One of the brilliant branding strategies of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is that each accomplished wrestler has personalized special moves used to neutralize and finish opponents. These moves are intrinsically and irrevocably tied to the identity of each wrestler. I have fallen in love with some over the years, for instance, Jeff Hardy’s “Whisper in the Wind”, “Twist of Faith” and “Swanton Bomb”. I find these manoeuvers absolutely sublime.

John Cena is one of the greatest wrestlers ever in WWE. One of the industries brightest lights, he has been burning bright over the years without dimming in any way. One of the catch phrases he uses for himself is that the “THE CHAMP IS HERE!” He says this while beating his chest with aggressive and confident assertion. It is notable that one of his finishing moves is dubbed, “The Attitude Adjustment”. Here he hefts an opponent up and crashes him into the canvas before going for the pin.

In the ring of life, the main opponent we need to fight, conquer, and overcome to become champions is ourselves. This is contrary to the prevailing popular belief in “enemies” in our environment but it is true. There is a proverb from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria which says that the pest eating up a vegetable plant is resident on the plant. Most of the things that defeat us are internal and not external as predominantly believed in our national setting. Remember the Trojan horse?

I read a post from @Ugojoloms at the beginning of the year that said the main person to compete against in 2014 is you. Apostle Paul despite telling us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, said the one thing that stands in the way of his heavenly goal is himself, his body. He knew since his act with God was tight, principalities and powers did not matter in the general scheme of things. The only contender that might stop him from becoming a champ was himself. He was his own enemy! He said… I put my body under and bring it into subjection, lest when I have preached to others, I myself might become a castaway. The Bro was saying that for me to win, I have to wrestle my body to the ground and pin it into defeat. I must give myself an attitude adjustment.

We all need an attitude adjustment. Someone said your attitude determines your altitude.

The most dangerous attitude is if you have a laissez faire attitude towards God, His kingdom, His ways, His service. I am sorry to say but your life is not worth a dime without God irrespective of who or what you are. Adjust! Begin to seek him fervently and inexorably. Hunger, thirst after Him and get filled.

Do you have a weepy attitude that makes you cry at the drop of a heart when negative situations stare you in the face? Weeping and crying is the attitude of victims! Adjust! Develop a rejoicing and a joyous attitude. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Rejoicing is the way of winners. Instead of complaining, sing and praise!

Do you have an attitude that perpetually see clouds instead of silver linings? The song “count your blessings and name them one by one” is not just a hymn, it is a way of life!

Are you always fearful? Adjust! Fill yourself with the word of God. The word breeds faith like no other.

Are you plagued by bursts of irascibility? Do you get angry and irritable quite easily? Adjust! Snack daily on the fruit of patience and meekness.

Do you treat people terribly, trample on their feelings like they were foot mats. Adjust! Embrace people more lovingly, be sensitive and become more loving!

Are you lazy about your life’s vision? Do you have one? Adjust! Wake up, seek the light of revelation and work on that vision with the indefatigability of a honey bee.

Are you so spiritual that you have no earthly relevance? Adjust! Remember you are the salt of the earth and not of heaven. When salt loses its flavour it is worthless!

Are you so worldly that you have no heavenly relevance? Remember if it is only on this earth that you have hope, you are the most miserable of men! The love of the world blanks out the love of God. Since the world and its glamour would soon pass away, irrespective of how brilliant your life might seem to be burning, in God’s agenda, you are just a glowing ember about to be put out!

Do you have an attitude that is oblivious to the gems picked up in the pages of  a book? Adjust! Jesus, Paul and a host of others read to fulfill their destinies!

Could you be someone who does not care a dime about fashion, looking and smelling good? Why waste precious time on those? After all, God the ultimate designer made leafy couture for the first man and woman, so why bother with all the niceties. Adjust! You are the temple of God! Check out the beauty of Solomon’s temple and how God’s glory filled it. You have more worth than that temple!

Could be that you are selfish. Adjust! Become selfless; give more, yourself, your time, your resources!

Whatever it is that you believe God for this year, upgrade, wife, husband, prosperity, health, peace in your marriage, might be tied to an attitude tweak, an adjustment of values and character fine tuning. You might have to give yourself a body slam. This action might be what will earn you the right to say at the end of the year that “THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!”



© 2014 Ekpo Ezechinyere


  1. And the WWE illustration that captures it in details. Becoming the best requires, knowledge, skill and understand the abilities God has place in one and using it most effectively. Someone once said to me that “the world is moving so fast, that we all have to run fastest to remain where we are let alone move forward” Thanks for another wonderful piece. My your inspiration bank never go dry..


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