Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again….

The night was cold and the silence deafening! Swirling mists billowed and all around as far as the eyes could see, tombstones flourished like stony mushrooms. Stars, spooked, hid their faces under dark duvets of rolling clouds. There was no twinkling that night. The diamonds in the sky had been stolen by a cat burglar of creepiness.

A thump was heard as a boat kissed the beach that bordered the graveyard. About a dozen men came off the boat, paralysed by trepidation, they followed their Master at a distance. They had just risked life and limb escaping the arms of a watery grave. Their fledgling ministry had nearly been drowned into nothingness. Families had almost lost breadwinners to a furious storm, all because of an expedition to a cemetery. They might just as well have been buried in the water, what is the big deal between one graveyard and another? The ways of their Master was often beyond their comprehension.

Just then, agonized keening shattered the silence of the night, a tortured sound tattooed terror on the soul. It was the kind of sound that one should hear only once in a lifetime. A cocktail of sorrowful regret and painful loss mixed with a hyena’s cackle of triumph. It was cacophonous music produced in the studios of hell. The men ran back, stumbling and tripping over themselves but their Master resolutely walked on like he was taking an evening stroll in a flower scented garden. Some ran back to the boat about to row away for their life but they remembered the fanged maws of the storm that nearly shredded them to death not too long ago and figured their chances were still best with the Master. They followed again, huddled in fearful distress farther than ever from the serene figure that sauntered amongst the tombstones ahead.

Just then, a silhouette emerged in front of their Master. They smelt the shadow before they saw it. An odour of corruption emanating from a time zone that existed even before Adam tended Eden. The shadow drew closer and they got a closer look. It was a young man dressed in raggedy strips of torn clothing which were more of festoons that adorned rather than covered his nakedness. Healed scar tissues covered his torso. He had some fresh bleeding gashes and lacerations. A closer look revealed a sharp rock in his right hand that was the object of his injuries. Broken iron chains decorated his wrists and ankles. Hair was filthy, matted and had not seen a comb in ages. The only colourful thing about him were his haunted eyes. A mixture of colours with luminosity that burned like flames in the hearths of Hade’s abyss. A closer look at the scars showed that there was a method to the madness. The man’s body was a canvas for every kind of obscene art not imaginable to humanity.

The events that unfolded shocked the men further! The mad man came and bowed before their Master without any incitation or prodding. Insanity bowed before the Prince of Peace. The abominable paid obeisance to The Adorable. Evil crumbled before Good. The mad man spoke in guttural voices that brought forth spiralling smoke, sulphorous fumes, from his mouth and nostrils. His voice was a quivering mix of the plaintive and the triumphant that provoked the fruition of goose bumps. The voices pleaded with their Master to let them be.


The Rabbi asked them who they were and their answer revealed that the insane man was a hive of demonic activities. He was infested by demons, thoroughly possessed. Deep within, the demons filled with angst were astounded at the infinite love that The Most High had for the puny creatures like the one in whom they resided. That He left all to come to seek out the man added to their consternation. It was love that was fathomless, beyond their comprehension. They had done their damndest, stirred up a storm to stop the Essence of divinity and his band of merry men in their oceanic strides. However, they could not match the majesty of The Majestic one and knew their time was up! They pleaded for a reprieve.

The Master cast the foul beings out and they ran into herds of swine numbering thousands. The man was saved, given a spare change of clothing from the boat and some food. When he started talking his insight and knowledge were amazing. The potential he had within was staggering, so much so that Jesus gave him leave to go into ten cities to have a communication and media network with a sole purpose of publishing the goodness of God. Who could have ever guessed? The mad man had the capacity to be a speaker, an author, a communication expert. Heaven rode into the night of an eclipsed life and by dawn, the man’s life had found purpose. A fairy tale if there was any.

The disciples were shocked that one man had so many demons within. They marvelled at the capacity of the human mind that could inhabit such a horde of vile subjects. They thought about the rabid hatred of the dark angels for humanity that they destroy a man’s potential and debase him to such a ruinous state. They were astonished at the love of God for man that would make Him risk everything for a man that was a living dead, one that had been given up on. The Saviour’s love was one that would go beyond the whole nine yards to redeem a scuttled destiny. The storm could have buried them because of a man whose funeral rites had been carried out while he was still alive. Such love baffled them. It was incredible! They were surprised that the man had so much ability and after all that he went through the potential was still intact, enough to be restored. They mused on the fact that if a man filled with evil could break fetter and chains, then how much more could they do filled with the Spirit of God that the demons were subject to. It was actually true that the thief came to steal, kill and destroy man’s divine potential but The Son gives abundant life.


Humpty Dumpty came to a ruinous end because the King and his resources could not do diddly squat about his condition. Royalty was at a loss of what to do, there was no inkling of insight, no capacity to turn Humpty’s situation around. Poor Humpty Dumpty….

Like Humpty Dumpty, sometimes Life pushes us hard and bad and we fall shattered, pieces strewn almost from here to eternity. Our situations are pitiable and there is no one to help. Not friends, not spouses, not experts, not specialists. It is like we cannot be put together again!

Unlike Humpty though, we are not without help. We are blessed to have The King of Kings on our side. To him belongs the power and the glory. No matter how shattered we might seem to be, He is The Potter, he can put us together again! No cracks, no creases, we come out looking brand new. We even coming out looking better than invaluable vases from Chinese or Egyptian dynasties. He covers us with intricate lacework of gold such that people don’t even recognise us anymore when He is through. When the people of Gadarenes came to the graveyard, they did not recognise the mad man. Such was the immensity of the amazing transformation! No matter how ugly it might seem, Our King is a specialist in transforming ugly ducklings into swans. It is never over unless we throw in the towel. No devil is devil enough, no legion indomitable enough to stand in the way of Majestic power. He is a Master-maker, a creator of masterpieces and that is what you are. A MASTERPIECE!!! Irrespective of how it is now, it cannot be worse than that of the crazy dude of Gadarene. At least we are not living in cemeteries yet. No matter how it looks, you have a beautiful destiny. You are a winner! If you think I am jiving you, then read the story of this insane guy again…MARK 5. The song that kept playing in my mind throughout this creation was Hillsong’s “Anchor” , (Give it a shot,  you might like it’)….


©2016 Ekpo Ezechinyere



20 thoughts on “A BEAUTIFUL DESTINY

  1. Humpty Dumpty, what a name. Beautiful poem, as usual, disguised as prose. And it looks like I am using the same theme with you. A pleasant coincidence, and I hope it rubs on my prose. Keep making love to art, you this doctor!


  2. Wow!!! It has being ages my brother. Reading your honey sweetened comments is always good for my soul. If all readers appreciated me like you, I would have since made this art love making a permanent feature of my life…thank you Nwannem Nwoke….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing story told in a new & refreshed way for this generation to easily relate to it. God’s love is indeed no respecter of class. More grace drswag


  4. Tho I’m just reading this, I still have to leave my comment.
    You are just too much Sir Ekpo.
    Keep us watered.
    God Bless You sir.


  5. You have a refreshing way of telling a known story. Although I’ve heard the tale before but it never occurred to me that he went all the way just for the man. Thanks for teaching something new. And thank you for sharing your gift with us. As usual it was an interesting read.


  6. “The only colourful thing about him were his haunted eyes”👌
    Encouraging piece.
    Listened to Hillsong’s Anchor and let’s just say that I’ll be listening to more of it and their other songs.


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