Lucio downed the brand in the snifter thirstily and hurled it into the roaring fireplace where it broke into pieces. Shaking with barely controlled fury, agitation unconcealed, he paced up and down the room. He was going to get even, hit the godfather where it mattered most.

The godfather had built an empire and made Lucio the CEO of the holding company, naturally. The man was prodigiously gifted with more degrees than a thermometer and from the most prestigious universities. Added to that was handsomeness that was almost unbelievable. He was also quite adept with various musical instruments and was proficient in many languages. A great choice as ever could be until he started mopping up shares to unseat the chairman, the godfather by means of a hostile takeover.

The Chairman had gotten wind of the plot and had squelched it through about the greatest battle in the business world. Ultimately, Lucio had been sacked and his throne given to another. It was a setback he could not live down, a disgrace that left the bitter ashes of ignominy in his mouth.

What caused him the greatest agony was the cur that took over from him. A riff raff who was so ordinary it was heartrending painful. An orphan the godfather had adopted as a son and loved to distraction. The old man could give his life for the commoner. It was incredible! Lucio’s gigantic pride could not take it. Now, the time was ripe and opportunity had fallen like a ripe fruit which he was going to devour with relish. He brought out his phone and released his dark angels!

Adan woke up to the beauty of another day in his house situated on a picturesque crag with his bedroom overlooking the blue ocean. Birds chirped in rapturous frenzy and their delight spilled into the room. He had worked quite late into the night and had woken up late long after his wife had gone to drop his daughter in school. Thinking of them made his face break out in smiles. They were his treasures, his blessings. He picked his phone and called his wife on whatsapp video to feast on her beautiful face which would automatically turn breakfast into dessert. The phone kept ringing out and he became slightly worried. She most times answered on the first ring.

Adan would have felt more consternation if he had had the faintest idea of what was happening on the cliffs leading to the house. An armoured car had rammed the car his wife was in from behind. The car hit the guard rail ferociously and the right front wheel tottered on the edge of the cliff. However, Angelo, her chauffeur /body guard was already on the move, rolling out of the car; he jerked her door open and shielded her with his Kevlar clad body. All in one smooth movement. His SIG was already out pumping bullets as they took shelter behind their vehicle which miraculously had not rolled over. He aimed at the tyres of the assaulting vehicles as it came for them, flattening the wheels. The driver’s door opened as the first foe disembarked, only to crumple as Angelo’s bullet found his skull. The bodyguard still running left his Boss’ wife as he swivelled and rolled under the armoured vehicle to come out behind as the other door opened. He filled the assailant with bullets and lunged at the third one, pirouetting with the grace of a ballet dancer and the speed of a 100m champion, he speared the man and they both fell on the dusty earth. Angelo, got up, ducked, moved as they went at each other with fists and legs, chops and punches, a dazzling smorgasbord of boxing and martial arts. He feinted to the left and the hound lunged in the direction only to find his arm caught in a pincer like grip that crushed his wrist and dislocated his elbow. As he shouted in pain, a chop landed on his throat making him choke on his scream and he fell in a heap never to utter any sound again.


Angelo ran back to his ward and she screamed her daughter’s name. If the hounds of hell had the effrontery to attack her, they must be gunning for her daughter too. Angelo knew that no harm must befall the girl. He would not know how to explain that away to the godfather.

He grabbed his madam and they ran down the road after he had picked his fallen gun, managed to push their car back on the road and raced down the cliff towards Eva’s school.

It was break time at the school and the children were out playing when suddenly gunshots shattered the playful serenity. Kids and their teachers fell down left and right like windblown leaves. The dark angels did not give a hoot about who got caught or cut down in their swathe of destruction so long they were able to take the little girl alive. The intent was for Lucio to torture her while skyping with Adan and the godfather. It would be excruciating torment for the men to see the girl being torn to bits by his bestial mastiffs. They must suffer for his shame. However, they did not factor Engel into this equation.

Already racing, disguised in the school janitor’s clothing, Engel brought out his Browning. He was always on guard at the school, so as to keep the girl within sight. Galloping, he grabbed her from the swing and dropped her unto the play sand, smothering her with his body as he gauged the trajectory of the attacker’s weapons. He started hosing them with his guns, raining hell on the purveyors of hell, emptying clips and jamming clips in poetic motions of death, all the while whispering in a soothing, “do not fear little one, I am here, they won’t harm you, they can’t harm you, Talitha.”


The enemies dropped like flies, ran into bullets that poured like hail and hit like battering rams especially when Angelo joined the fray. The car he drove had screeched and careened into the gate of the school, tearing off the metal from its hinges. The vehicle had barely stopped when he rolled out, grabbed a low hanging tree branch and hauled himself onto the tree, swinging and running from branch to branch along the rows of landscaped trees, the bodyguard picked off the hounds with his bullets like they were ducks on a shooting range.

Lucio’s men died surprised! Such speed as being displayed by the bodyguards was beyond belief, their dexterity at handling weapons phenomenal. Thing was there was an unnatural savagery that was ignited in their killers when the safety of the heir to the godfather was at stake. They become killing weapons; no quarter was asked or given in such circumstances.

Adan stood at the gate of his house when his ladies arrived home and flew into his arms. He crushed them in a bear hug, tears of relief pumping more than the bullets that had flown pell-mell earlier on in the day. He mouthed his thanks to the bodyguards as they stood at attention some distance away. They smiled back at him and he remembered the words of the Godfather…

For I shall give my angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone…..


 ©2017 Ekpo Ezechinyere


20 thoughts on “THE BODYGUARDS

  1. Simply amazing!!! This is really wow! You make a great script writer and novelist too. I’m sure you know that. Do consider taking this another level sir. A whole world awaits the premiere. We dey your back.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. By the authority given to me I give you the Dove and Grammy Awards for the best movie of all time, along with the best sound track. I give you the Nobel Peace Prize for the best literature of all time. I crown you the best writer the world has ever known. God we bless your name for this gift to humanity.


  3. See as I read as if I was there from the beginning of the action!
    You are simply amazing!
    Happy Easter to you and your family. Hope you had a wonderful celebration.


  4. Wow. Pretty intense. Beautifully written. Had my heart racing. Great piece bro. Perfect images. And my favourite part.
    ‘He started hosing them with his guns, raining hell on the purveyors of hell, emptying clips and jamming clips in poetic motions of death, all the while whispering in a soothing, “do not fear little one, I am here, they won’t harm you, they can’t harm you, Talitha.”


  5. Omg! This swept me off my feet.
    I thought I cared little for thrillers until I read this. I am thrilled to no end. Brilliant! You really are going places. I believe your talent will take you places you have never dreamed off!👍
    And yes….message received as always.


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