Like apples of gold in settings of silver, so is a word skilfully spoken (written)……

Every once in a while, something or someone comes up that changes the terrain of the usual. On life’s road, an explosion occurs that disrupts normalcy and changes the way everything is perceived. The emergence of Dami_maverick and Cookies with Christ are such a landscape transforming event in the Christian literary zone especially in Nigerian circles.

Cookies with Christ is Dami Adedeji’s first book and happens to be an e-book. Reading this book would make you realize why the book has such a moniker, it packs a tasty punch. The appellation of the book is quite apt considering that the word (Word) of God is usually referred to as The Bread of heaven. Every one of the twenty three chapters is a delectable morsel and each is poignantly different in flavour. We are talking twenty three scrumptious cookies! Each chunk is delightful, every bite a mouthful that disintegrates into a pleasurable experience in the mind.

There are a hundred and one pages of delicious revelatory confections baked in the ovens of the celestial city. The baker performed a miracle here. He reached into the vaults of heaven, took the flour of the riches of our inheritance, kneaded them into words of revelation and baked them into cookies of insight. Another phenomenon is that while we are warned not to stuff on sweet, baked goods, the reverse is the case in this instance. As you snack on the cookies, they become a banquet, a spread of every kind of rich gastronomic fare you can imagine. Wine, bread and fruits show up on your table, nourishing the soul and energizing the spirit.

Most Christian books on this side of the Atlantic are usually written in monochromatic black and white and not in colourful hues. Loads of times they are so direct, heavy meals without spices and flavour. They have revelation but lack panache. Hence, reading is not a beautiful experience but a plodding on in drudgery, more like someone eating dry bread just to stay alive. Then Dami comes along distributing his cookies and I felt Max Lucado had ridden into town from Texas City, all guns blazing. Cookies with Christ leaves one with the feeling that heaven has rainbows. It makes one know that the eternal city is not a staid sphere beyond the stratosphere.

Kindly nibble on this, have a taste of this wondrous titbit……
The Depth
Wounded lion, your wounds are our healing
Deeper than the deepest gash
Surging past the lowest ravines of the sea
None can plunge the depths of such love……
There is more from where this came from, an ocean of it if you are the swimming type.

The taste of this cookie is in the eating. Cookies with Christ is about the mechanics of eternity, proceedings before the birth of time, these ones do not crumble. They stay with and in you for the long haul.

The book is chock full of the love of God and the sacrifice of the Christ. However, the beauty of it is that a lot of the writing is in the form of poetry. The rhymes grab and run off with you and the lines are soothing to the soul. What better way to paint the picture of love in words than in Poetry? Cookies with Christ is a modern day Songs of Solomon (I think another name that would have done the book justice is “Dami’s love songs.” From different perspectives, Dami paints the love of the Romeo of the Church for His Juliet. How He died that His Juliet, His bride might live.

Are you in a hard place where you are wondering whether the soft pillows of God’s love exist? Are you wondering whether the sacrifice of the heavenly lamb for you is fact or fable? This book is for everyone but most especially for you.

The prose is also despatched perfectly with an uncommon expository touch as shown in “The Shepherd (Psalm 23).” All in all, the book is a rich tapestry of words! Cookies with Christ has pages that fly in your hands. The easy readability, the vibrant flow, the creativity makes it very far from tedious. The delivery sets it apart from the rest. It is very unique and strikes home so. Most importantly, it ministers to the spirit man. The literary brilliance does not cast any shadow on its spiritual content; instead it sharpens the edge of the sword of the Spirit embedded in its pages.

Please, Cookies with Christ is a must be part of your reading list for 2015. The book is a heavenly biscuit that will complement your early morning milk or coffee. Further it comes on a free platter of gold. Feast, gorge, greed and for once, gluttony is allowed, IT IS FREE…


©2015 Ekpo Ezechinyere


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