It was a picture of incongruity! The tiny fishing village was situated beside the biggest dam in the world but didn’t have power. All day long, waterfalls frolicked tirelessly, and turbines whined and protested under the whips of the river that pushed them mercilessly, inexorably. Despite the megawatts that the power plant produced, enough to light up whole cities, the hamlet remained in darkness. The government had linked the village to the plant but the people had refused to connect to the mains. They were used to their own old way of doing things and saw the dam only as a recreational diversion from their daily monotonous grind. Their nonchalance was overwhelming. As a result, the village languished. The people could not bring in a surfeit of fish because they could not freeze nor process them; hence they only sold in bits. Their business of fishing floundered. Such wastage was so distressing that the economy of the land failed. Poverty reigned. The fishermen became so used to the presence of the dam but lived their lives devoid of its power. Connecting to the mains would have transformed their industries and their lives in no time. Webs of ignorance clouded the minds of the people and their potential was never realized…..


..The Energy that powered the universe walked the earthly streets of Zion. His voice, though soft and gentle was as the roaring sound of many waters to the discerning. Flickering and dead bulbs of humanity thronged Him. Unfortunately most of the people were religious tourists milling about for secular interaction, sightseeing and networking. Speculators and news-mongers pawed and clawed at The Force that spawned eternity and felt nothing. They actually needed attention, every one of them. Their capacitors were faulty by default. Issues, like worms burrowed out of every pore of their existence. Their lives spanned the whole spectrum of darkness and sadly they could not connect to light. They were more interested in homiletic and genealogy. Self sufficient, they were ignorant of the fact that their lives needed a healing zap. Conceited and blind, they could not see beyond their noses except one, whose issue was purging her of life.


She was sputtering to a tragic end, drowning in an inky sea of death. She saw what others could not, the mains all over the Source that brimmed with life saving energy, enough for the whole world to connect into. The air around Him buzzed with unction. She made for the smallest main, the one hanging from the hem of His garment and plugged into the Wattage that powers the galaxies and ignites the sun. Currents of life and light poured into her and she convulsed within, never to be the same any more. Her hunger and need was such that she broke through every insulating barrier and drained God of supernatural voltage. Heaven’s amps ran low. She touched God! The Infinite One Who dwelt beyond the confines of infinity stopped in His tracks! He wondered who it was that was able to convert the essence of eternity into a time bound resource. Who had tapped into divinity’s creative force? Who had plugged into the Generator that gave the Celestial city uninterrupted electricity? It was so unusual He asked, “Who touched me?” While other bulbs went dead, hers lit up with fervour. In an atmosphere charged with life changing transformation power, it took only someone with revelation, a woman desperate enough…..



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©2014 Ekpo Ezechinyere


16 thoughts on “THE MAINS OF ETERNITY..

  1. The ending…. amazing!
    It was like holding the bike of a child just learning as he pedals and then leaving him to pedal alone, unsupported! Your work was done, it is left for the reader to go alone, ponder on these deep truths and take action.

    The flow of words, the rhythm, the usage of words…and then the power behind them…

    More anointing sir… this.. this is God breathed.

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    1. Succinctly Surmised!! Nice one my sister…All we would ever need for everything and anything is withing reach, only if we can reach out desperately, no holds barred….


  2. The Mains of Eternity’s a pretty electrifying masterpiece! A clever concept I find the likening of electricity to divinity! So apt and it works too! A touch from God’s life-changing! The anointing He portends is so powerful to break yokes, and with an effect several times more powerful and intense than electricity, lightning and thunder! Nice one!

    You did a mighty great job of this Swag! Was pretty sucked into the story, as all the parts slowly but perfectly came together to culminate in the ensuing climax! Brilliant, culturally-enriching, distinctive life lessons; a total smasher! Kudos Sir, your head dey there! LOL

    The only constant thing in life’s change! ‘My people perish for a lack of knowledge’! The village with the vibrant dam supplying power to adjourning towns and cities may as well be Nigeria! Oil-rich but incredibly impoverished citizenry! We’ve all we need to stand tall, shoulder to shoulder amongst the comity of Nations, competing and fluorishing but nay; we remain in the stone- age era, refusing to get out the dumps! *sighs*

    Thanks for this Lyrical Genius, its so multi-dimensional, multi-faceted! Thoroughly enjoyed reading too! Way to go bwoi, soar on up so high beyond the skies! LOL


  3. This, sadly is our story. The Holy Spirit is here with us to show us the mind of God and reveal mysteries to us yet we grope in darkness and ignorance. Then when one or two out of millions get this revelation we celebrate them like they are semi gods and specially favoured. May the Lord open our eyes. Thank you Da King.

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