Israel…. A virus of celebration had infected the country. Haifa flared with a fever of festivity that burned with astonishing intensity. Song writers composed songs of bravery and victory no end in Jerusalem. Music from energetic bands filled the air waves and people took to the streets gyrating and dancing with no holds barred. In Tel Aviv, taverns spilled over with human beings and enough wine to fill Lake Tiberius poured forth into cups and decanted into souls. Toy slings flooded the market and sold in thousands. Script writers and producers worked tirelessly, thinking of how to turn the whole saga into an Oscar winning block buster.

The whole nation was agog with media frenzy. Jerusalem broadcasting corporation (JBC), Tel Aviv News Network (TNN) and every channel worth its salt blazed with the breaking news. Newspaper boys shouted “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” at the top of their voices.

The headiest headlines in the history of the country were emblazoned across the newsprints. The catchy lines all pronounced the same news albeit in different ways but the one that stood out the most was “Rookie topples national gigantic issue.”

…Far up in the mountains away from the hub of civilization, a ranch stood alone, stark against the backdrop of a dying day. Sheep milled about within wooden pens and their unending baas mingled with music that floated in the evening wind. The sweet strains were akin to melodious dew drops falling on thirsty desert flowers. They made the soul bloom, made the heart indict good things.

These were the most eventful days of the lad’s life and he felt the weariness that comes from both joyful exhilaration and unremitting surges of adrenaline. The shepherd boy strummed his old Spanish guitar eyes closed with rapturous intensity and tears grazing the corners of his eyelids.

An ancient transistor radio was on and he was embarrassed by the news filtering from the box into the room. “Shepherd boy unravels a colossal problem the President and his cabinet could not resolve….”

He smiled to himself, thinking….the whole populace were totally clueless, if only they had the foggiest idea…there was actually more to the story than met the eye……

A human nightingale whose lyrics of worship ascended in the evening air, he strummed on relentlessly, singing……

All the glory must be to the Lord

For he is worthy of our praise

No one on earth should give glory to himself

All the glory must be, all the glory must be, all the glory must be to the Lord…

……Viscous and fragrant, the golden liquid flowed slowly and mesmerizingly from the horn. Following the breaking of the wax covering its receptacle, the warm oil baptised the woolly hair of the shepherd boy. That was the day it all started! The day everything changed!


As the oil anointed his head and flowed down soaking his garments, he felt something happening within. Unimaginable heat was ignited followed by a sea of coolness that brought peace to the shores of his consciousness. The feeling was one he could never describe. In the laboratory of his destiny he felt some spiritual reaction taking place. He was still the same person but felt different, able and capable like never before. He discerned he was being filled with unprecedented and incredible capacity. (He would later go on to write in his epic poem, You anointed my head with oil, and my cup runs over).

As he got up from his knees, he knew something momentous had happened to him. Everything was the same but all had supernaturally mutated within (best way to explain it to the uninformed was Peter Parker becoming Spiderman after been bitten by a spider). There was no explosion or any bizarre happening. However, he would never be the same David ever again. With little efforts, he started achieving quantum results.

Following the experience, he was looking after his sheep one day when a convoy of SUVs and a retinue of presidential staff brought the president’s complimentary card. They had come all the way from Jerusalem to his father’s nondescript ranch in search of him. Someone had mentioned him in the presidential villa and he was now wanted, needed by the number one man in the country. The presidential limousine whisked him off to a life changing appointment. The president had been having insomnia, could not sleep and was foul tempered. Listening to Earl Klugh, Kenny G and his library of classical music was usually sufficient after his gruelling days in the office but they were not cutting it anymore. However, when this rancher boy played his guitar, he slept like a baby. That was something that even the strongest sedatives could not achieve for His Excellency any longer. The shepherd’s boy’s hands had healing in them when he played. His hands became weapons that fought off demons of the night when he handled musical instruments. His songs were lullaby even to the most troubled mind. He healed, he did not entertain!

The lad used to kill lizards and birds for sport but he moved on to greater challenges which he wiped out with the ease of eating lamb stew. The bears and lions that depleted his stocks and assets were not giving the option of living anymore. He went after them, confronted and terminated them. His bottom-line increased; his business would never suffer again.


One day, he happened upon the war room of the Presidential Villa where the President was meeting with his defence cabinet. His father had sent him on an errand to see his brothers who were chieftains in the Israeli army. He knew he did not happen upon that meeting by chance. His steps had been ordered of the Lord.

There was an enormous issue, a goliath problem that challenged the destiny of the nation. The smell of fear that pervaded the room was more intense than that of a rotting corpse. The president and his military big-wigs were completely stumped. The country was about to implode. It was not in his place to talk but courage consumed him and he asked all to give way. He could cut the issue down to size. His proposition did not make sense, in fact the solution he proposed was ridiculous. However, it achieved the sublime; his crazy strategy won the day. Most of the veterans of war were all about the hardware but the power at work within him chose software. The veterans of war though about matching brawn and firepower with the enemies but they came short compared to the enemy’s. He thought out of the box, went for flexibility, agility and speed. He tackled the gargantuan difficulty and came out on top. The spot light could not get enough of him,, he became a national champion.


Beyond the financial rewards that were to accrue his family, what got to his young heart mostly was during the cocktail party that had been held in his honour. Micah had walked up to him and pecked him on the cheek. He could not forget those eyes. He had seen enough does in his day but none could match the hazel limpid eyes of the President’s daughter. They were sticky pools of honey. He knew a life jacket could not prevent him from drowning in them. Actually, he wanted to dive into them and never surface again. Love overwhelmed him. It was difficult to believe that a shepherd boy like him had the possibilities of becoming the president’s son in law.

However he knew what others did not know. It was not about him but the power that worked within. On an opportune day, he had had a prophetic encounter which had opened up the portals of heaven, connected him to supernatural energy. The anointing oil that was poured on his head was a medium through which God’s power invaded every dimension of his life! It was an extension of the God life, His essence, His unstoppable power! It was the power of God that makes a hero out of an ordinary man.

He heard God’s voice that day and it amplified in his spirit, the message filled his senses, exploded in his mind, saturated his intellect. That was why he wrote…


This is a modern day rendition of David and Goliath. 1 Samuel 16-17

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©2015 Ekpo Ezechinyere


14 thoughts on “POWER BELONGS TO GOD 1

  1. Your writing style would make the likes of David Baldacci et al call you for a literary opinion. Proud of your works sir.


  2. Splendidly and specially adapted for our time’s this tale! You did well to best yourself as always Swag and we can only do all things, through Christ that strenghtens us! Its not by our own powers or doing; if the Good Lord’s gotten something to do with it! 😊😃

    Great telling Sir, Well done! 👉


      1. Ayam seriously speechless o!
        The way you weave words is still a mystery. And I’m sure it will continue to be till Kingdom come!


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