Pictorial simulations of the nativity scene have been swimming in my thoughts, like a school of myriad coloured fish in the depths of the Atlantic.

The part that has stuck to my mind is where Mary in the throes of parturition was denied a space in the inn to deliver her dream child, her son of promise to the world.

For me this is a truth that permeates the atmosphere of life like the smell of crushed rose cloves.  Thing is that we are all pregnant like Mary. Everybody on the surface of mother earth has something to deliver. Like the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary, “sperms” of creativity from God has been embedded in the womb of our souls. Each one of us is heavy with a saviour for mankind; something to save humanity from depression and sorrow like comedy, music and sports, another thing to make the world’s labour easier like machines, IT and telecoms, something to enlighten the burden of ignorance like literary materials and speeches, another to protect man from the elements and diseases like clothes and drugs.

The truth is that sometimes the doors of the inns of life are slammed in our faces and we are left in the cold. This is where disaster usually occurs. Lots of people abort at this stage. You might have the gift of football and your dream club shuts its door on you with the excuse that you are not good enough, the manuscript of your dream bestseller might be rejected because you are still unknown and have no literary agent, the five star hotel says you don’t have the financial muscle it takes to give your seminar in their grand ball room.

Do I hear you say you are a virgin, that no one knows you? Did you give the excuse of being wet behind the ears, as green as a newly sprung shoot? Do you feel you are not good enough? Good news is that so were Mozart, Edison, Gates, Rembrandt, Einstein, and a host of others before they got pregnant with ideas and went into the labour room of possibilities. They were virginal in their fields before they became famous.

Yeah, a lot of people have gone ahead of you and they have filled the inns. Maestros, masterpiece artists, Grammy and Oscar winners, Nobel laureates, name it. Life tells you, there isn’t any room for you; your ship came in late and you missed the boat. You turn around, head bowed, tail in between your legs like a flea-infested, homeless mongrel and head towards the cold fingers of insignificance’s darkness. Your gift is about to become a colossal waste, the blood about to run down your legs into the unfeeling arid sands.

But hold it, look around you, hear the lowing of the cows around you, a stable is not far from where you stand. The smell of hay wafting from yonder stable is that of hope. Inhale and change direction, unglamorous and unsavoury it might be but it is somewhere for you to deliver your baby. The manger is a place of birthing dreams. Your dawn begins here.

Your manger might be, your living room, your garage ( like Apple computers), the boot of your car(like Sweet Sensation), your kitchen, the local football club without kits, a rundown building ( one of the most popular churches in Nigeria today started out in such a dump), self publishing your own book, starting your own blog. Do not let the unspectacular surrounding deter you, just go on and give life to your baby. Labour! Burn the midnight oil! Play, write, act, speak, sing, bake, cook, paint, lead, and fight. Push! Birth!

It is after your delivery that your star will begin to glow and shine until it is seen all the way in the east, the orient, the land of the rising sun. It’s your star that will direct wise men to you. It will guide men from distant lands to your manger. You stop being inconsequential at this juncture.

It is written that the wise men opened their gifts and presented gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gold signifies wealth and kingship, frankincense typifies priesthood and myrrh is associated with death. This means in the kingdom of your gift you would become The King Midas.


A priest is a mediator, a spiritual leader who shows others the way to a higher reality of life. Birthing your dream will make people see you as a priest (Henry Ford is the priest of the religion of cars; Walt Disney is the priest of cartoons).  

Myrrh shows that your old self dies for a BRAND new you to resurrect. 

Lionel Messi is an ordinary guy until he starts playing. The gold people give to him for promotions is not because of his person, it’s for his starry achievements’ with the round leather. YOUR STAR ATTRACTS YOUR GOLD!!!

Be warned! The Herod’s of life will try to kill your dream God had a dream for mankind and Herod tried to kill it but he did not succeed. Herod is any form of discouragement that will try to kill your baby in its baby form. Financial difficulties, disparaging comments and otherwise but it is at this stage that God sends angels both physical and spiritual. Christmas is beyond dining and wining. It is a testament of angelic activities, supernatural help and divine intervention. God will help you and confuse your detractors.


You see, there are some Herod’s that are still on the throne because your star has not shown up yet. The Herod’s of politics, industry, fashion designing, architecture, shipping, banking and so on.

When you birth your promise to the world, they will become yesterday’s news. The throne will be yours to mount. That is why sometimes they refuse to let you put a foot in the door; the present monarchs try to put your potential to death before it is birthed. Refuse to die, run from the Israel of your comfort zone and grow your dreams, even if you are in Egypt. The Israel might be a big multinational that would stagnate your gift to the world; Egypt might be a small shop where you grow your entrepreneurship skills. These skills will later help you to go back to Israel to ignite transformation.

When the wise men told Herod about the new king, the old ruler inquired of his scribes if they were privy to the information regarding the boy leader and they said a Prophet had made predictions about him in the past.  This shows that your potential to reign has been written into your destiny. Like the infant in swaddling clothes, your fledgling enterprise will soon be recognized and feared. It is on its way to becoming a super power.

When a man is desperate to fulfill destiny, help usually shows up. It might not be in form of kings but might just be shepherds. Shepherds are mentors, friends, leaders who believe in us and celebrate our dreams. They encourage and announce us. Jonathan was a shepherd to David. He recognized the kingly potential in the herds-boy and helped him. I can imagine him teaching David table decorum and royal manners. Appreciate your Shepherds. At this point some of my shepherds come to mind, @JayCax, @moskedapages, @tlatifah, and @blessed_oba. (I am ever so grateful to Jumoke Caxton-Martin, Okunlola Tola, and Blessing Ayemhere.)


The sun rises in the east and never sets there, from the time it rises in the orient; it only gets brighter and brighter. That is your destiny my friend. You are on your way to becoming an oriental star, if you can just deliver the song, the invention, the clothes, the designs, the ideas, the corporations, the books and all that is in you. The tragedy will be if you never bring it forth. Then you will only remain an oriental star that would have been. Are you heavy with dreams and groaning with labour pains? Look for a place to give birth even if it is a manger! Your baby might be the saviour humanity is waiting for in a particular area of life….DELIVER IT!!!

….and she shall bring forth a son and you shall call his name Jesus, for he shall deliver his people from their sins….

© 2013 Ekpo Ezechinyere


8 thoughts on “THE ORIENTAL STAR

  1. I know you wrote this piece for me. Thanks bro. I’m carrying this baby to full term, and thanks for the heads up about the Herods (won’t be moved by them anymore).
    Also appreciating the shepherds God sends my way.


  2. Thank you my Doctor (both in medicine and in letters) I am honoured to be named in this epic.
    God continue to grant you the grace to being a blessing.


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