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My wedding day….I weep.

My emotions roil, fickle weather they simultaneously release rain of tears and faint sunshine rays of wan smiles. Jumbled up inside, my feelings get more disturbed the closer I get to the altar where my husband-to-be and his best man wait. Seeing the brilliance of my Love’s animated smile as he watched me walk down the aisle provokes a flash back. I am propelled and hurtled down the tunnels of time to when it all began…

It was seven years ago in the University of Ibadan. I had gone to read all night to catch up on one of my dreaded courses. However, after eight hours of gruel studying, it was like I had been hitting my head on a wall all night long.  Irrespective of my efforts, my brain stolidly refused any entry of every ray of understanding. I might as well have slept through…

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