AD 2013: ………..ENLARGEMENT (2)


…….then they struck with such hellish fury! I was not surprised in the least because it had been written in “The Pages of Life” that opposition would surely come for the keys sake and The Pages NEVER lie! Reflexively, I uttered the war cry of the Light Forces, “THE BATTLE IS THE LORD’S” in a resounding scream! The enemies came at me like a flood but since I was in spirit mode, there was an impregnable standard around my spaceship.

Inundated by darkness, stygian and thick, they swarmed around me, evil hornets of destruction, their stings laced with death. I flicked on my Logos lamps and light suffused everywhere within my radius, (they hate light with every core of their dastardly beings); it was light that darkness can never comprehend nor extinguish. I could hear their agony as they screeched like tormented banshees. The ones closet to “Meditation” melted away from the heat of the light like inferior margarine.

Their battleships were serpentine and black with venomous missiles that came hissing at me with vicious intent. However, the last scroll of the key of revelation sprung up in the sea of my mind like a lifebuoy. I keyed in IS5417 into my dashboard and my ship developed an outer layer that no weapon forged in their malevolent smiths could penetrate but the buggers did not know that. The import of the key was beginning to dawn on me, also the reason why “Sam Seer” was so crazy about it.

All the lessons in the Temple Training Centre started coming alive. I remembered the course 2Cor104, where grandmaster Paul revealed that the weapons the Light Forces use in warfare are not man-made but divine in their functions. Remembering this, I went on rampage!

I had studied to show myself approved in the classes of The Rabbi to ensure that I would not be ashamed in situations like this. Now all those teachings and trainings came to bear as I wove, dove, spun, darted and floated like a heavenly bee between the battles ships of the Fallen ones. I fired my “Skabash Ghost missiles” into their midst and wreaked havoc. They had tried but could never understand the workings of these armaments. It remained a mystery to them, causing confusion and when they thought it was going one way, it went the other. They were especially good for long range target shooting.

Their ships were ugly, nasty, humongous things, goliaths filled with rage and wrath but I shot them down with the “sling of David” rockets. When they came in companies of fifties, I activated Elijah’s incendiaries, which were like napalm infused Molotov cocktails thrown from fire producing satellites situated in outer space. They were wired to consume objects fed to their cameras by my vessel.

When they came in congregated swarms of thousands, I sprayed the “Jaw-ass” guns and scattered them (these firearms use the know-how Samson deployed to dispatch a thousand elite philistine soldiers using the jaw bone of an ass). They came at me in one way and scattered in seven. I was having a ball; they were like bread to me.

Next I released the supersonic singers which work by generating whirlwinds from the heavenlies that make enemy battleships ram into one another. Jehoshaphat King taught us this well; he discovered how the mechanics of this machinery sets up an ambush against wicked opponents.

For invincibility, I triggered off my blood bombs, the smoky bloody screen emitted from them made the fiery darts of my enemies to pass over me. They could not see me! I was sitting pretty!

……..hey, wait a minute! “What is that ship I see amongst my foes”? It was snowy white, translucent with gold lined wings and different from all the ships around. It also had no guns meaning it was more likely a friend but something was not quite right because it was not been shot at by the fallen ones. I defused my external shield so that I could get a closer look and through its transparent perspex, I saw the most beautiful woman ever. She was so fair that the sun beaten into dark submission had to hide for her ambiance to permeate the world. Decked in a white armoured spandex, her coruscating radiance filled the cockpit.

What Adam felt when he saw Eve became more than a story to me. I was transfixed like a deer caught in the harsh glare of her lamps, a butterfly drunk and giddy from the nectar of her looks. The lessons of 2TIM24 that a soldier does not get himself involved in civilian affairs were pretty distant in my mind now, like a long lost world.

The words “Agent Rock, it is all over” came through my intercom in a voice sweeter than all the honeycombs on planet Beerium. I knew I had been had but before I could react, the contraption on deck of her ship opened up and shot buxomy lasers at me. I had heard about this instrument of war but had never experienced it. In the word worlds, you never lose concentration! YOU MUST REMAIN SOBER AND VIGILANT!!! The laser went right through my force field and broke my windshields. They tore through my kevlar and struck my heart. Waves of pain washed over me and before I could call upon the name of Elyon’s son, the “Fallen ones” took pot shots at me.

One of the shots hit the core of “Meditation” and we careened out of control. The last thing I heard as we crashed was the tortured shriek of tearing metal, then the whole world went black………….

TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………..

© 2013 Ekpo Ezechinyere


12 thoughts on “AD 2013: ………..ENLARGEMENT (2)

  1. What a trip up! And the victory seemed so sure. How could be stronger than all the other forces that had been fought and won? It just beats me. Can’t wait to see the rest. This is a piece of art if you ask me. Thumbs up!


  2. Even more exquisite than the last one! I was purring like a happy kitty as I read along, but I was left speechless towards the end, when I realised history was repeating itself! Agent (the) Rock, this dame might be your bane! You, JAMES, were left in BONDs in the buxomy laser’ s wake. It came as a THUNDERBALL, knocking THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of you. Certain things are FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (shouldn’t reach the heart), because even THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH to satisfy us. It doesn’t take a GOLDEN EYE to see that your opponent comes with A VIEW TO A KILL, utilising his LICENCE TO KILL, to steal and to destroy. There is a QUANTUM OF SOLACE in the knowledge that by His grace, even if there is a SKYFALL, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, unlike others who have no hope of resurrection. Indeed, because He lives, TOMORROW NEVER DIES, and when you eventually, like the Phoenix, rise again from the ashes, remember you do not live merely to DIE ANOTHER DAY… … …
    Whoso readeth, let him understand (Just like the good old days! Lol!)
    Can’ t wait for the sequel!


    1. WOW! Etim this is absolutely world class! You have created the sublime out of the mundane! Created divine truth from the ordinary! EXCITING, FASCINATING, INTERESTING!!!! WOW!!!!!


  3. Wow wow wow! I’m overwhelmed! How u draw out stuffs frm ur spirit and ur mind via d pen striaght on paper in a simple n explicit way is totallly amazing! More grace sire.
    This story will make an award wining movie!! #JustTinkinOutLoud.

    Patiently waiting 4 part 3…….


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