Conducted by an orchestra of hopelessness, a symphony of agony filled the ever dark room. In the enclosed dank space, groans of turning wheels mingled with endless sighs and moans. The nature of the torture was however, more mental than physical. A couple of tiny windows admitted watery light from above, still, the darkness within the man made mockery of the one without.

In the corners of the room, moonlight wrestled with murky shadows. Rats scurried around and about, squeaking noisily from the anger of hunger and the joy of discovering tit bits of grains. Bronze chains of captivity rattled and chinked continuously.


He went around in circles weeping through another night. Tears soaked the soil of his soul, each drop a double edged sword slashing sadistically. Thorns of sorrow and briers of soreness pierced the landscape of his heart. The nightmarish images behind unseeing eyes eagerly plunged daggers of despair into his battered mind endlessly. He lived in a place where pain was just the beginning of an unending spectrum. His colourful story had come to an abrupt end.

However, this morning as he wept with the heaviness of a broken hearted sky, up above something stirred…..

The exuberant forest had been slashed bare, ravaged by destructive elements.  What was left bore no testament of what had once been.  As dawn’s promise filled the skies and dew kissed the earth, roots took hold and awakened beneath forlorn skin. That which had been shaved began to grow one more time. The flowers of yesterday started to bloom again.

From Gaza to Ashkelon, thunderous parties exploded, wild merriment abounded. Drinks flowed, food flourished. The mortal nemesis of the people had fallen. Dagon’s might had finally prevailed!

Samson ached all over. Multiple stripes criss-crossed his back and burns spotted his skin. His empty sockets dripped purulent rivers. Mouth tasted like the cesspit of hell. The champion of Israel had become a human mess.

He turned the wheels off the mill unendingly in a meaningless circle. The killer of lions and thousands had become a menial donkey, a beast of burden. Purpose had been corrupted, destiny thwarted! The original blue print had been pissed upon! A divine mandate had been shattered.

He groped and felt to find his way around the dungeon. The sun of Israel now lived, caged in perpetual darkness.

Much more than the excruciating pain his nerves gave declaration of, what rankled most was the shame. He could not live down the taunts the Philistines hauled at him through the open windows. That which he had been born to destroy now ridiculed him. His life had become a tragic parody; the sacred script had been turned upside down. Heaven’s weapon had become a broken toy.

His weeping had endured another night. At the break of dawn, his scalp itched and as he scratched, the prickly feeling of new hair greeted his calloused hand. In the midst of the repercussions of the ignominious fall, his hair began to grow again.


He began to feel a bit like his old self. Divine energy bolted through him, supernatural adrenaline coursed through his veins. He felt his muscles ripple then grow taut. His pulse quickened with nervous tension and even though the room was dark, a ray of light flickered on behind his eyes.

He sensed God! The Strength of Israel offered him an olive branch.  The Elohim never forgets His own, His mercies endure forever. He could not believe that after Jehovah’s departure that He would return to fellowship with him. Mercy had prevailed over judgement. At the hint of the dew of God’s grace, the cut tree of the warrior’s destiny started to thrive. Tears poured out of Samson’s empty sockets again but this time they were a deluge of hope…

Restoration brought a new beginning and would lead to a more desirable ending. It would now end for good. Despite the blindness, vision was restored. He saw what he had to do. He would go back to the original manuscript and fulfil his destiny. He would go out in a dramatic way but would achieve purpose to the uttermost even much more than before his fall.

Kneeling before the mill, he connected with the Adonai like he hadn’t in ages. He worshipped and prayed. The fellowship that was the source of his strength was back (the hair was just symbolic).  Now everything would go well. The flames of righteous indignation lit up in his heart. The joke was now on hell! His enemies were not going to have the last laugh.  …


…As the pillars came down and crushed thousands of Philistines, the ones that saw the Hebrew hero before the building collapsed thought he had gone mad. There seemed to have been a smile on his face as he was crushed to death. They were right…It was a smile borne out of the revelation of the oceanic magnitude of redemption….

This story is from Judges 16


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©2015 Ekpo Ezechinyere

50 thoughts on “REDEMPTION

    1. Hmmm, I truly wonder what he has to say, Ziks. Don’t mind all this people… So, finally, we have 3 helpings of Samson ala Swag-carte. Some day I will try to get myself to reimagine these tales of life and help pay my due to a cause that truly should be the mission of all. Grace and peace.

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      1. There”s a maturity to your fingers that is seldom found. Reading you is like sitting at the feet of a sage, helping oneself to rare literary dishes…..Your gift makes me yearn for more…..Sometimes I wish these things can be bequeathed by the laying on of hands…I for come Benue..


  1. One of my best Bible Stories!
    Great illustration.
    Excellent narration.
    This is just so exquisitely exciting!
    Forgive my grammar. I’m short on words.
    My brain is on reverse! 😂 😂 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this so much! If I was a Patrician right now, I’d say, presti simo, that I’m maniacally enthused by the flow and the beauty of this piece.

    But I wasn’t surprised; I experr-ed it! Check mic 1 – 2, it’s DrSwag on da beat! Write more chief, we aren’t changing the dial. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  3. If you were to enter this piece for a literary prize, I am sure it would make the shortlist and maybe even the prize!
    However, if a casual reader like my brother was to come upon it, he would jump over a few things and start from ‘He went around in circles’ 🙂 What was that nyama nyama intrusion – the hair was just symbolic… We know na!

    I have a quarrel in this piece which is something I am guilty of, sometimes the beauty of diction takes us away from the sway of action.

    Well, this post confirms something I noticed before…
    Your way with words shows some sway that is simply beyond play. Nice one here. You paint vivid pictures and connect images to action creating a cinema in hearts. Where did you learn your poetry from?

    Well done Doc. Preach on as you bewitch. Through your words, Swagz, do us all teach.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do you know you usually lose me when you get into the mechanics and niceties…I usually go ??????…😯😯….What is Sueddie about??? However that is why I am privileged to have a Rabboni like you….I have soooooooo many things to learn….So my brother, you might have to break down these things further to enable me ingest them easily…


      1. Oga Doc, biko, wetin hard for my upper ‘parler’? Sha…
        Pele, forgive this poor mechanic who wears nice ties. Next time, I will come as a normal person wearing tee-shirt, abi? 🙂


      2. I figure that even with T-shirts your arcane understanding of literature will still stun and befuddle simple minds…I need to start at your feet and climb upwards..


      3. In your case it’s the mechanic that makes the tie…I can almost wager that if you tinker with the most derelict literary jalopy , it will become as smooth and as sleek as a brand new Ferrari..

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      4. Se you are hearing your grammar! Derelict literary jalopy! Choi! DiarisGod! You have been hanging out on your blog comments too much, walahi! Too much grammar, walahi! 🙂 Sha, let us see the ferrari. You sabi wash sha o!

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  4. That story….the story of grace, of mercy, of restoration.
    Reminds me of Hosea’s bold declaration “rejoice not o my enemies, when I fall, I will rise and when I sit in darkness the Lord will be a light…”
    When we fall, mess up, make mistakes and we think that’s the end, we should always remember that the calling of God is without repentance, He would pick us up and set us back in the line of His purpose..He will not always be angry, his mercies endures forever…

    This is a beautiful narrative as usual…the word play, the flowery narrative…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Topazo!!!!!!! Where have you been Bro???? You are so right…The graciousness of redemption is one I will never be able to wrap my head makes me speechless…..leaves me befuddled…inspires eternal gratitude…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Isn’t it obvious… But sometimes the other weathers come to ensure that other things can come together… Reduce flower sometimes jare! Give us ‘GBOOOOM! pow! pow! pow!’ too jare


  5. Young man, na taya you taya abi you don retire? C’mon! Time to refire jare! They tell you Pastor dey slack? The Holy Spirit burning in you na the type wey no dey turn to ashes… Weya, serve us the next helping sharp sharp or do you want me to give you a topic? E no go favour you o!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😁😀😂😃😃😄😅😅😅😅……My brother..nah the affairs of this world oooo..I have been busier than a bee though I have started working on my next dish. I don tell you say I no be Pastor. I be writer we dey follow your footsteps. Thanks for checking bro…really appreciated.

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  6. This narrative Swag, is totally, completely and am talking ab-SO-lutely irresistible! Its soo poetic a writing, the textbook description of Perfecto! Plus, its more than worthy a write, for he for whom its dedicated and amma have to second his rationale on this one….’If this were to be an entry for a writing competition, dude; you’d definitely hit a homerun if you know what I mean! *nodding affirmatively* 😃😎

    The fact that you were well able to cook up another tale of Samson in another light….Awesome! Double thumbs up Flow, you were born to do this and in a pretty magnificent way too! You rock senseless! 😂😂😂


    1. Nah Grace my sister…It amplifies our strengths and minimises our weaknesses….yeah..we are born to fill the earth with His knowledge as the waters cover the seas…That is the mission my sister…

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