The Future’s Past

There are few people who celebrate life with so much brio like Yemie, the wonderful lady who gave me the platform to air this post. Thanks sis…

Straight From The Heart

Next up on my list of ‘Liebster Award’ Nominees is the delightsome one with many an appellations and the reason’s pretty simple really….dude’s simply UNBELIEVABLE and he flows ‘sick’! Having said that, I introduce to y’all, Dr Ezechinyere Ekpo, with his pen name; succinctly and aptly surmised as ‘DrSwag’! Actually, that pen name says it all for me! He, as well as the masterpieces he cooks up on his oh sooo glorious site, ‘Kingdom Come’; oozes top class like I’ve never seen! He’s an embodiment of wits, articulation, eloquence, charisma and wisdom! A movie buff and I tell him he belongs in the medieval ages! He’s the beginning and the end of ‘flow’, thus the appellation ‘Flow Merchant’ and ‘Lyrical Genius’, poetic are his jibes! Had sleeping beauty been privy to him, and he were prince charming; he oughtn’t kiss her to jolt her back to life, nuh-uh; all he needs do is simply open up…

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14 thoughts on “The Future’s Past

  1. Think nada of it bruv, I stand to be grateful and appreciative of your kindly gesture Sir! Thanks for humoring me to no end and also for being such a great sport! Your writes are amazingly, divinely spun and retold! Bottomline….you’re the ‘ish’, and you rock ABSOLUTELY! Shalom!!! 👌💟😄

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  2. I read this originally at source first… Did I comment there? Can’t say sef… Hmmm, Yemie and all her Doctors. They just keep twisting words and serving us doses. But why not? Are we not patients in needs of these does to balm our souls?
    We are.

    The swaggering swag, coping with life, profession, writing…that your reading list now feels like a very ‘long thing’ (pun intended!)…
    I throway salute.

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