Sarah hummed to herself as she peeled potatoes for the evening meal. Abe would soon be back from inspecting his herd and she wanted the meal hot and ready for her beloved.

It was a beautiful evening; dusk crept up quietly into the pen of day and stole away the last vestiges of sunshine. Outside she could feel the wind restless and playful, tugging at the pegs of her tent and ruffling the coarse goat hair at its peak.

All was peaceful and quiet until she heard the joyous laughter of Ishmael playing hide and seek with his mother, Hagar. Like cheap pottery, the beauty of the fading day was shattered by the peals of merriment coming from those two. Jealousy and envy ripped at her core with the savagery of rampaging lions.

Ishmael usually reminded her of her inability to bear children. Abe had provided her with the best comforts in the land to minimize the pain of being childless. She stayed in the most luxurious jasmine scented tents, decorated with all manner of jewellery and furs. Her camels, Honey and Desert-flower were the finest in Canaan. She was pampered beyond belief; such was the love of her lord and master for her. He was her oasis and date palm in the harsh wilderness of life. Yet she would readily give away all she had to carry a child of her own. Her powerlessness to conceive made her feel like a failure, worthless. Sometimes, she even found it difficult to go for functions outside her home because she felt people snickered at her barrenness behind her. Her husband usually said she was paranoid, and her usual answer to him was that being not a woman, he would never even begin to understand the agony that comes with infertility.

The pain of being barren was a wildfire that had charred the forest of her normally evergreen soul. Her grief was so intense this evening that she slashed the lambskin cot she had been keeping for her child into shreds. She had painstakingly prepared the cot with lambskins dyed in different colours over months while imagining her son lying in it like he was floating on a rainbow. She was quite angry with herself for her incapacity and the fact that she harboured such wicked thoughts towards Ishmael and his mother but she was so weary of waiting. She had been expectant for more than twenty years. Now her best years were behind her!

What baffled her was that God had promised her a child and yet she was still barren while Hagar had taken in the first night she had slept with Abe. It was baffling, the servant girl was not covenanted hence did not have a relationship with El-Shaddai. Giving the girl to Abraham was a move that had come to haunt her every minute of every day but she loved her husband so much that she decided to make him happy with a child even if she could not bear one for him. Spent from her wrathful exertion, she crashed to the ground, heaving and sobbing. Through the open flap of her tent, stars winked at her mockingly (God had promised Abraham that his children would be more numerous than the stars). This made the heart broken woman lose her composure even further.


The fact that God had promised and was not making good on his word made her wrath bloom and fester. God had not met the terms of His contract. He had breached their agreement and failed her! There she was minding her own business when He came out of the clouds to promise her a son. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. With hot tears running from the spring of wild fire in her heart, she subpoenaed God. Sarah charged The Almighty to court.

God came. Sarah wearing a Judge’s robe took her seat. She was the Judge, jury and the Justice of this trial. Her grief, melancholy and anger held God bound behind the witness stand. He was a God who moved without restraint in an atmosphere of faith and joy.

Sarah brought out a calf’s cured hide with lettering, a diary where she kept all the times that God had spoken to her that He was going to give her a son.

Before the proceedings, God swore by Himself about the immutability of his counsel that can never lie. He also chose to defend Himself.

“Did you promise to do all these, give me a child,” Sarah asked, ranting with boiling over bitterness. The promises of God to her held out at arm’s length for God to see.

“I absolutely did!” said God.

“The evidence is overwhelmingly against you then, it seems your words rang false this particular time. You have been unfaithful to your words! YOU LIED TO ME!!! Are you guilty or not?”

“The verdict is yours to make, daughter,” God said gently.

The evidence in Sarah’s hands was overpoweringly not in God’s favour in any way. Beyond any reasonable doubt the evidence screamed that God was faithless!!

As Sarah looked into His eyes in which all the oceans of the world swam, against all logical proofs, she made her judgement!! She gazed at the lips from which truth was spawn and contrary to the mountainous proof stacked against Him, she did the incredible. Despite all the emotional turmoil going on within her, a war between the obvious and the unseen, the flesh and the spirit, she decided to believe again, to have faith in His promises. The verdict was senseless. She discharged and acquitted God! SHE JUDGED HIM FAITHFUL!!!

Peace beyond comprehension flooded her being following her judgment. Eventually, her faith was rewarded. At ninety, she did not have the physiological strength to conceive any seed and take in. Her menopausal state had shut down her reproductive machinery. However, God stepped in, the fact that she had judged Him faithful despite the substantiation that was against Him energized The Elohim. He woke up her reproductive system, breathed life into her hormones. He became her progesterone; His life sustained the seed within her womb. Her age became inconsequential. To The One who dwelt in the dimension of eternity, the ticking of Sarah’s biological clock became unimportant. In the realm of time, kairos prevailed over chronos. At delivery, He was her midwife and brought forth His promise; squealing, squalling and covered with blood….Sarah laughed and laughed…..



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©2015 Ekpo Ezechinyere


33 thoughts on “GOD IN COURT

  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!
    The most beautiful narration I’ve ever read!
    More so beacuse of the exceptional way it
    was narrated! This sure is how we feel whenever there’s delay in answers to prayer.
    I love the Judge Verdict way you described Hannah’s Prayers! Excellent DrSwag, brilliantly webbed and stringed together! Keep it coming sire, just keep it coming!


  2. God is not man, one given to lies, and not a son of man changing his mind. Does he speak and not do what he says? (Num23:19, message version). God bless you Dr Swag


  3. Reblogged this on Life Through These Eyes and commented:
    Whilst I sat in my room quietly asking questions of my own, this piece came in- I love how I can literally see and feel Sarah as though she were my next door neighbour… And even though I knew how the story would end I still read every word!


  4. She judged him faithful ….hmm, deep and thought provoking!
    How many times have we judged God? Branded him unfaithful and taken matters into our own hands, refusing to wait for His promises?

    “Heaven helps those who helps themselves” when has El-Shaddai needed help to accomplish His promises? I think it’s cos we judge Him unfaithful …. if He hasn’t said to do or to go, then doing anything is acting in unbelief. I might be wrong.. but I think what God wants is to wait and have faith… “The Lord is good to them that wait (for) him, to the soul that diligently seek him”. One of my fave Scriptures… and it’s wait FOR


    1. …waiting is not the easiest thing to do my brother especially in our INSTANT world….however, we need faith and patience to obtain His promises. Unfortunately or fortunately, Our God is more of a God of process than an INSTANT one…..Thanks for sharing bro…


  5. First, the title and concept totally grabs! That’s pretty creative and excellently executed Swag, this is pretty cool!

    Second, the lingo’s an absolute beaut! Nicely embellished, and I can almost sniff a whiff of the scented fragrance and incense assailing and assaulting my nostrils and senses, especially the part where you attempted to showcase just how wealthy and affluent Abe(Cute name) was, in doing all; to ensure his wife’s pretty comfy amidst the unpalatable circumstances surrounding her, and her inability to conceive and bring forth a child! Kinda reminds me of Elkanah, who tried to no avail to appeal to his then barren wife Hannah, that he’d provided her with everything he could, within his powers and abilities, to offer her some comfort, but for her; bearing him a son, was all she dreamed ’bout and that was simply not happening! Its not like Peninah made light of matters too, with her constant snickering and scorn! The two stories are mighty similar, in that sense!

    Third, since discovering the whole of the golden verses as documented in Romans 9, in the Good Book; I’ve learnt to remain silent and hold my peace, forever! I judge God faithful in ALL things, whether or not He comes through for me, even as I make my requests known to Him! Its real simple, He calls the shots and is no respecter of persons! He does as He wills! He’s the Unquestionable God, the God of time and season! Who DARES to slam Him with a lawsuit and lives to tell the story?! Just ask Dinah of David’s household! Plus, notice what He said to Sarah in this masterpiece, when she asked to know if He was guilty or not! That’s sooo Him! Where does the clay get off, asking the Potter, “Why hast thou made me thus’?! Its ludicrous, but I used to be really guilty of that! Not ‘nymore, I know far better now! *laughing*

    Finally, you brought this Swag; its ingenious! You go boy, soar on up! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Permit to correct an error, Swag! One of King Saul’s younger daughters, also doubling as King David’s favorite wife, Michal; who scorned David for unashamedly dancing in public before the King of Kings and paid dearly for it; when she incurred God’s wrath and was therefore left barren and without child, was who I meant to make reference to! I understand from studies though, that towards the end of her life, she did infact travail, bore a son in pain so great and mighty! Dinah’s own story’s totally different! My bad! LOL

        Liked by 1 person

  6. wow another awesome work from the stable of Dr Swag himself. Beautiful narration, you brought life to that passage. I’m glad I stopped by.
    Cheers boss!


    1. Hi…thanks for coming by…I could have sworn you are religious going by your Hare Krishna tendencies…..will stop by the watering hole of your world soon for a mouthful and I will certainly drop some comments…thanks for stopping by sis…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well…That was more MR BIG BLUES thing not mine. I was trying to be open minded for him. I am not religious myself…curious though.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol…your candour is more refreshing than an evening meditarenean breeze…about your curiosity..Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they can be filled…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Okay I’ll wait for that moment … I went to church quite recently. It was interesting. I look forward to getting your wise words on my blog soon. x


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