The ingestion of the fleshy core of Eden’s fruit led to generational devastating consequences. During the succeeding meeting in the throne room, revelatory screens zoomed up a place thousands of years into the future. It was a location not like New-York City or London, but an unspectacular place in a city that was not the most glamorous. Even though his ancestors’ genes were not yet constituents of the primordial soup from which his family tree would spring up, I saw the baby boy born and growing up in a place called Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria. His name… Ezechinyere.

I saw the repercussions that Adam’s fall was going to unleash on him. The tsunami waves of sin’s judgment so severe and dire that he would drown. He was cursed and going to die! His lot would be a future that was cut off from the Source of life. He would be cast into darkness deeper than death where black fiery maggots of hell would feed on his flesh forever.

 My breath caught in my throat. My heart stopped beating for an instant. It was a horror too gory to behold. Surely no man deserves to suffer such for a transgression that happened before the cells that formed him even existed.

The Father beheld my eyes. “Son, the only way out is by substitution, a human sacrifice. For him to live someone has to die!”

I saw the torturous road to salvation, mired in blood, sweat and tears. Pain, hurt and agony littered the way.  Whoever walked that way would have to drink from a cup brimming with bitterness, anguish and suffering.

 I knew what to do. For love of him I would place myself in harm’s way. Love was a stronger force, a heavenly energy that trumps all in its way even death. However, my heart was heavy with imminent sorrow. Sobs welled up from the pools of grief that overwhelmed me and wracked my whole being with unrelenting force.

“Father, let this cup pass from me, but not my will but thine.” I capitulated. As I uttered those words in surrender, the enormity of the whole thing ravaged my soul. As I was about to collapse, Gabriel held me, strengthening me.

His cerulean angelic eyes popped with incredulity and pillars of disbelief and astonishment held his mouth open as he screamed a silent no.

The angelic being could not believe what was happening. A holy God agreeing to die for sinful humanity is akin to insanity. Secondly the Son of God had wept. He looked around to make sure he was still in heaven where madness and weeping do not exist.  “What is man that you are mindful of him or the son of man that you visit him? Who is this Ezechinyere?’ he asked in wondrous bafflement.

The Lamb of God leaving the golden streets of heaven to earthly hovels was difficult enough to contemplate. Deliberately forsaking the perfume of the Celestial City to inhale the dung filled miasma of the Cosmos was certainly too much for his mind to wrap around. This kind of love did not make sense especially after the treachery and betrayal in Eden. The Elohim had made the clay being a little lower than Himself, yet the earthling took sides with the serpent and stuck a knife of perfidy into the Father’s heart.  Gabriel was so weighed down with the lead of bemusement; he felt he would never be able to fly again.

He could see it all, the journey of bewilderment. God born as man in a stable, the Creator subjected to the whims of his creation. Herod’s rage, The Sanhedrin’s plot and Pilate’s insufferable conceit even made it more difficult to swallow. The love that would allow this is costly and unimaginable.

The worst of all was the road from Gabbatha to Golgotha. The crown of thorns that replaced Heaven’s golden one was ugly to behold.  The stripes of a wicked whip, the broken down skin of ripped flesh, which would provide healing made the heart weep. The stark reality of the wounds and bruises that disfigured Heaven’s Sun so much that he became a broken down ugly mass. The mutilation was such that the Light of the world was snuffed out and darkness ruled with wild celebration.


The Son of God bore it all with graceful dignity. Through it all he kept muttering something. Gabriel leaned his ears closer to the lips that spoke the world into being now filled with the bubbles of spittle and blood. Heaven’s messenger heard the almost inaudible words that rang through eternity…For Eze.

Those words kept The Lamb of God through it all even when it seems he would baulk at the rage and wrath of the evil Hades best, Hell’s finest tormented Him with. Jesus rode the storm, eyes fixated on a human prize beyond the cross and kept mouthing the Litany…For Eze…if I stop, Eze will die!!

All that transpired afterwards was punctuated by a never-ending score. Following the slap..For Eze, the spit from a halitosis afflicted Roman Soldier..For Eze, the ignominious cloak of nakedness..For Eze, the flailed flesh..For Eze, the thorns that crowned a bloody brow..For Eze, the cross’ dead weight..For Eze, the nails tearing into muscles, sinews, tendon and bones…For Eze …..

Beyond the physical abuse, what haunted the Saviour most was the spiritual connection that was severed between Him and the Father. He that was one with the Father was suddenly cut off. The father’s eyes could not behold iniquity; hence, He closed his eyes as His Son drifted away like dead wood on the flood of man’s sin.  This was the most harrowing experience of all and the Son cried out in desperation, screaming “My Father, My Father, why have you forsaken me?”

At last, He looked beyond the oceanic expanse of the trickling sands of time deep into the honey coloured eyes of he that He had come to save and shouted it is finished!

A roman spear finished the job by splitting His side. Blood and water ran, waves of heaven crashing on the shores of humanity washing away sin, sickness, and all The Evil one had planted. The stiff price of atonement had been paid.


..Ezechinyere closed the timeless tome in silent contemplation. The enormity of the sacrifice never ceased to overwhelm him. Once again, it awakened praise in his heart. He laid prostrate on the floor of his room and sang…

Majesty…forever I am changed by your love

Empty handed but alive in your arms..




© 2014 Ekpo Ezechinyere



26 thoughts on “LOVES AGONY…(FOR EZE…)

  1. okay now… this I like tho I got confused at the beginning… in as much as you are trying to use proper adjectives to describe whats in your head try not to lose us your readers.. thumbs up


  2. Your narration is so descriptive that it has given the scriptural account a new life and reality such that it is now seen beyond Jesus died for the world, but Jesus came and died for ME. I pray he gives us grace to continually live in an unending appreciation of that sacrifice. Thank you Da king.


  3. On easter monday I was praying. Usual progression: Thank you Lord for dying. You didn’t have to do it… But You did…

    Then I heard a whisper. No Oby. I had to do it. Love’s actions are deliberate. I chose to do it. I had to do it. There was no one else. I wanted to be beaten, bruised, pierced, wounded for you. That’s why I did it.
    …Forever I am changed by His love. Forever….


  4. The Love of Christ is boundless, unsearchable, unparalled, is beyond comprehension. If I was the only one in existence, Christ would still have laid His life for me. I’m glad He did. Halleluyah!


  5. This is a very creative way of recounting the crucifixion of Christ and I like how you always seem to just plant yourself right in the middle of the events as they unravel! This is insightful, and you did a pretty neat job too! Soar up high with more grace and revelation, as thou goest! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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