The image of the boy flared in the gloomy halls of his consciousness and burnt his tortured mind with the ferocity of a hot branding iron. He saw him playing with toys carved in the forms of crocodiles and pythons in his bath. Again the man visualized the child brandishing wooden swords acting out mock battles with his playmates. The boy was a picture of irrepressible vitality, a ship whose sail was filled with the force of life’s winds. Like his father, he was supposed to be immortal.

…..the stones broke and splintered into flying bits as chariot wheels ran over them with mechanical fury.  In unison with the speeding wheels, hooves of hundreds of horses thundered the earth into paroxysms of vibrations….

…He carried the limp form of the boy weeping as hot tears poured forth, an uncontainable Nile that soaked his sleeping garment and baptised the dead boy. He raged and cursed but the boy was gone. He sat on the floor crumpled with the lifelessness of a discarded rag. The boy’s death was an intentional hit at the chain of his untouchable dynasty. Grief tore at the fabric of his soul and he screamed…..

….Now, he struck the horses viciously with his whip, driving them on until they seem to fly with speed matching that of Ra’s falcon. At the mention of Ra, he laughed maniacally. The god’s name left a bitter taste in his mouth these days. Muscles glistening and rippling, he lashed out at his steeds on and on without respite. The darkness in his heart was more than the one that had invaded his country for three days. There was hatred and anger in Pharaoh’s heart. Rivers of murderous thoughts coursed through him and flooded the banks of his being. Whips savagely criss-crossing their flanks, the horses raced blisteringly towards their target….

In the Hebrew camp, tambourines jiggled in excited hands as songs erupted melodically, laughter bubbled as jokes were cracked, lovebirds cooed sweet things to each other, children ran about playfully, some others rode on their fathers shoulders as their parents walked hands interlocked. There was a general air of gaiety amongst the freed slaves. Freedom tasted sweeter than honey. The atmosphere thrummed with vibrancy and expectation. That was until someone noticed a cloud of dust rushing towards them with deadly intent….

…Pharaoh could not believe he had let the Hebrews go. Where was he going to get a new work force for the Egyptian economy? Who was going to build the magnificent tomb he had always envisaged himself being buried in? Most importantly, he could not wait to see Moses’ face when his son was gutted like a fish from throat to groin until his intestines spilled onto the desert sands. Pharaoh drove on purposefully, wrathfully.


Pandemonium reigned in the Israelites camp. The cold steel of terror slashed at their hearts. Despondency bogged down their once buoyant steps. They could not believe the Egyptians were after them again. It seemed the bands of slavery were going to be wrapped around their necks so soon again. There was no ending to the Egyptian malady; they were a burr in the flesh of Israel’s destiny. Every time, they felt the issue of Pharaoh and his minions had been comprehensively dealt with, the Egyptians popped up again with unbelievable resilience. If the angel of death could not stop them then what hope did the Hebrew folks have? Cruel whips, back breaking burdens, making bricks without straws, endless hours in the sun and other kinds of punishment filled their visions. They broke down and wept. Hugging their children, they saw a future of chains even for the next generation. Redemption had been a mirage. Some of them were going to die in the desert. Was there no end to this recurring nightmare?

….Ensconced in Goshen, the Jews had been immune to the disasters that were unleashed on Egypt. Now they were out in the open and hemmed by the red sea in front and the wilderness on the sides. Now, he had them where he wanted them. They were trapped and there was no way out. He was going to get his revenge at last. He was with his best squad of 600 charioteers.  Warriors against Shepherds, swords against staff, the odds were prodigiously uneven against the Israelites.  They did not stand a chance or a prayer in this case. Pharaoh bared his teeth in a smile that came out as a grimace.

The people of Israel turned against Moses complaining.”Egypt would have been a better place to die than the wilderness” they said. “Slavery is better than this fate” the Hebrews insisted.

Moses stood unflappable before the stampeding hordes of the Egyptians and before the torrential complaints of the Israelites.  “Do not lose your composure! Do not fret, keep your head, believe and you will see God come to your rescue,” he shouted at them.

“The Egyptians you see today, you will not see them anymore forever.  A four hundred and thirty year problem would end completely. You will not remember the pain, the indignity and the shame of your sorrows again. The slate of your torment will be wiped clean. Your victory will be conclusive because God will fight for you and you will not need to lift a finger,” Moses went on.

The Jews were in different attitudes of prayer. However God told Moses it was not time to pray but time for action. “Quit praying! Go forward! Disregard the obstacles! Pay no attention to the barriers! Forget the army swarming behind you! Do not let what you see paralyze you. See the land beyond and stop seeing the red sea!” God has commanded!

They marched forward in obedience and Moses stretched forth the rod in his hand as God had instructed him. Then the impossible happened, the sea waters split into two through a strong wind that had been stirred up supernaturally.


God’s people walked through the dry land between the walls of water of the red sea. Awe descended on the ranks of migrants. Sharks, sea horses, lobsters and all kinds of marine life stood in attention wondering who the privileged people were that even seas gave way before them.

Pharaoh and his men went after the Israelites driven by blood lust. That was when Heaven reacted. God had had enough of the harassment of his chosen ones. He would not allow them to be tortured a moment longer. In righteous fury, He descended in unimaginable might and fought the Egyptians. He troubled the trouble of his children.  God clogged the wheels of the chariots of the enemies of His people. The Egyptians machinery of battle was scuttled by a divine hand.  Their horses were hamstrung, chariots overturned, wheels yanked off. They tried to run but it was too late as Moses lowered his rod and straining walls of water pounded them to death.


Salty water filled Pharaoh’s lungs and pulled him down into the depths like he were stone. A thought floated fleeting in his dimming mind. He had made a fatal mistake, learnt his lesson too late! If one is covenanted to the God of the Hebrews, no matter how it might look, such a person can never be trapped….


Golden wheels, dead bodies, broken chariots on the shores of the Red sea were what remained of the mightiest army in the land…Joy had come in the morning…


This story is found in Exodus 14.

Fear and dread shall fall upon them; by the greatness of thine arm they shall be as still as a stone; till thy people pass over, O LORD, till the people pass over, which thou hast purchased. Exodus 15:16

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and stand upright.  Save, LORD: let the king hear us when we call. Psalms 20:7-9

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©2015 Ekpo Ezechinyere




30 thoughts on “INTERVENTION 2

  1. I raise a salute to you. Tops for this especially the introduction. Did you see how you played with poetry?

    Image…flared in the gloomy halls…
    ….the stones broke and splintered into flying bits as chariot wheels ran over them with mechanical fury.  In unison with the speeding wheels, hooves of hundreds of horses thundered the earth into paroxysms of vibrations….

    See as the guy remixed Moses tale. Turned it to one action film. Cool!

    Dr Swag, I think the story cooled a bit with the fusion of the bible. You do good Christian fiction and maybe at some point, you should do independent fiction raised on platforms of your singular imagination… And there it doesn’t matter if you use the bible amply.

    But I must say, I really LOVED this one. Well done!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Sir! Honour to have you here again…You know say u be one of my Rabbis…I have actually done a number of independent ones…DAWN and THE BLESSING are examples but will work on more…You are always so kind… Thanks

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Zik appeareth….my literary genie…welcome back….OK ma’am…since all my Rabbis are showing up tonight… I will definitely work on that….especially on the novel…stay tuned….

        Liked by 2 people

  2. One of my best Biblical Tale retold in an astounding retelling of the century!
    Kudos DrSwag. Kudos.
    I always enjoy reading that special place in the Bible.
    And now you did more justice to it by this 21st Century retell.
    Captivatingly astounding!


    1. Lol!!!! You sure do have a refreshing way of passing your messages across….not all in your face as the parting of the red sea was but equally as powerful… Your subtilty is sublime my sister…Tell Moses he is so kind…lol..

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Doc Swag, I found myself bursting into tongues between paragraphs!..ds is an awesome write up..wt a deep spiritual message. D imagery brot the ancient characters alive..I felt like I just “read a movie”..well done wt ds..I perceive dat even heaven was moved…lol! I told u, I look forward to writing wt u sometime soon… On point!!!!


    1. Thank you Laps! This is better than any coffee to start the morning with…you don give me buffet… Appetizer…main course and dessert this morning…God bless you sis!


  4. Great and mighty is our God!
    “Troubled the trouble of His children”….struck a chord. That was His promise to Abraham: to bless any that blesses him and to curse any that curses him. And the promise was passed on down generations….even to our own time!
    As Paul said “that the blessing of Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Jesus Christ…”

    Standing ovation to you dear Sir…


  5. Great job as usual! Awesome! I especially love the part that says “Who was going to build the magnificent tomb he had always envisaged himself being buried in? ” Even Pharaoh’s corpse was not given the opportunity to be dignified with a proper burial!


  6. I really wanted to like this one but i felt like it could have been simpler, easier to tell. The beginning was amazing. You almost want to pity Pharaoh.

    Imagery is great but we must be careful not to overdo it…well done as always.


  7. This struck several chords in my heart. I burst into prayer in between several lines. Especially the part about conclusive victory. I read another of your post with another phrase that had to do with final and absolute victory. Amazing. I really needed to read this. God Bless.


  8. Your words….ever so dramatic, zany and fun! You’re every bit a Masterstoryteller Sir, spinning words soo effortless as a top notch painter would, apply paint with master brush strokes upon a canvas with handsome finesse and great artistry! You do well to deliver always and indeed, all the ways! I laud you on your continued stellar performances, and you can only get better with each new tale! I urge you to continue on, and I pray you’d excel and soar wayyyy beyond your aspirations and expectations IJN, AMEN! Ride on Sir!

    Liked by 1 person

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