Okwukwe sat in the reception surrounded by the perpetual drone that is synonymous with very busy hospitals. Now and then, a baby’s indignant cry pierced through the incessant hum of frenetically paced activities.  Though bored out of his wits, he could still not bring himself to follow the Nollywood movie that was most of the waiting patients were glued to. The magic that such movies had that could hold so many people spellbound was totally unfathomable for him.

He was at the clinic for the third time that week and this time it was for an investigation review.  He had always been sickly and frail looking which made him the butt of every joke and the weakling every bully zeroed in on in his younger years.  Each month, a good portion of his salary was spent on medical expenses so much that he was one of the staff clamouring for the services of a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Always the model patient, this time he had run out of patience and furthermore cash. The trip home would mostly be done on foot and again he wondered when life was going to deal him more favourable odds.

Having finished the novel he had with him, he became quite antsy until he remembered the app he had downloaded on his phone. Fortunately, PHCN had been magnanimous the night before and he had been able to charge fully.

He clicked open the app which happened to be a bible, a book he rarely ever touched though he was a Christian. Most of his time was spent on the news, movies and novels. They were more exciting ways to keep boredom at bay he had always believed. However, the message his Pastor had preached on Sunday almost made him red faced with embarrassment and he had decided to change his ways.


He settled down to read and the first words that jumped at him were, “TO HIM THAT BELIEVETH, NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE!!!” The letters that Mark wrote thousands of years ago hit him so hard; he could almost hear his breath being expelled. The words grabbed him forcefully and submerged him in an ocean of meditation. The ocean floor was chock full of all sorts of sunken treasures, pearls that were the largest he had ever seen. He reached out and grabbed one. The surge of revelatory power that flooded within shot him through the app into dimensions unknown. Though, he was still sitting in the hospital, paradoxically he had been transported to another world where things were more real but not physically tangible. Later, he would describe it as akin to Alice entering the rabbit hole to a wonderland.


……Okwukwe found himself in angel, his sports car, the kind he had never seen before, one that even made the most beautiful ones in the flesh realm seem like toys from a stone age. He absentmindedly flicked some imaginary dust off his chest as he drove and was stunned when he felt the ridges on his torso. He looked down and realized that he was a totally new creature. His body was a terrain of muscular bumps and ridges with six packs rippling under his skin. What do you know?!!! He had become a regular beefcake.

He turned his concentration back to the work at hand. His home had being raided, the most precious things he owned carted away. The testament of all his father had bequeathed to him and the antidote from the labs of Rohi. Without the testament he was absolutely nothing, left only with a status that would make him less than a beggar and without the blood serum he was surely going to die.

The raiders were way ahead of him and the road they took led to a jetty. By the time, he got their at neck-break speed, they were already sailing away in a speed boat. Frustration gnawed at his being like hungry rats. However, he remembered that in this world there were neither restrictions nor limitations. “It was a world of possibilities only if you can believe,” Adonai had said.

He looked at the dashboard of his car again and was dumbstruck, the gadgets and buttons in the cockpit of the fighter jets he studied in his spare time had nothing on this. He clicked some buttons and the car whirled to life, wings sprouted from its sides and with a purposeful roar, it rose smoothly into the skies. Within a few minutes, the expanse of the lake had been covered and on the other side, he saw them. The convoy of death! The ones that had broken into his house had joined their diabolic cronies and were making for their stronghold in the dark mountains where light never shines. The convoy was so long he wondered what chance he had against such hordes of hell but somewhere in the back of his mind, a door opened slightly and light shone. He remembered Samson confronting a 1000 elite soldiers with something as ridiculous as an ass’ jawbone. He touched some buttons and was able to see on his screen that the ice van was in the vanguard of the troops. That was where the antidote must be and where that was, the testament would be also.

 He focused on the vans at the rear and touched some knobs. The whoosh of angry missiles from his car fused with that of the enemies’ cries of terror as they exploded in uninhibited fury. Destruction and conflagration reigned. The enemy was in disarray.

They responded with some SAMs(surface to air missiles) and the ease with which he turned and whirled out of harms away amazed even him. The ones that exploded close to him were made harmless by the invisible force field around him. They were sitting ducks on a shooting range.

He landed in front of the leading vehicles, his car assuming its natural shape again. Coming out, he ran at the raiders as they came out of their vans. He was nonplussed at the ease with which he dispatched them using hand to hand combat. When did he learn the martial arts with such incredible dexterity? Here, the impossible did not exist!

The last three ran off into some undergrowth and he went after them in hot pursuit, running and jumping over obstacles with flowing ease. Cackling like mad hyenas, they started shooting at him wrathfully; hot lead that echoed implacable hatred, projectiles that had the aroma of death. The raiders were experts when it came to stealing, killing and mostly annihilation. He suddenly saw the rock and dove under its shadows while bringing out his own gun. From his vantage point they were easy pickings. He took them all out. As he held the suitcase with his valuables later, he was amazed at how easy peasy, it had all been. He knew that in the world controlled by this one where he was, he would never be the same again….


 ©2017 Ekpo Ezechinyere



8 thoughts on “THE APP

  1. Hmmm… the seductive use of language!!!! Boss, na u biko. Abeg I dont mind these gadgets oo…six pack tinzz..we the ladies insist u must do a womans version ooo..loool!


    1. Seductive use of language…There is a way that you use words that thrill no end. Let me get 30 of such requests from the ladies then my hand will be forced to do the woman version…Lol. Always a delectable experience reading you. Thank you.


  2. We all need an Alice in Wonderland experience some times in our lives. A wonderful escape. A world where imagination is the only limitation.
    Deep write up Bro, I felt my pulse race with Okwukwe.


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