The sun indolently drowned in the Sea of Galilee and its funeral pyre lit up the evening with a rainbow of blazing colours. The wind was cool and chased away the last vestiges of the day’s heat with breezy gentility. As the evening unfolded like a striking flower, The Master asked us to cross over to the other side. Drinking in the beauty of a fading day, we all enthusiastically jumped into the boat and sailed off….

The happiest day of Titi’s life! The wedding had gone according to plan and had even exceeded expectations. The weather had been wonderful and everything had gone like clockwork. The band had outdone itself and everyone had had a groovy time. Even though, jumping the broom was not a Nigerian tradition, the couple had decided to jump one to add to the fun and flair of the festivity. It was after watching the movie, “Jumping the Broom” that Mide had proposed. He carried her over the broom in this case into the leathered warmth of the Range Rover Sports and they had driven off into the beckoning future. All things were bright and beautiful…

…The journey became tempestuous along the way. A violent storm ripped the sails and water started filling the boat. A smooth journey had turned into a tumultuous death ride. Their lives were in jeopardy. Men that had been drifting and day dreaming in a somnolent haze started having visions of a watery grave. Fatality stared them in the face and they lost their nerves screaming and shouting. An evening that started so well had gone awry…….

“You are a useless man!” Titi screamed, saliva erupting from her mouth in a volcanic rush. Fury and indignation marred her usual pretty face.

“It takes one to know one!” Mide replied, a statue of cold indifference.

“I still want to know who sent that text to you and why.”

“You dug out the text with your insatiable curiosity, so you should be able to figure it out, Sherlock Holmes Titi,” his sarcasm was an icicle sword slashing the last bit of affection in an already frozen room.

She came at him, nails unsheathed like claws and went for his eyes but he held her arms at bay. While going through the motions, a part of her recoiled at herself, amazed at the violent person she had become.

“I regret marrying you, Titilayo Adesanya. You have become a nagging cantankerous machine, so different from the woman I married.” He pushed her off and walked out of the room, slamming the door so hard the house rattled. Silence reigned in the house, a dead leaden weight that spoke volumes about the outlook of their union.

As she sat down heavily on the plush settee, sobbing, her eyes fell on the large picture frame that captured the moment when Mide had swept her over the broom. He made a dashing figure in his tuxedo and she was flawless in her pristine wedding dress. As she gazed at the picture, she wondered at it all. The dream like quality of their wedding day had turned into a choking nightmare. Their honeymoon had been in Venice cruising on the peaceful canals. The romantic gondola ride had turned into a monsoon buffeted expedition on the wild oceans of life. Her matrimonial voyage was doomed! The nuptial flight had crashed! Where had it all gone wrong?

.….desperate shouts and cries filled the boat. The disciples ran here and there shrieking at the top of their lungs. Drenched and cold, they frantically bailed sea water out of the boat with their hands and any vessel they could lay their hands on. The sky was bleak and hope was lost. They reacted out of fear and dread, the boat was going to capsize, death was imminent….

…She spent most of her day on the couch, fretting. Truth was she still loved her husband, but the fear of losing him or the marriage made her react badly consistently. She had told herself to stop nagging and monitoring him but she could not help herself. A friend had told her that if there were a decathlon nagging events in the Olympics, she would have won gold for Nigeria. Titi was usually frantic with worry trying to save the marriage with her usual forceful efforts. However, all her actions did was drive her husband away from her, further and further. She thought of the scripture that said the arms of flesh shall not prevail. Secondly, Mide had been complaining recently that she was becoming more and more disrespectful. She could not believe that she had almost clawed his face; anger had always been an issue for her. If her marriage was to have any chance at survival, the constant anger and irritation would have to go. She had been living a life of reaction instead of deliberate actions of love….

…..As the sharks of fears paraded the ocean of their despondency and fed on their paralyzing fear, they suddenly remembered they were not alone. The Master was with them albeit snoozing through the chaotic evening. They woke him up, finding his aloofness unbelievable. “Do you not care, that we perish?” they chorused in cacophonic dread. He was put off by their lack of faith, looked at the storm and commanded it to quieten down. “Peace! Be still!” He ordered!….

Running her hand through her disheveled hair, she thought of the fact that her fretting and forceful personality was not helping issues but actually making them worse. She felt she needed to be calmer and more peaceful. That was one sure way of doing away with the stormy strife that battered the vessel of her marriage. The stillness of meekness was desperately needed. While the violent winds of uncertainty buffeted her soul, she looked into the eye of the turbulent future and prayed to The Ruler of the waves for peace and stillness…

….they made it to the other side and confronted a demoniac. The Master rebuked the legion of demons that infested his destiny and the man became an evangelist to ten cities. It occurred to the disciples that the crossing over that nearly took their lives was not just a capricious decision taken by The Master. He had purpose in mind when He told them to go to the other side. The crossing was about the unleashing of potential. It was about impactful change. A movement was birthed by a man’s transformation and the ripples of this spread to the Decapolis. It was the bigger picture that had put their lives in danger. The elements of opposition had tried to disrupt a momentous rendezvous with destiny…

……the young man came down from the podium and hugged them warmly in turns. His worship concert had been powerful. An atmosphere of heaven was created that had ministered to thousands of life. Titi and Mide had tried for a child through the chaotic years of their marriage. All kinds of insemination (both natural and artificial) and visits to the best specialists had failed abysmally. With the advent of peace had come Orinife, their son. Growing up in the peace and love filled home, he had turned out to be one of the greatest ministers of his time. Lives all over the continents were impacted with his spirit moving worship. As his parents hugged him that morning, they gazed into each other’s eyes. She acknowledged once again that the journey of their marriage was beyond them, it was about creating a posterity that made a difference and she nearly blew it….


The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.
© 2014 Ekpo Ezechinyere



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