Out of the five love languages, gifts are way down for me. I am not the kind of dude that would ever rave because a loved one forgot my birthday and gave me nothing. Don’t get me wrong, It’s is not like I hate gifts. I do get the occasional thrill from getting one. A good pal gave me a David Beckham perfume for my last birthday and I really appreciate her. So, if you give me a manly designer perfume like Givenchy pie, an X-Box or some lovely piece of clothing for my birthday I wouldn’t mind (by the way, it is coming up soon). However, for me the loved person matters more than the gift. I am more interested in the giver than his/her gift…

…she sashayed towards the well at noon. It was a bit of an odd time to go water fetching but that was the time to escape the chattering flocks of women who sneered and whispered unsavoury things about her dubious history. As she walked towards the well, she saw the handsomest man ever sitting on it. He was perfectly dressed with an air of gentility that was uncommon. His elegance stunned her senses. In return she wriggled her waist with an intense coquettish flair that would paralyse even the most hardened man. Whatever anyone might say about her, it could never be denied that she was beautiful. It was her pulchritude that made men fight over her like starving rats over cheddar cheese. “The man must be a stranger in these parts,” She thought. She had never seen him but could not overlook the fact that he was quite striking. His perfume was a cloud of fragrance that drenched the environs of the well. She turned to fetch the water into her pot making sure her backside was to him. She had always believed that if you’ve got it, flaunt it. It was at this point that he asked her for water. “The guy needed to go to school,” she concluded. A tad of the enticing magnificence of a woman’s beauty had been unveiled for him and the lamest line he could come up with was to ask for a cup of water…..


The story above is a bit of the story of the Samaritan woman. You should read it in John 4. Who looks eternity in the eyes and asks for nothing but a borehole that would always provide water? Who comes in contact with the Power that breaks up the womb of deserts so that springs might burst forth and only requests for a tap in her backyard? Who looks down on The One who birthed artesian wells because He had no fetching pail? Who fellowships with The King that ran rings of colours around Saturn and argues about where services should be held. Who argues about religion with the Author of faith? We!!! We are quite like that woman in more ways than one. We fellowship with the One who dwells in timeless infinity and all we ask for are ephemeral things that get coloured with rust and russet within the fragile limits of earthly time. We approach divinity and ask for petty articles of humanity. Like the woman, we engage the Adonai as a means to an end, a supernatural vending machine. We see him as a means to an end to aid our convenience. We run from this mountain to that mountain looking for inconsequential titbits that would not last the test of time. The children of Israel pulled this same stunt. They were only interested in the gifts of God but did not know the ways of the Giver. They all perished in the wilderness, they were not worthy of a promised kingdom. Moses, however, saw God because he knew His ways. Instead of asking for meat and onions and garlic, he asked for the essence of the Almighty, his glory. Thousands of years later, he still appeared on the mount of transfiguration, chit chatting with the Creator of the world.

Like the woman, we engage in endless discussions about church buildings and locations, where this service should hold and where that should not. We spend most of the time playing religion, going through the motions. Jesus surmised the whole thing with a bombshell for the woman…YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU WORSHIP!!! She was dazed! All that climbing she does up Mount Gezirim, the sweating, the panting, the hours of supposed worship. All amounted to nothing.

Jesus said it was the Jews that knew who they worshiped. Jews are people with a revelation of the God they worship. They live beyond things, they crave endlessly for Him. They go the whole nine yards for an experience. They are people like Solomon who spent hours sacrificing almost all the bulls in Israel to God. So much so that God appeared that night to him and gave him a blank check The dude amazed God, instead of asking for the normal things most of us would petition God for, Solomon asked for God’s heart. God blessed him beyond human understanding, gave him even things he did not ask for. Jews are people like Esther who would say, “If I perish, I perish”. The three Hebrew children were another set. They willingly braved a fiery furnace than bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s idol even when the act was accompanied by an orchestra of beautiful music. Paul said “to live is Christ, to die is gain”. David ran after his Maker like a deer running after water. Peter told Christ, “…To whom shall we go?? You have the words of eternal life!”

Worshipers are God-seekers; they don’t run after toys and things. They are God junkies! Same as drug addicts cannot live without drugs; worshipers constantly need a fix of God to stay afloat, to keep alive. They would go through every barrier and stop at nothing to get a shot of God into their bloodstream.

Do we really know who we worship? We call our King a healer, have we really experienced his healing power? We say He is the Shepherd of our souls, but do we live in surrender asking him to lead us. As His sheep, do we know what it is to be led? We sing Majesty, Majesty, do we really bow before His majestic presence even more than we do an earthly king? Or is it another religious song to add to the ingredients that make up another boring Sunday? We can never worship without the spirit of passion and the truth of revelation.

By the end of John 4, the Samaritan woman had been transformed from a religious gift seeker to a worshiper, a labourer, a marketer. She was consumed and ran about shouting, “Come and see”.


Jesus said God is seeking for worshipers. Can you imagine God being in need? Heaven has a passion and is looking for worshipers. Will He find you or me??? Do we know who we worship??? I think the greatest honour a man can have in life is to be highly sought after by God….


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©2014 Ekpo Ezechinyere



  1. “The guy needed to go to school,” she concluded. A tad of the enticing magnificence of a woman’s beauty had been unveiled for him and the lamest line he could come up with was to ask for a cup of water…..” this part got me laughing…so funny. but in the end, it worked because Jesus ended up winning her to his side….a lesson for brothers, use Holy Ghost inspired pick up lines…

    “we engage the Adonai as a means to an end, a supernatural vending machine. We see him as a means to an end to aid our convenience. We run from this mountain to that mountain looking for inconsequential titbits that would not last the test of time.”
    this is so true of most of us… all we ever want from God is our comfort. growing up I adored this hymn ‘close to thee’. the second stanza went like this ‘not for ease or worldly pleasures, not for fame my prayer shall be, gladly will I toil and suffer, only let me walk with thee. close to thee close to thee…’

    david said ‘my soul followeth hard after thee’, Moses cried “if truly I have found favour with thee, and you indeed know me by name, show me your glory”, Paul yearned “that I might know Him” Jesus himself reiterated “this is eternal life, that they might know thee, the only true God and Jesus whom thou hast sent’

    true worshippers worship God ‘in spirit and in truth’ not after a man of God’s style or a denomination’s or religious creed; not for material gains or profit, they do so even in the hard times and in adversity..all they want is God. that is what Tozer described in his ‘pursuit of God’. it is only when we yearn after God that we can truly find Him and know Him…and that is when we can “be strong and do exploits”

    thanks for this…it was very thought provoking… more anointing.

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  2. Insightful this! Totally loved the intro, that analogy was just perfect! Biko, ‘unlover’ of gifts, when is your bday coming up? *rme* LOL

    Its God alone that’s able to grant us this great zeal to truly love and worship Him first and foremost, without even prioritizing the goodies He comes with! Humans are fleshly by nature, delighting in pleasures against all else! So, saying we wanna worship God without even giving a thought to our wants and needs, are ‘anti’, that’s working against our build-up as humans! Except for grace, we really wouldn’t thrive! We can’t go it alone, its humanly impossible! But with God making it happen for us, then we’re good to go, He alone gives us the strength to DO all things!

    Plus, God says this of a born-again Christian ‘I chose you, you didn’t choose me’! We’re simply unable to do anything without God, we couldn’t ! Recognizing and accepting that Christ is His son, is a prodding by the Holy Spirit; He who arrests and convicts the ones He’s chosen and thus, pulls ’em to Himself! So, by strength shall no man prevail! Its God that strengthens us to do all things!

    Nice one, grace, peace and wisdom multiplied! Double thumbs up, Swag, you do well! Cheers! Lol


  3. One question: why do folks always imagine that the Samaritan woman had to face her bum to Jesus
    The most beautiful of all women never have to serve their body on a platter of gold to slake the lust of a man
    They are beautiful no matter what they do, the simple lifting of their hand to draw their hair off their face is enough
    They don’t have to sell the parts of their body, I doubt she had to do anything that suggestive, you would have to be dead not to notice how beautiful she is even if she herself wasn’t aware of it.

    Let’s get rid of our lower natures that has to see a woman’s bum bum or thinks a woman has to flaunt her bum bum
    Just my 2 cents.


    1. Funny, I never got the impression other folks felt that she turned her bum to Jesus…Though there was no concrete evidence, I just took writers liberty to express my ideas since life is as life does. She was a promiscuous woman and most promiscuous ladies flaunt what they have. I also agree with you my sister that she did not necessarily do that and that if a woman is veiled from head to toe, a lustful man would still misbehave. I really appreciate your views, thanks for reading and commenting. Would like to hear more from you.


  4. So you are the culprit.
    Let me attack you directly then. A woman in the 0000 BC pointing her bum at a man
    I doubt.
    You are talking about -35 or something not 2014, the cultures were very different then.
    I am basically supporting woman anyways.
    Don’t worry I am not going anywhere except you do or say something really offensive
    then I would gather my dignity and boycott your blog.


    1. I did not see it that least from d culture perspective..I musta judged her from a contemporary perspective since she was amorous..writers are prone to writing from a subjective perspective. .thanks for your comments and observation. ..they are always welcome. .I would like to hear more..


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