absence of the PRESENCE


It would be easy-peasy again for him. The man was mortal, but operated like an immortal by default. He was a human wrecking ball, a destroyer……

…..From the genesis, theirs was a forbidden love story that went awry.

He loved her madly! First time he met her, he believed without her his life would be a wasteland devoid of affection. He revelled in her, swam in the pool of her essence and drowned in the oceanic exoticness of her beauty. She had an olive skin tan from working the vineyards of Sorek and her kiss was sweeter than fresh grapes. Hair was a wave of shiny lustrous tendrils growing down to her waist, a halo of red that made her the goddess of his heart. Enshrined in his soul like no other, her dimples were goblets from which he drank the mead of her merriment.  Drinking endlessly from those fleshly pools made him live in a perpetual state of intoxication. Her lips flashed ruby at all times and her usual scarlet gowns hung on her naturally like red petals on a rose. She glowed eternally bright, a flame in the forest of his heart.  From day one, every glimpse of her warmed his insides with the soothing effect of a sparkling inebriant.  With her peculiar love for all things crimson, she filled the caverns of his heart with the fumes of wine. Thing was, wine was something he was not supposed to touch….

…the voice called his name from a distance. It echoed and roared in his hazy consciousness and took him back to Timnath. The lion came at him with leonine fury, all claws aimed at his neck. He ran towards it but within the foggy terrains of his mind, something was not right. As he took a stance, he felt weakness engulf and apprehension overwhelm him. Wondering what was going on, he searched through the mists of his drowsiness for answers. Then awareness rushed at him through the thickets of his perception and wrestled him to the ground of wakefulness. The claws of harsh reality slashed at him viciously, forcefully. He remembered…..

…the meal had been heavy. Roasted lamb soaked in honey with herbs, fresh bread and cheese.  Drinks flowed like the oasis of Engedi and he compromised by quaffing as much as possible this one time. Aside from being the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, the damsel could cook up a storm. He felt manna must have tasted like the freshly baked bread he wolfed down. Afterwards, he was replete, weighed down in the belly and light hearted in the brain. That was when she started stroking his head and massaging his shoulders until he almost purred cat like.  She cradled his head on her knees, her bosom forming overhead pillows that smothered him in pleasure. If such torrential affection was going to come after her incessant nagging, then he would not mind the prolonged periods of fussing. For someone whose love language was touch, she took him to heaven and not the one where the Hebrew God resides.  He was transported to a paradise of pleasure maps were not adequate enough to locate….

“Samson, the Philistines are upon you,” Delilah shouted!

He rose, expecting to disperse them naturally, turn them into chaff before the winds of his strength. However, something was not as it should be, he ran his hand over his head and discovered a smooth skull. His braids were gone.  As the braids were shorn off, The Lord had left him. He could not react as before. His mouth opened and closed in surprise, his eyes searched out the hardness of betrayal in her aquamarine eyes. He felt the cold breath of death on the nape of his neck and for the first time in his life, he knew the rancid taste of fear. With the 20/20 vision of hindsight, he came to the conclusion that he had slept with the enemy and gotten burnt. When you fraternize with that which you were not supposed to touch, you will finally indulge of the poison thereof.

Back view head shot of bald man
Back view head shot of bald man

As hot branding iron rods sizzled their way through his sockets, he realized that irrespective of how powerful or skilled a man might be, it is the presence of God that makes all the difference. He had slain thousands with the skull of an ass, carried city gates on his shoulders, ripped up a lion like it were freshly baked bread but all was through a power that was beyond him.  Alas, he had taken the supernatural hand that rested on him for granted. Without the presence of God, a man becomes easy prey to the elements of life. Bereft of the presence, no covenant child stands a chance. It is the presence that confers the supernatural.  It is what makes champions of ordinary men. The presence of God is what transforms mere men into heroes. Outside the ring of the presence, the enemy blinds, afflicts and binds. Without that enabling, grace inundated circle, a victor becomes a victim, a predator becomes a prey, and the strong become weak. When the presence lifts, dawn becomes dusk, the beginning becomes the end. Tears in exuberant commiseration ran down the empty sockets of his eyes….



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©2015 Ekpo Ezechinyere


99 thoughts on “absence of the PRESENCE

  1. Hmmm… I saw the story from the beginning. Interesting take… But this one felt more like plenty sermonizing and less tale telling. More like a full fledged devotional to me than the thrilling tales of devotion that have left me enthralled…
    Methinks that you could have woven the spirit of the sermon in the tale more if we had more action… Maybe fleshed more plot into this… If it was my tale, I would have added grace to the thematic thrust… Of course, that will mean adding the tale of how he got his strength back…

    But what do I know about these things?

    Well done jare. Don’t mind my talk. Well done 🙂

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    1. Lol…you are the most unassuming reviewer I know bro…Your fly buy visits usually mean a lot and reveals a lot…I did a story on this a while ago that I feel had more story telling and was inclusive of grace…just decided to take it from another perspective this time..the story is too loaded..Learnt a new word today…thematic.. Thank you Sir…you never come by without leaving something cool behind….

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      1. I hear you! 🙂

        Is there a link to the graced tale? Will be nice to read. I am a big fan of Samson and I have read several versions of his tales, watched them too. Each one leaves me smiling.

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      1. Ah! Biko, don’t mind me…those whom we love, we open our mouth wide to talk to… because we expect same. 🙂 But you can be sure, I didn’t even say it all 🙂


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      2. Here it is. Inspired by Su’eddie himself

        The Critic

        You judge the merit of our art
        You never fail to play your part
        For that’s the nature of your art
        Not so much of an eyelid bat

        Dissect as with a fine-tooth comb
        Analyse in minute detail
        Scrutinise motives real or not
        Dismember each thought that’s expressed

        You are of essence that is sure
        If you’re not there we’re still uncooked
        Our work leaves your refining pot
        Then by the world to be embraced

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      3. The sad part is… we have just stolen Doc’s comment thread and decided to play about… Oga Doc, the Swaggalious Line Twister, no vex too much… 🙂

        Thanks Ziks, should I say that? I am NOT a critic o! Hmmm, just a casual commenter who forgets where to draw the line; passion, false sense of knowledge, love for what is right? Who knows?

        Hee hee hee… Nice poem.

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      4. Thanks Su’eddie. And seriously Dr. Swag, you must forgive me. I’m the major culprit here o! Shoulda just let Su’eddie be but my overzealousness got the better of me. I repent in dust and ashes😯

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      5. Lol! Vex Ke???? Did the Kenyans vex that Obama came calling…noooo…i no fit…. Sueddie, you are the patron Saint of modesty!!! Your self effacement is so refreshing…

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      6. The Commenter

        Names they have called
        Seen me in lights that are wrong

        I am me, small talker commenting
        Dropping thoughts, ranting
        At other times tormenting
        Getting thee, bloggers, panting

        But…forgive when I am cryptic
        Or sound like a critic
        I am simply just me, small tormenter
        Your one and only friendly commenter.

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      7. Oh well…let me not spoil your enjoyment 🙂

        What platform meets your fancy? (Though, I have a feeling the good Doctor might be enjoying this seeing as it never hurts an ‘eye’ to eavesdrop on this bloggy word(ex)changes)…

        So, my place or yours? 😉

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      8. The master’s terrain is often a better place for the student to learn. Your place.💪Let’s go flex some muscles. Lol. Just kidding o. I’m sure you’ll floor me many times over 😅

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      9. At all, don’t be modest jare! I am thinking, maybe I will send you a short story I wrote from a child’s perspective… Your ‘Through his eyes’ reminded me of it.
        You should expand that tale and give it a befitting title. I really liked it. Feels like something I would want to read to my littluns 🙂

        Meanwhile, I haven’t forgotten our poetic squabbles…

        A new post perhaps to engage on?

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      10. Sueddie, you are the man with the golden gun ooo..ok, fingers. You were the first person to comment on this post and you brought a torrential deluge with you. Mr. Rainmaker, I am absolutely overwhelmed!!!! No post of mine has ever come nigh this kind of outpouring of comments….phew….

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      11. Swaggie Lee, contrary to what you thought, I’ve actually been here all along, taking in the wondrous sights and sounds of this ethereal duel playing out before my very eyes and I say….SPLIT!!!! 😲😈 😜

        Whyever are you playing gooseberry?! Huh?! Do you not know that two’s company and three’s a crowd, in which case you so happen to constitute…..the ‘crowd’?! 😞

        Go find the ying to your yang Flow, and leave ma Honeycomb and the Sagely One to keep bringing on their awesome, by getting this duel going! Duels are simply….bedeviling! 😈😆


      12. *flushed* Oh boy am I sooo beyond gobsmacked and totally pink, red, or maybe scarlet in the face right now?! Cyberspace yang huh and that aint no doozie?! Whoa! 😂😂😂

        You’ve REALLY gotta be friggin’ kiddin’ me Flow, but am flattered nonetheless! A bit off-kilter, most definitely not life threatening! The good news though….I’ll live! Glory Hallelujah! 😇😄

        Pay me no heed Swag, I meant absolutely nothing by it, just goofing off and will never think to break your heart too! I don’t quite have it in me…my frail heart simply wouldn’t let me! 😛😆

        So then, carry on and gatecrash on this soiree! The more the merrier as long as unlimited fun’s guaranteed! 😂😂😂

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      13. 😦😦😦😲😲😲….see how somebody scatter English like grains….yeeee….my yang is not human…see what someone is doing with words…😢😢😢😢

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      14. Hehehe! Someone looks to me like he’s playing at being a Swashbuckling Crusader and seems like he’s winning too! Get a grip Swag, knock it off and quit tripping! Eish! 😆😈


      15. Oh la! Watch him go……flow…..and am supposedly the English Major ei?! Go look yourself over in the mirror Swag…’Char-mazing’! Damn! 👏👏👏😄😊


  2. Wow.
    This one is stronger than strong!
    Brilliantly and exotically penned
    This is one tale that retold the biblical tale of Samson so aptly.
    Well done DrSwag.
    You always amaze me…


  3. You really did go to great lengths on this one Swag and your beautiful command of the English lingo; all poetically laid out; totally reels me in all of the time! Plus, with an ‘oxymoronic’ title such as the one you favored, that just makes this all the more artistic and pretty loaded too! Perhaps, I oughta just come on over to learn and master the fine points of writing and churning out of masterpieces at your feet Sire, seeing as they’re second nature to thee…effortless, without a doubt! 👉😄

    The story of Samson and Delilah’s one that greatly fascinates! A lurid tale of sex, lies, betrayal, deception, power, love or lust, seduction, temptation, desire and disobedience! Its got all the trappings of a great love story with forbidden appeal, and its one tale that I could never get enough of, especially with Samsom being so hopelessly addicted and intoxicated with the Philistine dames! Incorrigible man! 😂

    You Sir, did great justice to this and I especially love the part, where the blooms fell off of the roses, as it dawned on Samson, who’d hitherto been in Cuckoo Land, that he’d been had! After having had quite a feast, his stomach musta dropped like one who’s gut-punched! The realization of the departure of the Holy Spirit musta cut deep and stung like a thousand knives and his fear, totally magnified! Ouch, the horror! 😈😆

    Without the presence of the Lord in our lives, we’re reduced to nothing….inglorious dust! God makes all of the difference and its important that we remember this always, returning all of the glory and exalting The Omnipotent One who’s behind the scene, pulling the strings, lest we become empty vessels and cymbals making not a sound!

    Beguiling narrative Swag, with great morals to teach in tow! I laud you on this one! Kudos Man! 👊😄

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    1. Where ever did you travel too….visiting the blogosphere of other galaxies I presume. Stamping your presence, making things bloom…and what a comment! Just realize I have missed this! No one still does it like you..you are unrivalled. With your telling, I just realize my post came short of your insight into this lurid tale like you put it. For redemption, I just have to do another story on this one…and you will be my muse….

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    2. Yemie o, chai! Borrow me your grammar sis…maybe I will live a happier life… On my blog, you will be speaking Achebe Achebe, but when I catch you on other sites, it is only Shakespeare and Soyinka you will be saying 😀

      Hee hee hee! As usual, we could have used your comment for another post! Hee hee hee! I enjoyed your comment jare… Doc Swag, despite everything, thanks for bringing the bible to our pages here, it helps bring a reflection that is refreshing.

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  4. This is a collection of beautiful words, you can weave words bro, and serve them hot. One will be hard pushed to find someone in “Israel” who weaves words better.

    Keep blessing us with rugged poetry, Pastor Swag

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    1. 😅😀😁😃😃😄…..you peeps will not kill a brother with words..Thank God for Rooftop Mc”s who saw you peeps from a distance and did “lagi mo”…if not a brother’s head would have burst like a rotten water melon by now. It takes a weaver to know another and am not talking about the Aves kind…was just telling Yemie about how good you are. One will be hard pushed to find some who paints with words so well especially with huge doses of intoxicating humour…I am privileged to be surrounded by such good and great company. Thanks for the honour my brother..You are kind…


      1. Zika, no be wetin I dey talk be that oooo…saying that there are many good peeps in Israel oooo…The pool is oceanic, many pearls oooooo….Una never meet most ooo

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      1. See this young Oga o…so you are waiting for ordination? Dey there make pant dey wear… 🙂
        Our Pastoral Evangelising Tale Weaver…
        All words dropped on this are actually something true. Ziks, I agree with you on most of what you have said – except for the ‘critic’ title… And our ‘Hard Voices’, knack another title to this Oga biko.


  5. Chai, Yemie came and scattered grammar overdose! Shei I warned you Doc, gobsmack and etc etc… Where on earth is this my dictionary? Chai! Hmmm, it is well with our spirits… She brought Ying Yang twins too to join the rap… Issorait…

    Let the rain keep pouring here Monsieur Swaggalious…your every post needs far more than the torrential pours. Let the skies burst forth and let more of only the right thoughts platter these and other posts… E go better pass like this…

    But can someone remind me; where did I even stop with that duel thing? Oh! I wasn’t the one. Our dear Ziks was meant to send the bomb to follow – or was I meant to go start us a new bon fire to play around somewhere else?

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  6. Great piece! You wove a shakesperian tragedy out of Samson’s unfortunate and forbidden love affair that cost him his purpose and destiny. Your use of imagery was so vivid that I almost believed I was watching it as a movie and not reading it. Kudos once again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right on the money…we are kindred spirits my brother…and the worst words ever written in humanity’s history were…and he rose up to do as before but he did not know that The Lord had departed from him. The greatest plea since time began would be..TAKE NOT YOUR HOLY SPIRIT FROM ME…


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