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Sweat flooded my face, surged into and stung my eyes. Perspiration blurred my vision and made my hands slippery as I grappled with the man before me. My chest heaved and lungs hurt as they searched for fresh air. I needed a breather, but I was fighting for my life. He heaved and tossed me over his head. I landed with a force that jarred my teeth and expelled air out of me. However, as he turned to move, I grabbed his ankle. He was not going anywhere. I am rich but fighting for my destiny. I could not accommodate distractions so I had sent my wives, children and all I had onwards. You would think me stupid for going through this kind of stress considering the considerable assets I had acquired over the years but I was tired of running. I had come to know that it takes more than material possessions for a man to count himself blessed. The blessing is spiritual! My body hurts, dust decorated me, sand filled my mouth but I was not letting go until I got a life changing transformation. I got up and locked my arms around his torso in a vice grip. To weaken my hold, he crippled me but even with my handicap, I fought on. My future depended on this. As the first rays of the sun kissed the brow of dawn, it occurred to me that I had fought all night.  “Let me go!” He said. “What do you want from me?” He asked. The man was stronger but I had wearied him with my tenacity. In short gasps, I blurted, “I-will-not-let-you-go-until-you-bless-me!”  He did! As he left, I smiled, wiping drops of blood from my ruptured mouth. I had prevailed! I saw God face to face and my life was preserved. My name is Jacob…


There is a sentence hanging over my head! It is one of death! I am a law offender, a red tape breaker.  The law is that a bleeding woman stays indoors but here I was mingling with a crowd while hemorrhaging. However, I was desperate! This was make or break! If I did not touch him, I was going to die! I was weaker than a dehydrated baby because I was anemic.  I gathered all my wits about me, reached way down inside and drew out the last bit of courage I had. I did not know where the strength came from; I shoved and pushed, until I was close enough to touch the tip of his garment. Miraculous energy surged through the nerve endings of my being, saturated my body and made me whole. My infirmity had marred me; I was branded by my disease. I was called the woman with an issue… but He called me daughter. I touched him and He identified with me. By calling me daughter, He told the world that His genes dwelt in me, that I was cut from the same cloth as He….


I was tired of the yearly camp meetings without results. This year is going to be different, I resolved.  I took up a position in the temple near the altar and prayed like my life depended on it. I cried and wept, shouted and lapsed into mutterings. I promised The Elohim that I would gladly give my son back to Him if He blessed me with a son. It sounded crazy even to me, giving back an only son but I was desperate! I wanted my own child. I prayed so much I slammed myself on the floor, got up and wrapped myself around the pillar.  In my frenzy, I started weaving from side to side, staggered from one part of the temple to another until I collapsed in a tearful heap. The intensity of my supplication singled me out of the whole crowd and caught the prophet’s attention. He thought I was drunk and scolded me. I let him into my concern and he made a prophetic declaration. Samuel came and other siblings followed. My infertility turned to fruitfulness. My name is Hannah….


The branch of the tree ripped my expensive garment and lacerated my thigh but I paid the blood that slowly oozed and the hurt no mind. I climbed up the tree like an adventurous child. I had to see the Nazarene. I was tired of my life and needed a change. People of my dignified ilk don’t go about climbing trees but if climbing one was what needed to be done to achieve transformation, so be it. People went by and ridiculed me especially since I was not liked much. I lived the life of a rich pariah and had developed a tough skin to people’s taunts.  I had studied the Nazarene’s itinerary and went ahead to intersect him. There was a crowd around him and I was short, hence the sycamore tree. On His way, He stopped by the tree and asked me to come down. He went home with me and we had a party. My name is Zaccheus…


The stretcher was heavy, but we plodded on.  The Galilean was in town and our friend needed healing. The place was filled by the time we got to the venue, carrying him had slowed us down, put us at a disadvantage.  We could not get a pass into the hall, so we climbed the roof, broke it and lowered our friend. The roof was going to cost us plenty but at that moment it was the healing of our friend that consumed us and no obstacle was going to stand in our way. Funny, instead of the Galilean being livid with us for breaking a roof that was not ours, He was so impressed with our never say die attitude. He saw our faith. Our friend got healed that day. We are the four friends..

Most times in life we are more frantic about the gifts of life than the Giver of Life! We get stuck in the rut of achievements and possessions.  We thirst for change but would rather look for temporal oasis’ that can only slake our longing for a while or not at all. Our souls cry out for more but we wander through the mazy corridors of religion, we search for breakthrough but look everywhere but heaven’s throne.

When we even find our way to The Throne, we “form” sometimes, basking in the rays of our social status, blown up by the air of the self-importance of material possessions. We wait for God to move on our behalf, wander around the periphery of our boundaries and comfort zones.

An encounter with God changes the human life. Someone said doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the meaning of insanity.

Sometimes we need to go further and farther. Like Jacob, shut out everything and fight an all night intercessory battle. We must go beyond our limits, endure beyond usual frontiers and never take no for an answer. Sadly some can’t even intercede for an hour yet expect great results.

We play it too safe and pat bound by the cords of religion waiting for God to touch us. For a change, why don’t we touch God?

Like Hannah, someone might need to take the passion for change to another level. Do something different until you stand out from the crowd, until heaven notices you, until the tailored prophetic word for your situation finds the heat of your passion and blows up your challenges to smithereens. What sacrifice are you ready to make? Which Samuel are you ready to give?

Maybe like Zaccheus you are spiritually stunted. Your word diet and prayer life are far from balanced hence you are too short to see God. Friend, you need to beef up your knowledge so that you might know the itinerary of Jesus. You need to give yourself a spiritual lift, hear God say “come up hither!” Climb a sycamore tree until God sees your face and tells you to come down into a new life, a transformed one. See Him follow you into the confines of your home and experience joy that hitherto seemed nonexistent.

Are you concerned about a loved one? Then break every obstacle in your path until God sees your faith on behalf of the person. Go for broke and disregard the costs and the pain. Break through into the presence of the Almighty and see that crippled situation come to life. By the time, you step out, your burden will be no more, and your steps will be lighter.

Sometimes life stands still around us because we are not ready even though we think we are. In church, we are too self conscious, too aware of our grooming and rich garments. During praise and worship, we mumble through the session like we were coerced to the service. We are not ready to make the sacrifice, to go the extra mile, to lay everything aside, to shut down all until we are left alone with Him. This is when Hillsong’s song “All I need is You” bubbles in our spirit and gushes out of our mouths. This is the point where God becomes like air for us and we fight to take a gulp of his living presence.

Hannah did not wait for anyone to pray for her neither did all the characters mentioned. They took steps that stretched them beyond the ordinary.

Do you really desire change? Are you in need of a touch from God? Are you hungry for the supernatural? Then let it all rip and remove the stops. Tell yourself, no holds barred! Are you desperate enough to do what you have never done before? What is your name?….

Hear the words of Michael.W.Smith again,

this is the air I breathe
this is the air I breathe
Your holy presence living in me

this is my daily bread
this is my daily bread
Your very word spoken to me

And I, I’m desperate for you
And I, I’m lost without you

…And you will seek me and find me, when you search for me with all your heart…


© 2013 Ekpo Ezechinyere


















14 thoughts on “DESPERATION

  1. You said it all man! All of these people mentioned did something that prompted a response from God. It’s important we make the move for God to move in response to it, He awaits our first step and would not fail to respond if only we come unto Him.


  2. My Name… means… “Who is greater than God?”
    I live that name every day.
    I live a little part of all the people/examples mentioned above – everyday.
    No one is greater than God.


  3. So true. A lot of us are contented with too little and not willing to leave our comfort zones. All the characters took a step for their desired change God give us grace to take that step that will lead us out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. Thank you for these constant reminders Da King.


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