We live in a world gone mad! In Nigeria, amongst other things, Boko Haram is on a killing spree, feeding off innocent blood like ravenous mosquitoes.  Evil is on a rampage and question is who is going to take a stand against the devilish tsunami threatening to flood the world.

People have completely sold themselves out to be used of the Prince of darkness.  I wonder if we Christians have totally given our lives to the God of light even half as much since evil seems to trump good, at least presently. It certainly means more commitment is needed from us.  Funny thing is that the camp of the enemy appears to use the very strategy Jesus asked his followers to adopt which is to deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Him. The Master said that to be worthy followers, we must surrender all, even our lives. Amazingly, this is the stratagem hell’s followers are using while we take it easy through life, most of the time giving only second best to our King. We live ordinary lives pursuing and getting entangled in the tentacles of the world Jesus warned us about. However, I believe the time has come to heed the war drums of heaven. As the light of the world, we are the only ones that can dispel Satan’s cloud of darkness. This means as the salt of the earth, we need to do more to sanitize the world.

However, we cannot do it by each Christian standing alone. Most times we get bogged down by the quagmire of religion and doctrines that we forget that one of Jesus’ last prayers was for his church to be one. To be one generally doesn’t mean that we have to belong to the same denomination but that we should come together as the body of Christ united by purpose, vision, passion and love for one another. In unity lies our strength. It was recorded that before Pentecost could be ignited, the apostles were together in one accord in the upper room. When the resistance to the Pentecost movement got quite stiff, it was documented again that the apostles went back to their own company where they prayed single mindedly until the house literally shook.

There is no lone ranging hero in our kingdom, we are members of one body and for us to topple evil, we must stand together. The Avengers are a group of accomplished super-heroes, who usually come together to save the world when foes come up that each cannot defeat standing alone. Each Avenger is powerful in his or her own right but they have the wisdom to know that two are better than one and the power of synergy can put enemies to flight exponentially!


The question that might arise out of this is what we need to do to combat evil since we cannot go facing villains the way Captain America and his crew of heroes do.  Truth is we fight differently since the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God! I am not the kind of dude that sees demons and things under every bushel or banana tree shadow. However I am very conscious of the fact that the spiritual world controls the natural even when it does not look like it. We are usually oblivious to this fact and this is where the wily old fox gets us most of the time. From time immemorial there has been an intense battle going on in the unseen realms of life even when things just appear natural.

When the children of Israel were held captive by the Egyptians, it would make sense to most that it was one of the normal world power and minion relationships that existed back then. For the discerning it was more than that. It was a ploy of the prince of this world to terminate the bloodline of the Jews to prevent the birth of Jesus by killing all the male children. God made it clear that it was spiritual when He declared he was going to judge the gods of Egypt. It was after the incapacitation of such gods that the Hebrew slaves were given their freedom.  The battle between David and Goliath seemed like a usual bragging rights contest between two warring factions until both of them stood behind the deities they were affiliated to and hurled the missiles of words at each other. When the children of Israel were in captivity in Babylon, one would think it was typical to have spent more than the time that had been allotted to them by divine mandate. At least in life, it usually makes sense to give or take a few but a battle was going on in heaven concerning that issue. Paul appeared to be a genocidal maniac until some spiritual scales fell off his eyes after he was prayed for.

Jesus, before healing some sicknesses like arthritis, deafness, etc which seemed like run of the mill sicknesses encountered on the streets of life, He rebuked the demons behind such diseases.

Our war is spiritual! The ways we do our combat is by surrendering, praying and worshipping. Personally, I believe we do not do enough of the latter. It goes beyond the few minutes we spend in church.  In Revelation chapter 4, the elders that worshipped God did it day and night continuously. Worship actually is not just about singing and praising but about sacrificing our lives as a whole but the music aspect is an integral part of it.

Worship is war! In my own opinion a good chunk of the book of Revelation is about the concomitants of worship. After the twenty four elders were shown worshipping, the power of God was unleashed on the world and subsequently it was written that the kingdoms of this world had become that of our Lord and His Christ. It was also shown that there was a time the elders had harps in one hand and swords in another while bowing before The King of the ages. This shows that worship goes hand in hand with war. It is not coincidental that the greatest warrior in the bible was also the greatest worshipper. Worship is war! The war over the world that started before earth was formed was because of worship. When we worship God, we take his side against the enemy.  We magnify Him and belittle the enemy causing Almighty’s power to run riot!  This is what happened when Jehoshaphat and his people praised God before an insurmountable army. It was the same thing with Joshua and his troops before the impregnable walls of Jericho.

When we worship, we bring down the atmosphere of heaven and whatever that cannot dwell in that environment dissolves. Worship kindles an inferno of miracles. In Revelation 5, following the worship of the elders, it was shown that a book that could not be opened by anyone which made the Apostle cry in despondence was opened by the Lion of The Tribe of Judah! Worship opens up possibilities. When we worship impossible situations that make us cry become possible. Circumstances that are hopeless become filled with hope because God steps in. He does not step in as a lamb but as a ferocious Lion.

Let us borrow a page from the book of the elders and worship The Elshaddai until the kingdoms of this world become His. The devil is not original in his ways; most of his Modus Operandi was learnt from God but distorted for diabolic gains. He knew there is something about kingdoms that is tied in to worship (and he would know), which is why he wanted to usurp God and why he promised Jesus the kingdoms of the world if Jesus worshipped him. Satan had acquired the world when man worshipped him by listening to him. The one you worship is the one you obey.

Now is the time to turn the tables and take back the kingdoms of this world for our God starting from our own country.  In the light of this, let us take advantage of platforms of worship where we can all assemble as one with a unified purpose.

You are cordially invited to THRONE WORSHIP’S March Holy Ghost party tagged “Warfare Worship“. Venue is De Orange Place, No 5 Tokunbo Macauley St, off Emmanuel Keshi Street, Magodo shangisha, Time: 10am-5pm. Date March 22nd.  Join us as we ascend in worship & descend in war to plunder the enemy & take back what is ours.  Let’s worshipslaughter & plunder together.  Please come fasting, Refreshment will be served, invite a friend, God Bless you as you come!

In Christendom, many people see their pastors and general overseers as the true heroes and don’t think so much of their own ability. They could not be farther from the truth especially if they consider these eternal words….

 From the mouths of children and nursing babies you have ordained praise on account of your adversaries, so that you might put an end to the vindictive enemy…….



© 2014 Ekpo Ezechinyere





6 thoughts on “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!

  1. Wow! This is such an eye-opener. Every worship leader, no, everyone should read this. Worship is war!

    It’s amazing how God leads us to the specific resources we need for those pressing situations we cry to Him about. This is gonna go into my lesson plan for my praise team. Permissio, please? Lol thanks! 🙂


  2. God loves worship more than anything,the psalmist uses the praise him so many times that i cannot,just keep worshipping him,with prayer God acts but with worship He moves,He roar,He tremble…..Hallowed be thy name Daddy


  3. Worship is the truly the best form of warfare.
    We worship God with our lives and thus magnify His power on earth.
    Thanks for reminding us to not get caught up with the chase for temporary pleasures but to take our stand against evil as a team .
    Bless you.


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