HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!! THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!! Easter is the very foundation of that which we profess. Without the victory of Easter, Christmas would have been another tale not much better than anything concocted by the brothers Grimm. Today we should revel with the kind of euphoria that the Hebrews could not even match after 430yrs of slavery. The veil has been torn…We can access DIVINITY!!! As usual, the Easter gifts I require of you are your comments and observations about this one…..


With see-sawing waves of gaiety, the Blue Nile frolicked under the approving gaze of the midday sun. On the bank of the river, a pristine white building reached out for the skies. Over the glass door leading inside was a huge golden engraving of the sun. Under it was inscribed Ra Laboratories.

The edifice was sophisticated with the finest equipments in the world. Scientists moved about, industrious bees going about their business without distractions and with honey producing intensity. There was a hush that replaced the normal busy buzz that usually filled the room and this lent a grave air to the rooms flooded with fluorescent lightening.  Beakers filled with chemicals boiled in consternation, vats of distilled water hummed and inferences were been recorded by laboratory attendants.

Deep below the structure in caverns unknown, huge statues towered in silent menace. Scones of light fitted into walls and revealed the jackal and bird headed gods that priests in red togas bowed before. Some white coated scientists from the above floors could also be seen paying obeisance.  An elevating contraption of some sort joined the upper floors to this underground. The laboratory was one that combined the modernity of science with mysticism. The natural was in deadly combination with the supernatural. Like two venomous snakes, science and the dark arts joined in malevolent copulation.


The pace in the building recently had been frenetic. The country was under attack. The small country from which they got most of their labour wanted to secede and their monotheistic government was waging a war. The main target had been the presidential villa where Faros the Prime Minister dwelt.

Nile-land had initially used military might and force but their enemies had stood their ground. Now they were on the defensive. Even with that they laughed off the puny efforts of the attackers. Their laboratory was the best in the land and had been able to produce antidotes that neutralized all that was being thrown at them. They had more resources and firepower to eventually wear out the Jacobians.

There had been nine attacks so far and none had been successful. Between the attacks there had been peace talks, negotiations through which Faros had been buying time. His plan was to hem and haw until the rebellious people got frustrated, until they ran out of options and capitulated…..

Shaking some mixture in a glassy container, Professor Ramses chuckled to himself…It was a matter of time….

Some distance away amongst shepherds and labourers, little children chased domesticated animals, jubilant cries filling the air.  There was a carefree nature, a blithe atmosphere that percolated in this region. In the midst of these happenings, a hut stood with shepherd crooks lining the entrance. Compared to the laboratory by the banks of the Nile, this was in no way sophisticated.


Within, a man held a tube filled with blood drawn from a one yr old lamb.  The story of their redemption has so far being one of near misses. This was now going to form the foundation of their last attack, a final onslaught.  The liquid in the tube was their joker, a wild card! The enemy had withstood waves and waves of attacks but it was all coming to a head. This time, the end was near. They would be clueless about this one. There was nothing in their arsenal that would prepare them for the destruction that the seemingly harmless liquid in the bottle would cause. There would be no antitoxin, no antiserum, nothing whatsoever. This last biological warfare would confound the enemy!


That night the attack was sprung and the enemy was clueless. They were out of answers to counter the mystery of the blood. Their calculations, chemistry wizardry, knowledge of biology, arcane intricacies of science in combination with mysticism failed. They did not understand it, could not unravel it and hence could not create an antidote. They were at its mercy and destruction swept through the land with the kind of savagery that stunned their senses.  The next morning, heaps and mounds of dead bodies littered the country. The mighty country had been brought to its knees, head bowed in defeat. The fight had gone out of the people and the victors ravaged their economy.

Today, the former beautiful establishment is all rubble; parts of the structure now perpetually lie beneath the waves of the Nile. Sea-gulls caw in excitement as they perch on broken stones and deep beneath in the caverns hidden from unknowing eyes, statues lay shattered, scattered, the remains of broken gods….



In whom we have redemption through His blood….

This is an adaptation of the story of the children of Israel and their emancipation from Egypt…Exodus 12

Song…Kim Walker-Smith/Jesus Culture…..Still Believe….

©2016 Ekpo Ezechinyere


18 thoughts on “WILD CARD

  1. I no too feel the action jare…I think you left most of the action to our thoughts. I might have expected to see a bit more which…sadly, I did not. All the same, nice narrative, as always. Bonjour Doc!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rabboni… You must be on to something here.. Exactly what the missus complained about… I think I was carried away by wanting to show that the blood has no antidote… I had also done this story before from a different perspective.. Thank you as always Sir…


      1. Yup, I remember the tale from the other way. I thought I mentioned it in my comment… Ah, okay o, I did not. I remember the other one. That one was longer, if I remember right.

        I think the tale just jumped. Like you made the grandeur of what occurred to pass – in my view o! More like, you could have added some drama to make us feel it. I am not sure this story has delivered on the potential that it is heavily packed with.

        Liked by 1 person

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