately, we end up becoming like Him and what a Warrior He is.

AD 2013: .......ENLARGEMENT (1)

D-DAY! Clothed in the best gear designed in our celestial armoury, I was ready. Kevlar suit and force field intact with belt that had more gadgets than the Batman’s ( the people who will contend with me make Gotham city seem like a saints filled Church and The Joker a smiling Santa). My Glocks were loaded with bullets infused with the blood of The rare, spotless Lamb, the finest of our bio-technological weaponry.  Our elders testify that in the history of human warfare, nothing has ever existed like it.These were bullets that even the Prince of the fallen ones had no answers to. I could not wait to pump some into those suckers and see the agony in the black pools of their soulless eyes as they disintegrate. I was battle ready, a walking arsenal eager to unleash destruction on the armies of hell.

To get to Isaiah, I was transported by the DCC shuttle “Philip’s Chariot” (a cross between the one that took Philip from the Gaza desert to Azotus and Elijah beyond the reach of gravity, two of our earliest grandmasters) to “The spirit conveyor terminal”, where my spaceship “MEDITATION” was idling quietly. I entered and transmuted from material to immaterial, when traveling to the word worlds you need to operate beyond the physical.

The Word worlds exist in a spiritual realm built with intangible but living letters. If they are not accessed spiritually, the voyage becomes meaningless, dangerous and a wild goose chase. The “Fallen ones” try to ensure Zionites revert to their physical state here which makes the letters from which the cities are built become flying razors that kill. This is why our catch phrase when we take our trips to these lands is “Spirit Reigns Supreme”!


In a shot I landed in Isaiah, the metropolis was named after its architect (a man who enlisted the help of Seraphs in the construction of the city) and consists of 66 counties. The land was full of visions, revelations and such poetic symmetry that I was lost in rapturous wonder. I quickly broke out of my reverie albeit reluctantly, this trip was for business and not pleasure. The buildings were made in the form of bank vaults where different keys were hidden. My boots were designed with transducers that were tuned in to the frequency of Lordly satellites situated beyond outer space. This enabled my steps to be ordered. Without much ado, I found myself in precinct 54, where I used my master key “Abba” to unlock the vault. Abba can virtually unlock anything there is.

It was astonishing to see that the keys were 17 pages of scrolls bound together. They looked so ancient and fragile that I feared touching them would make them come apart but on contact, I found out that they were stronger than “Wolverine’s” Adamantium skeleton, eternally durable. Gazing at these scrolls brings on a discovery that everywhere is in darkness even when you are inundated with halogen lamps. The key emitted light that flooded one’s path and showed glorious riches beyond anything that was in Aladdin’s cave. They gave a disclosure that was beyond the comprehension of flesh and blood. I hid them in the special hart’s pouch beneath my breast under my Kevlar suit.
Elated at my find like he that had found great spoil, I knew it was time to go. I got back into Meditation and no sooner had I got my engines running than they struck with such hellish fury………………………….

TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………..

© 2013 Ekpo Ezechinyere

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13 thoughts on “AD 2013: …….ENLARGEMENT (1)

  1. Sir, you are truly blessed!!!! was already thinkin of something along this line too. wow!!!! can’t wait to read the rest. Hoping it will be a major series thing o. dont stop at 2…


    1. Dami thanks oooo! My name is Eze though, not Sir! I thought I waz just gonna do two but let’s see how it goes. It is wonderful making your acquaintance. Thank you!


  2. Expo has crafted another powerful piece! Will call this one action-tainment.Typical blockbuster stuff! Careful though ,not to lose your core message admits the high powered prose writing! Well done


    1. Thank you once again my sister! Your encouragement are like the pillars that held up Solomons temple! Thanks!
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  3. Wow! I am astonished.Carefully crafted,engrossing but still teaching abt the Truth and the Light. This is creative writing @ its best.Thumbs up!


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