The heavens were overcast with dark clouds of sorrow within which thunder rumbled in quiet distress. The atmosphere crackled with electrifying tension. The usually placid surface of the Lake of glass rippled with stormy frisson.

Heaven’s music was muted, engulfed in an overwhelming hush. Angels, heads bowed in dejection and bows hanging limply from bronzed hands stood aghast. They looked at each other with incredulity, asking unuttered questions. Heaven was in shock!

It was unbelievable! The celestial city’s messengers were stunned no end. “How could he have done that?”They wondered. God had given him everything, EVERYTHING! The man had been encoded with the genetic material of the Elohim. Adam had the image and the likeness of the Elyon, so much so the inhabitants of heaven envied him. Even Lucifer in all his glory was no match for the earthly being that God had poured all His essence into. The Father had stayed up for days creating every imaginable good thing and beyond for the being’s enjoyment, five whole days! This was even more profound from the perspective of The Immortal One. In His eyes a day equates to a thousand years. Yet man, for the skin of a luscious fruit spat on The Almighty’s face, trampled on the gifts like a spoilt child who breaks a divine toy the father had painstakingly prepared for years. Man had done the unthinkable, frittered away the rights, the privileges and the stupendous splendour. Before now, the only thing the angels could not wrap their heads around was the weight of God’s glory. Now they could not come to terms with man’s stupidity. What he had possessed was that which the angels craved for and would never attain. They were messengers, he was a son! God’s mortal son gave away immortality for inanity. He exchanged the sublime for the ridiculous.

Heaven mourned! The whole creation staggered from the unbelievable blow. Butterflies colours dimmed, birds lost their voices. This was incredible!

The umbilical cord of the presence that united Adam to God was slashed. The connection that was beyond time and space had been lost. Man and God were no longer on the same wavelength. The intimate bubble they both resided burst and man drifted away into a black yawning black chasm. The disconnection retarded his divinity. God could not find his fleshly heir and had to ask…”Adam where are you?”

The Father was disappointed and consumed with righteous indignation. With the fall was the consequence of the curse. Naturally everything had an effect attached to it. Adam was punished, he was condemned to die!

A spiritual cancerous mutation took place in his divine genetic code. The curse invaded and ravaged the whole dimension of Adam’s existence. It was a poison that removed immortality, brought sickness and diseases and made poverty superior to prosperity. Humanity was doomed without hope. The venom of the curse had no antidote. An endless eternity of suffering loomed before him. Stuck in a sticky web of destruction, he was destined to a terrible fate.

He was evicted from the garden, repossessed of all he had being given. As he left cold and naked, forlorn and rejected, without hope, God looked at him and the Almighty’s heart broke. The Eternal One longed for His friend; He missed the evening walks along languid brooks while birds cooed lullabies to one another. He would not leave man in his nakedness. For warmth and comfort God killed a lamb to enrobe His most prized creation.


As the Elohim watched them depart from Eden draped in bloody skins, His heart broke under the sheer weight of the love within. He could not leave man continually wretched. He loved him too much, this earthly creature that had emanated out of Him.

He knew what he would have to do. The heavenly extension of him would have to die. He would leave His lofty throne for a manger and discard His divinity for a fleshly cloak. The Ageless one that the heavens cannot contain would assume a neonate’s body. The One whose voice is like the sound of many waters would squall in a baby’s babble. Whips would rip the back of the Rock of ages. A common legionnaire’s spear would pierce the side of the King of Kings. Shame would crown the head of the King of glory. The Author of life must die to save His beloved!

The angels got a glimpse of the eternal intention of God and shuddered in astonishment. The horror of it all made their wings droop. For man to have a prayer…the divine Son would give His life for the prodigal one. The blood of the innocent would be shed for the guilty and would provide a bridge of restoration.


“What kind of love possessed The Elohim for this dusty being even in a fallen state of wretchedness?” What sort of affection was it that made The Immortal One remain faithful to a treacherous ungrateful mortal?” They kept wondering. They would never know…It was incomprehensibly mind-boggling…IT STILL IS……


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©2015 Ekpo Ezechinyere


18 thoughts on “A FATHER’S LOVE

  1. Reading through this.
    Made me know the kind of LOVE God Almighty have for humankind.
    It’s just… Overwhelming!
    It’s distinct
    Yes. Our God is AWESOME like that.

    Another breathtaking piece from a #WordSmith…

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  2. Am pretty much emptied of my reserves of adjectives, to truly do justice to what wonders you churn out,time and again ‘Elocution King’! Can’t however reiterate it enough, the certain beauty your words carry! You make magic with ’em words, which makes reading a real delightful treat! And with ’em words greatly riddled with poetic vibes, digging your tales doesn’t require no effort at all…nuh-uh! You’re what great writers are made of, an imagination come to life….too good to be anything else….but true! ‘Dopeness’! 😎😁

    A love so amazing, can only be but divine! His ways are not ours, neither are our ways His! His faithfulness, I can’t comprehend, and never will! But, I say thank God for God all the same! 😇😄

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  3. “Before now, the only thing the angels could not wrap their heads around was the weight of God’s glory. Now they could not come to terms with man’s stupidity. ” This line just got me chuckling….
    powerful message!
    if and when we finally wrap our heads around this love, our perspective changes…reverence, awe and worship will be natural responses.
    “i will worship Him forever, love Him forever because this love is too much o…” this is one song I have come to be singing repeatedly these days…just to remind myself how great God’s love to me is…to keep me grounded yet euphoric; to lead me to a place of worship, surrender and willingness to do His will….

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  4. Hullo man… At first, I was wondering where everything was leading to but I had to patient… I mean, it is the Swagz we are talking of. Patience was rewarded as the tale unraveled itself beautifully. Interesting piece here. Reminds one of those our Children Bible of those days. More ink to the pen jare…and don’t worry, I wouldn’t say anything to give you headache this morn… 🙂
    I throway salute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yours is the kind of headache one needs to make inroads through thickets of life my brother….Without your headache, how do we get better and better…I am all about the better bro…Bring on the headache, I will not take aspirin for it..lol @ it is the Swagz……Thanks as always.. this space will be stifling and dour without peeps like you…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Na wa o… See grammar. I missed this…but it was somewhere in my mind. 🙂 Don’t worry, if you want more than headache masef, we can get it to you. How far na? I dey hail this your continuing ‘write’ hand. I throway salute.


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