My name is Asher Ben Jacob. A watcher on the walls of Jezreel, I am also known as the Eagle because of my vision. My uncanny ability to see farther than any other had set me apart from the rest. Today, I saw a mind shattering incident that will be etched on my consciousness forever!

….Fury and Wind were the fastest horses in the land. Black and white, the royal pair had been painstakingly selected from an Arabian herd of thoroughbreds and further groomed to be hitched to The King’s Chariot One. Their names gave one an idea of how they moved; beside them other race horses seemed to run ponderously like pregnant elephants. The two were sleek and magnificent beyond imagination. When they ran, their muscles rippled musically, sinewy waves of beautiful cadence that struck wonder into any heart…

The royal chariot was made of the finest steel that had been beaten so thin it was almost feather light. Even the inlaid gold leaves that decorated the exterior were almost diaphanous. Each angle had been exquisitely chiseled; every contour laboriously worked on to yield lovingly to the caressing fingers of the wind. The equipment was built for nothing else but speed and durability….


The King was said to have been born with a horse whip in his hand. He was the greatest charioteer in the land and when he rode, he became one with his chariot and horses. They became a unified living unit with a single heartbeat. He rode like a dream, a sight that would give a desert traveler more satisfaction than cool water. His inner chamber contained trophies won in chariot races since his earliest youth ….

Today was a day like no other, after years of drought; a small cloud of rain had formed. There was an electrified air of jubilation in the city. Looking out of my watch tower, I saw the King speeding down towards the gates. His purple robes were such that would not stand a drop of water. Fury and Wind were at their best, eating up the dusty stretch with thundering hooves, leaving a mushroom of brown dust behind.

That was when it happened! Out of the dust, I saw a lone figure emerge. Holding up his robe, he outran the royal chariot and made the gate before the king. His blurry image whizzed past Ahab and his cronies in a flash. The “o” their mouths formed stayed open for an eternity even when they were being filled by particles of roiling desert sands. The royal crew was stunned beyond belief, eyes as wide as temple basins. Just before, he passed through the gates, I noticed, it was Prophet Elijah. If it had been a sprinter like Asahel who was as light of foot as a wild roe, it would still not have made sense…but a middle aged man…..??? Stupefied, my drinking cup clattered to the ground, spilling wine all over me.


I knew, I wasn’t dreaming. Leaving everything behind, I ran down the steps oblivious to all who called out to me. I went after the Prophet, shouting father, until he stopped in his strides and looked at me quizzically. Amazingly enough, the man was not even out of breath after such an incredible feat.

Stammering, I asked, “how was that possible, Sir, how were you able to outrun the chariot? How does a human being beat racing horses and chariots to the line?”

The man looked at me with the makings of a smile on his face and put a hand on my shoulder. “It is the hand my son, the hand of God. In life, you would always find yourself pitted against circumstances that would trounce you comprehensively. Life is not fair hence the race would not at all times be in your favour, nor would the rules always give you a chance. You would many times be outmatched and outclassed. You would often find yourself coming from behind without any hope of ever finishing the race. In such instances the possibilities of winning becomes a mirage. This is where the hand of God comes in. The Hand evens the odds and puts you ahead. It amplifies your efforts, gives speed and superhuman ability. It does not put your weaknesses into the equation of victory. It does not consider your shortcomings. Whatever you do boy, get acquainted with God and his hand. Finally, do not forget, never take the Hand for granted. Though it came upon me, I still had to take advantage of it. I folded my clothes for maximum speed. Know the hand son, and when it comes upon you, make the most of it. God speed to you.” He walked away without a backward glance.

With the coming of the rains, it was a new dispensation for sowing and harvest. I was a man beset and crippled by too many limitations. As I left the man of God, deep within me, I knew I needed divine assistance, supernatural help. I had to get acquainted with the Hand, but much more the Owner of the hand.

My watch was finally over and instead of going home; I retreated into a lonely corner, knelt, faced the wall and determinedly prayed to THE GOD OF ISRAEL….

This story is an adaptation from 1 King 18.46…

And the hand of the Lord was on Elijah; and he girded up his loins, and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel….

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©2015 Ekpo Ezechinyere


27 thoughts on “THE HAND…..

  1. WOW!!!!!! An Absolutely exciting rendition of a Biblical Tale! A profound an vivid image came to my mind as I read this! Wow, exquisite, sheer brilliance. #DrSwag, you did the Holy Spirit proud! Keep it up and coming!


  2. Your imaginative and descriptive prowess are always, always soo spot on King! Added to that is the fact that your pieces are very well articulated, flawless really! This right here’s a winner! The graphic detailing of the imageries, the message and moral lesson, so crystal clear and yet richly inspiring easily makes this a beautiful work of art and literature if you may, in all of its glorious entirety! This, and you by extension…….Awesomeness! Best believe me when I say so! Kudos! LOL

    The Right Hand of God doeth most valiantly! Its amazing how all the known and tested laws of nature are just well able to go into extinction, and be quite suspended; when that Hand’s at work! The ordinary becomes extraordinary, the natural, supernatural! Like Elijah was discerning to know to raise his robes, so as to achieve this great, ‘impossible’ feat, may we recognise when that divine Hand comes upon us to know what to do to harness it to the full, maximum potential IJN, Amen!

    Happy Prosperous New Year to Swag, this right here’s a triple treat, smack down: Mind-blowing, Mind-bungling and most definitely, Mind-boggling! You go bwoi! LOL


    1. Your ways of delighting d heart with your flawless reviews are always sooo spot on Pearly! The most inspiring piece is usually incomplete without your impeccable literary endorsement! Thank you my sister. .may the hand of the Almighty rest on you and yours in all your endeavours this good year!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw! AMEN! Thanks a bunch Swag, may His Mighty Hands rest upon you and your household also IJN, Amen! Have you a great year Sire, it gets sooo much better, you’ll see! LOL


      2. Oh well DrSwag, you’re permitted to say that again and again and again and AGAIN! Sis. Yemie is the SALT of all blogs, she’s the Spice needed for the enchanted taste of each blog read! Yes, she the tantalizing aroma that permeates all writers’ blogs. Each read on every blog isn’t complete without her terrific, electrifying, captivating and exceptional comments…yes, that’s our Sis. Yemie…May the Good Lord continue to keep her strong for us…..

        Liked by 1 person

  3. *Kneels in prayer*
    Thank you Father for laying your Hand on the writer of this piece and using his words to bless our hearts and lives. May your Hand continue to rest heavily upon him. Amen

    Dr Swag, this here is rich! full of wisdom, choice words that make the meanings clear and imageries that bear the words on wings…


    1. Oh, me DrSwag?! Wow! I’m so honored by those words! Thanks a lot. But I ain’t half as wonderful as our Dearest Sis. Yemie, and I know you know that! Lols!!!


      1. Thanks a lot Swag for that beautiful feedback! Jules, thanks for all the compliments, I’m greatly flattered! Plus, you’re MORE than perfect just the way you are, fearfully and wonderfully made! A masterpiece of the Lord! You’re not too much, you’re just enough, worth more than dying for! You’re YOU, Juliana Adeleke, and you’re more than wonderful! Don’t you ever forget that! *hugs* LOL


      2. Holy Molly! *did a 360 degree dance for profound effect!* *swooning with glee!* all that for me DrSwag, Sis. Yemie?! Wow!!! I’m so blushing! Thanks a great deal, I’m so humbled by your words…*still dancing* lols!!!!


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