One on One with Dami and Eze


Damilare Adedeji and Ekpo Eze Chinyere are two of the best Christian bloggers in the blogging ecosystem.  Their blogs are replete with soaring panegyrics in honor of the God they serve. At the beginning of the year, both of them combined to produce a Valentine’s Story. That story can be read here.

In this interview, we asked Dami and Eze about their writing history, inspiration and their plans for the future.

When and why did you begin writing? When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Dami: I had a crush on my literature teacher in secondary school. Always loved books but took writing seriously in JSS3. Wrote her a poem titled Happiness. I considered myself a writer from that moment on. Especially when I saw the sparkle in her eyes. 

Eze:I started writing in secondary schools, majorly love poems and mushy stuff. I became the editor of NCCMDS…

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