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Lord You are Good
And Your mercy endureth forever
Lord You are good
And Your mercy endureth forever

We were singing at the top of our voices in Hebrew, dancing to the lyre, tambourines and other musical instruments wielded by our choir.

In the midst of our praise party, I felt extremely weird. We were dancing towards a great army brandishing swords.  Who in the world faces a multitude of battle hardened warriors with a choir? What sane person uses songs to combat steel? While I sang, these thoughts besieged the walls of my mind.

However, the Prophet had told King Jehoshaphat that the battle was not ours to fight. It was the Lord’s.

As we got closer to the watchtower, the sun shot arrows of light on the army before us. Harsh rays bounced off the assortment of mail, shields, swords and every kind of weaponry one could ever think of and pierced our eyes. 

The reflections were enough to strike fear in the stoutest heart but we were too intoxicated with the wine of praise to suffer the slightest flicker of fear.

And then the Lord came to our rescue. On our behalf,He ambushed our enemies.The winds of our praises spread the seeds of animosity amongst them. They turned against one another with unmitigated detestation. By the time we got to where they were, we met the distinct silence of death.  They had totally decimated themselves and vultures were gathering like repulsive dark clouds over the battle field.

We gathered spoil for three days. The valley that our enemies ought to have buried us in became our Valley of Beracah (blessing)….


 Illustration © Review and Herald Publ. Assoc.


Oge sighed in relief as she finished the chapter that painted the story of how the Israelites defeated an army of foes with praises and shut down her iPad. She cleaned up the streaks of her tears that had smeared the screen with some tissue. She had been holed up in the rest room for the past hour crying and reading. She had been shredded to bits that morning when she got a query for what someone else should have taken the heat for. The Chief Financial Officer had called her “good for nothing”. She knew the woman did not like her because she was uncompromisingly straight. Oge did not also indulge in the ‘eye service’ her colleagues exhibited by default in order to move up the rungs of the promotion ladder.  Whenever she was around they found it difficult to manipulate the books and they wanted her out by all means. Since they could not find any reason to sack her, the CFO decided to frustrate her out. Unfortunately, The CFO and the HR Manager were quite an ‘item’ and that made matters worse for her. That day, they nearly succeeded in sending her packing!

The insult that morning had been so grave that she had written her resignation letter and had forgone her lunch break to spend some time alone with God. As she went back to her work station, she felt somewhat better and ripped up the missive she had written. By the time she finished answering her query, her phone buzzed. It was a reminder about “Symphony of Love”, a worship concert held every third Friday at the Oriental hotel. Her friend had been inviting her for ages. She made up her mind to attend.

The atmosphere was charged with a supernatural ambiance she had never experienced before. When Victoria, the lead singer started …

My Helper ooo

My Helper

This is the reason why I come into your presence

My Helper …

She rode on that wave of worship into the holy of holies and paid obeisance to the King on the Throne. He was garbed like a Man of war, robe dipped in crimson, flaming sword blazing with a golden crown that glittered like all the jewels in the world. His presence filled the room, a ferocious leonine aura that none could withstand.

“Be still, I will fight for you,” He said.

She fasted and worshiped all through the weekend.

Oge played Frank Edwards “You too dey bless me” all the way to work on Monday morning and the song kept playing in her head. The CFO barely replied her “good morning” when she got to the office. When they gathered for their usual Monday meeting in the board room, she gave Oge the kind of look that could have curdled milk. However, Oge paid her no mind.

The assembly started on a calm note as the minutes of the last meeting was read until it got to the question about the Health Maintenance Organization to use for the organization. The company, in the bid to reduce costs and inflate their profit margin, had decided to contract their health issues out.

Since the company was one that had offices in most of the states of the federation, it was an untapped gold mine for most HMOs. Most would give an arm and a leg to manage them, furthermore the marketer that lands such a huge financial fish would be seen as a superstar.

Some had been shortlisted and presentations had been done over the last few months. The consensus was that one would be chosen during this particular meeting.

That was when it all broke loose. DB Health had promised the HR some good percentage of the total premium; Saturna HMO had assured the CFO of a mouth-watering commission if selected. A verbal tug of war ensued between the bosom pals. A frisson of indignation was aroused, anger burned and temper flared.

“This establishment will never use DB, you impotent greedy man”, the CFO raged.

The word impotent raised a few chuckles amongst the bemused members of staff in the board room.

The HR Manager, who was known for his legendary temper, got red in the face and slapped her. He could not forgive the embarrassment.

“Yeee, you slapped me”, screamed the CFO as she lunged at his Hawes and Curtis shirt ripping off all the buttons in the process.

Chaos and pandemonium reigned.

Oge continued singing under her breath.

The MD could not believe what was going on before him but Oge knew confusion had been stirred up in her oppressors’ camp.

Following such an ignominious display of emotions, the HR Manager and the CFO were summarily dismissed.

Oge was promoted and became the new CFO.

The place of frustration became a place of blessing.

If you run into her on the corridors of her company, you will still hear her singing….

You too dey bless me oooo…

Na so You love me oooo…


…Arise o Lord and let your enemies be scattered…

The story of King Jehoshaphat and his singing army is in 2 Chronicles 20.

© 2013 Ekpo Ezechinyere

12 thoughts on “CONFUSION

  1. lol…

    This reminds me of when I got transferred to another (a better) department in my company.

    I faced something similar. When I started praying FOR my former boss, instead of praying AGAINST him, The Lord moved on my behalf, and I got transferred.

    Have a blessed day!


  2. Thank you my brother, this is meant for me as my husband is going through such now. But I know my redeemer lives, God bless you. I am shedding tears of joy as I read this story now.


  3. Thank you Da King for reminding us once again that they that put their trust in God will never be put to shame and as difficult as it would seem, the best time to praise is actually when things are at their toughest. Kudos


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