The world here is the real one! The senses reel with discernment and sensitivity. Except for those whose spiritual senses have atrophied due to disuse, perception soaks with the swelling influence of water on cassava flakes. In Spirit-Ville the sun never goes down, the light blinds and the colours breathe.

Tragically, the human-gods place more emphasis on the converse fleshly world, the parallel bodily sphere which incubates them.

…ravaging wolf like shadows of darkness loped towards a homestead with speed, malicious and malevolent in their intent. They were hellions, soldiers of Evilone, the Prince of the Underworld.

This time there was no restriction. A hedge had been broken and the serpents of destruction slipped in without much ado.

In a world where one never sleeps (vigilance and sobriety were the watch word here), he was dozing when they tore the house down. By the time the fumes of their sulphuric stench filled his room it was too late to act.

“Hello Saint, What happened to you? You have lost quite some weight and gone soft since the last time we met. We told you we will be back, that we never relent. However we are in a benevolent mood and won’t kill you. We will just make you suffer a bit.” their leader chuckled, his hoarse, raspy voice mocking.

The Saint was petrified and speechless with horror as they shot his wife and twins…..

The bullets from the Hellion’s guns as they burst free evolved into black mambas that struck and stuck their venomous fangs into the chests of his loved ones.

Raucous laughter jarred the atmosphere….


…Nooooooooooo……..His scream rent the air, bounced against the walls and filled the building with its anguish. His soul became a Vesuvius relentlessly pouring out streams of magma of pain and ashes of sorrow.  If it were possible such desolation could have made another Pompeii of the hospital.

“Doctor, it cannot be true, Ijeh can’t be dead,” said the distraught man holding on to the lapel of the Doctor’s white coat

“Unfortunately, Mr. Chigbo that is the reality. I am very sorry. We did all we could,” the medical practitioner replied.

Later, when he saw his wife connected to tubes, monitors and all kinds of sci-fi like gadgets and his son in the Special Care Baby Unit, both maintaining a tenuous hold on life he could not believe it. His daughter just died and the remaining members of his household were in dire straits too, he thought biting his fingers.

Where did it all go wrong? Ginika had been an Amazon all through the pregnancy, then the sudden bleeding and things started falling apart…

As he looked through the glass of the SCBU, tears ran down his face fast and furiously, grief snowballed until it became a rock in his throat. His heart felt like it would burst.

He knew where it all started going wrong. He had been careless!

The new job he had given a testimony for had become his bane. Prior to the job, he had been serving judiciously and fervently in the prayer unit of his church and had even been one of the EXCO members but the job had changed all that.

The money came in foreign exchange, he moved from Orile in Lagos, Nigeria to Sam Shonibare Estate, Maryland, a more posh part of town. Truth was that the work was exacting but the ease of life made it all worth it. He was a far from where he used to be. The world had become his village, Rome, New York, Geneva, name it! The cars, the gadgets, the privileges made him so complacent that he forgot the One who made the stars. His circle of church friends was exchanged for more upwardly mobile folks. Church became a rare occurrence even though his wife talked until she was blue in the face. Sunday mornings were for relaxing and catching up after a grinding week of tireless work. A cosmopolitan dude needed to catch up with his premiership games, Time magazines, CNN, novels, parties, reality shows and so on. He had gone soft.

Recently, he had been consumed with the thoughts of the hostess of the major airline he patronized, a beautiful vixen that had the combination to the vault of his soul. He had gone out with her a couple of times and even though he hadn’t yet dived into the depths of the pool of carnality, he had been soaking his feet in its lustful waters.

He knew what he had to do! He called Chibundu his best friend, ran down to the park, entered his car and drove maniacally to church. Chibundu, an associate Pastor was already waiting for him. He had also been warning Uche about his way of life over the past few months to no avail.

“Chi, I am done for, my little princess is dead and Nkem and Junior are about joining her.  I need help!”

Uche rededicated his life that afternoon and went on a seven day exercise of dry fasting and prayers (the first three days were absolutely dry).  He was not the fasting type but desperate times required desperate measures. He was actually ashamed of himself that things had to become real bad before he could seek the face of his Maker inexorably. He kept pleading for mercy! Chibundu did not leave his side all through this. He shelved all and partnered with him all through the exercise.

He stayed up most nights praying, praising and studying the bible since he had to spend the days at the hospital watching over Ginika and Jethro. To his dismay, they remained in status quo; his only consolation was that they were not deteriorating.

It was while studying on the fourth night that he came across where it was written that Samson smote the Philistines hip and thigh with a great slaughter. Revelation welled up in him like a heated spring.

At that moment, transformation took place. In the place of his weepy disposition, righteous indignation took over. He got angry! The philistines held God’s covenanted people in captivity and Samson judged them harshly for it.  He was going to war to execute judgment and no devil will be devilish enough to stand him. Anyone that tried will be punished in hell.

For the next two nights the vigil was in the hospital where he anointed his wife and son with oil.

He had lost weight and was physically weak but he did the one thing that was needful….




The war cry was heard beyond the hills and The Lord of angel armies released his battling forces at the trumpet call blasting from a son in dire need of help. Flaming steel scraped scabbards and wings whooshed as Zion’s messengers heeded a saint’s clarion call with heavenly alacrity.


He came out of the gym sweating, muscles rippling. He had added a few pounds and the exercises he had subjected himself to recently would have made an SAS veteran on Terrestrial weep like a baby. He went into the weaponry and came out decked for battle. Guns, bullets, knife, grenades, bombs, decorated him like garlands.  However these were not carnal weaponry like the one used on the fleshly planet.

Chibundu drove him down to the Snake Pit where he was sure they were holding his family. He told his friend to stay behind and give him covering fire. He was so bold! Revelation had steeled his backbone.

No sooner had the truck gotten close to the gates than he jumped and hit the ground running. He had never felt more alert, more alive in his life. As he ran he lobbed some grenades, at the sentries which blasted them to hell.  He sang and spoke ancient rhymes that were composed in the halls of eternity. In Spirit-Ville, words were as proficient a weapon as any. You either spoke or you died!

When he got to the imposing gates, they burst into flames releasing heat that could melt steel like wax.

The holy warrior shouted, “Lift up your head o ye everlasting gates! Let the King of Glory come in!”

The gates spoke back at him in a guttural voice older than the earth. It was a voice that caused an eruption of goose pimples all over him. “Who is this King of Glory?”

“The Lord, strong and mighty, The Lord mighty in battle!” Uche answered taking his stand without wavering. He threw a couple of “Yeshua’s Names” at the gates and they fell apart unhinged. Nothing could withstand the blast of those bombs. The Almighty Himself had prepared and given this ageless ammunition.

He ran into the Snake-pit and fell upon their troops. He scattered them with his fire power, destroyed them with David’s cocktails (a mixture of olive oil, frankincense, myrrh and lamb’s blood). By this the ropes which they tried to yoke him with were destroyed.

He was heady on the wine of faith, feverish with battle lust and giddy with the possibilities of victory. He laughed, danced and confused the enemy.

The hellion’s felt he had gone mad. “Who dances in the midst of a heated battle?” they asked one another.

“Someone who already has the victory,” he replied still shooting and killing. Behind him was the carnage of destruction he had unleashed but he was not done yet.




…..Up above, battle raged. A dark cloud of demons kept trying to break through to help the hellions but the hosts of God kept them back. Like waves of darkness they kept breaking on the standard formed by the angels of light until all that remained was the surf of a straggly few who flew for dear life.





He got to the strong hold where he was sure they were being held but he had to face the Strongman before the liberation of his family could be realized. He had to bind or kill the thing!

The Strongman was Evilone’s Captain of destruction and was the meanest of the hellions. He rushed out of the darkness, an evil mix of fire and shadows with horrendous breath. Leering at Uche, he spoke, “Adam’s spawn, you finally came; the remains of your wife and kid would soon pass through my nether regions.” He laughed.

“You got it wrong there foul one; I am not Adam’s spawn but the son of God. As many as received Him, He gave power to become His sons, remember?” Uche taunted back.

“You talk back at me, you ***** sinner!”

“Lying son of hell, you got it wrong again, I am a Saint, in fact, I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

They went at it words against words, steel against steel, grunting, panting, slicing, slashing, and stabbing.

He finally had Uche to the wall bleeding and cornered. Grinning, he made to finish the man but Chibundu came in shooting and blasting. While the Strongman was distracted, The Pastor threw his sword at his friend, shouting, “it has been dipped in the blood!”.

Uche caught the sword in his left hand, in one swift movement faster than the eyes could follow, transferred it to his right and plunged the whole length of it into the monster’s stomach. The enemy opened his eyes in surprise and uttered, “you will never find them,” before collapsing in a crumpled heap of putrid matter and acrid smoke.

Uche and Chibundu searched all the dungeons and could not find the woman and child.




Evilone, the master of subterfuge had known that Uche would search in the most likely places and as soon as his gates fell, he ordered two of his death merchants to carry the woman and her child somewhere else where they would be tortured and killed.

Michael could not be outwitted though and sent Femiel and Ezeiel, to intercept. Ezeiel used his wings to generate winds that impeded the flight of the dark agents until Femiel got within range. You could not find a more ferocious angel in Zion Heights than Femiel. He blocked off the fiendish foes and the clash of fighting steel caused lightning in heavenly places. Femiel’s shout of victory soon resounded after he had banished their carcasses to the abyss.  The human gods were safely caught by Ezeiel and delivered safely to the husband-man of the Chigbo homestead.

Peace reined……..


The noise of the awakening hospital cooed Uche into wakefulness. The activities of the day resumed in the healthcare facility, all oblivious to the battle that was fought over the souls of two of the patients.

Uche was singing as he walked towards SCBU to see his son. He felt lighter than he had in a long while. He met the one of the doctors as he rounded the corner.

“Good morning, Mr. Chigbo, your son’s results are in splendid shape this morning. He should start taking milk today. Miraculously, he is out of the woods,” said the doctor smiling.

The “thank God” Uche whispered came out accompanied by a lone tear ranging free and wild down his left eye. God had done it but what about his wife. Life without her would be like a sunflower without the yellow, colourless, uninteresting and drab. Furthermore, who would look after his boy?

He saw his son’s fists pumping the air with renewed vigour and hope surged within. He went back to Ginika’s bedside.

As he floated off like a butterfly into the world of somnolence, he heard his name. Only one person in the world calls him, Uchem (my Uche).

He opened his eyes and saw her. What she presented was wan and tired and would not have done on a good day but it was the best he had ever seen. She had smiled…….


© 2014 Ekpo Ezechinyere





14 thoughts on “THE GATES OF HELL…….

  1. This is beautiful ,thanks for the encouragement and reminder to pray through . I remember the acronym PUSH – Pray Until Something Happen .Also ,for one to have a prayer partner that have same focus and believe with one.


  2. Your piece is wow, it encourages me that no situation is hopeless, so far I’m ready to take it to God in prayer. Call unto me and I will answer you, I will show you great and mighty things you do not.


  3. This is one of the best! Showing us so vividly what goes on in the spirit realm when we pray is truly a grest encouragement and an eye opener. It is also a warning not to break the hedge of protection around us for any reason even tho God’s mercy is everlasting, we can do without heartaches and pain that can be avoided. Kudos.


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