I REALLY love this one! I hope you do too. I have noticed that there is a converse reaction to my most loved ones {Lol}. Let me know how you feel about this one. If you do not usually comment, do the unusual this time. Thank you and have a rollicking week ahead.


Explosives kept going off like zillions of firecrackers, only that it was not Christmas. It was hell!!!  The nether parts of it in all its variegated horror spectrum! In the bowels of this nightmare, it started to rain but not the type one was naturally accustomed to. This was a hail storm of bullets accompanied by screeching missiles.  The air was filled with a symphony of destruction played by an orchestra of death. Even Hade’s minions had never been entertained by such opera of terror….


Lt. Ike thought of his wife and new born son. The boy had been given birth to while he was on his tour of duty.  He knew he would never see them again.  He patted the back pocket of his camouflaged fatigue to feel his picture. The picture’s glossy print was smudged from countless nights of stroking the cleft on the boy’s chin and the dimple on his right cheek. He knew he would never get to see the baby’s gap toothed smile in the technicolour of reality. He was going to die here, his bones decomposing into the sand of this unglamorous place. No tombstones were going to be erected in his honour. No body bag was going to be sent back to his family. Morale was low; he knew the rest of the crew were thinking along the same lines as he.  He was proud of them and respected their courage. With the odds that were heavily stacked against them, they did not capitulate. They kept shooting and gave as good as they got.

They became living extensions of their guns and pumped out rounds and rounds until their barrels were hot and ammo ran out. With all that, the damage they did was pretty little. The enemy was still strong, hate filled hordes boiling over with bloodlust.

They had driven into an ambush and were now trapped by a fiery wall of fire power.  Out-manned and out-gunned, they were sitting ducks.  The terrorists had the latest MP5 submachine guns and some of the most recent offerings from the gunsmiths of Czech Republic. While the besieged unit only had AK 47’s that were relics and fossils from another age.  Furthermore they were in a valley like basin while their adversaries were situated in machine gun nests atop surrounding knolls. The first two platoons had been completely wiped out, armoured vehicles smashed by RPGs; soldier’s souls reaped by the scythes of bullets and pineapple shrapnel. Ike and his men had watched as projectiles whistled and thumped into their comrades.

The embattled unit knew the end had come. They would go out gallantly, they were soldiers! If they were going to exit, it had better be in a colourful way, the kind that gave inspiration to songs and movies.  Then their commanding officer did the unusual.  He had kept praying while shooting but suddenly felt within his spirit that he should drop his gun and start singing.

Lt. Ike, under the truck where he took cover, brought out his phone and started playing Jesus Culture’s “Still Believe”.  Kim Walker’s sweet voice permeated the dust and smoke filled air. The officer started singing, forming a duo with the gospel singer, eyes closed in worship. If not for the dire situation they were in, his men would have laughed at the hilarity of the moment. They believed their leader had gone stark, raving mad.  Who sings surrounded by innumerable enemies?  Who croons to songs on a cellular phone when the sands of time were fast running out? It was absolute madness! The heat of battle and the enclosing stench of death had gotten to the man!

Blown by restless winds, smoky ghosts in a hurry to leave the dead and the dying lifted off the battle ground.  As they ascended, they mixed with dust, becoming rust coloured, giving testimony that spring has turned to autumn for most of the fallen ones.  The smoky clouds dissipated as they rose higher into the atmosphere. Lt. Ike’s voice rose with them but his went higher and higher beyond the stratosphere turning into sacrificial incense as it did so. It became sweet smelling perfume that hit the nostrils of eternity. The din of the battlefield suddenly became as far away as distant stars as he accessed the Throne of Grace beyond the flaming screen of dread and destruction.


The Throne was surrounded by rainbows with colourful spectra that went beyond seven and ran into millions. Known precious stones and ones beyond the imagination of man glinted and shimmered around the seat of Jasper. The illumination of it all filled the mind and stunned the senses.  The light from the Throne was more than the fusion of a trillion suns, however not harsh but life giving. This was such coruscation that heavenly beings could not withstand nor their eyes behold. Before it they bowed in wonder!  Music rose in crescendos and crashed before the Throne, melodies so sweet they made the eyes weep for joy.

As Ike’s voice reached the heavens, the music quietened and there was a hush of anticipation. God’s masterpiece was worshiping! One of the grand creatures that had taken over the office of Lucifer was singing. Even the archangels played second fiddle to these beings. The aroma of the soldier’s song enveloped and submerged the heavens in an ocean of harmony. The celestial city swayed to the beauty of it. This was much more than that created by all the continuously played eternal instruments. Angel Michael, moved by the song from the terrestrial plane unsheathed his sword. He was going to create a swathe of destruction through the surrounding foes to reach out to El Elyon’s beloved.  As his wings unfolded and his muscles tensed, he heard the most supreme voice in the universe say, “Michael, this one is for me…”


Michael looked through the hourglass that existed even before the ages were born. Within time that made a second seem like an unending syrupy sea, scrolls of the past unfurled. He remembered! Peter, when incarcerated had being prayed for by the church and one of the angels had been sent to help the apostle. The story was different with Paul and Silas. When they were surrounded by unassailable walls, they sang and The Almighty had visited the dungeon. The ancient gates had fallen apart from the foundations. This one is The Lord’s battle!

An exhalation of breath so soft rose from the throne. Furious winds were stirred up by it and they travelled downwards with incredible speed towards a location on heaven’s GPS.  They moved like intangible heat seeking missiles and struck…..


A terrorist was trying to put an end to it all. The resistant front the enemy had put up had petered out. It was time the whole skirmish ended. He injected the missile into the RPG and shot. The weapon malfunctioned! It blew up in his face. The burning rage of the grenade threw him into the tent of fuel supplies.  Flaming debris from the fuel spread into the store house of their local bombs. The ensuing conflagration was an incendiary beast that devoured all in its path. The terrorists ended up decimating themselves.


Down below, shouts of victory rent the air. Everyone rushed to the now kneeling Officer, hugging him and screaming in jubilation. However, the man eyes closed, kept singing wondrously…. “I still believe….your blood is sufficient for me……”

This is a modern day adaptation of the story of Jehoshaphat.  2 Chronicles 20 {Please read}


 © 2015 Ekpo Ezechinyere





9 thoughts on “POWER OF THE UNUSUAL

  1. DrSwag…
    I will forever cherish and hold dear the day I came in contact with you and your wondrous, beautifully told biblical stories.

    You have no idea what this piece did to me..
    How do you do it?
    I know it’s God’s Grace and Power over you.
    Never stop please…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice one. Made a lot of meaning to me, I live close to where things like this happens. I really appreciate this story. May the Lord continually strengthen u and give you insight. Una well done!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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