The bullet drilled through the knee cap, shattering and pulverizing sinews. Muscles, tendons, nerves and blood vessels exploded in a bloody mist. The man’s scream hauntingly echoed and re-echoed in the building but his assailant was deaf to his cries.

The shooter oblivious to the injured man’s agonizing discomfort shouted into his face spraying it with a rain of spittle. “WHERE IS SHE??!!!!!!”

Excruciating pain had made the man dumb. Curled in a foetal position; cradling his burst knee, he whimpered inanities and pointed upwards towards the staircase.

The shooter brought out a knife and malevolently stuck it into his right eye and in a swift macabre, poetic motion pulled it out and sliced his throat from ear to ear.

As blood began to pool, he bounded up the stairs two at a time…….

………..The evening a few days before was an idyllic one and the man was reclining on his sitting room couch running his hand through his wife’s dreads as she laid on his lap playing with and kissing his hand. They were watching a comedy and now and then erupted into gales of laughter as they occasionally fed each other with peanuts. Their new born baby gurgled happily in a cot beside them. Life was blissfully groovy!

That was until the door burst open and five hooded men rushed in brandishing wicked looking automatics. The first one walked slowly to the cot, a cold grin akin to that of a skull head momentarily flashed behind the mouth hole of the mask. He raised his gun and shot into the cot. Blood splattered everywhere. The anguish cries that emitted from the baby’s parents could have tortured even the fiends of hell but not these demons. They fed on the feast of the couple’s suffering with relish.

The leader with languid, swaggering steps strolled to the man and stood before him, legs apart; pistol clasped behind him, and then with the speed of a striking snake struck the gun across the man’s face, tearing lips, loosening teeth.

“Where are the deeds?” He asked coolly and coldly .

“I kept them in the vaults of my bank,” replied the cowered, sobbing man.

“Bring it to this address 72 hours from now or you will never see your wife again.”

Petrified by fear, his wife offered no resistance as they dragged her out like a rag doll.

His father had bequeathed real estate to him and recently it was discovered that the land was part of a huge stretch bearing precious minerals. The company that got the mining concession had offered to buy him out after buying out others easily. His acres were smack dab in the middle of the mining zone and meant a lot to the bidders but he refused to sell. He had plans for his inheritance and part of it was to keep his father’s name alive. The old man had given everything to ensure his son’s future was secured.

He had heard from the grapevine that his adversaries were as mean as mambas but he had figured there was nothing dialogue will not be able to resolve. After years of being in the military, he was now all about negotiations and dialogue. His days of fighting were over. He had become a pacifist, gone soft and that had gone wrong badly for his family..

He remembered his Commander always telling his unit that true soldiers never go soft, never get involved in civilian affairs up to the point of losing the razor sharp edge of their military training.

Head bowed, he walked out of his house towards the BQ, tears streaming. As he walked he realized what was at stake and after a few steps, head held high, he began to run with steady steps. This was no time to grieve.

He had been part of an elite crack squad and years of training started calling out to him. Within his bowels there was a rising and a molten magma kind of rage began to surge through his veins. HOW DARE THEY TOUCH HIM AND HIS FAMILY, KILL HIS BABY, ABDUCT HIS WIFE???!!! HOW???!!!

The BQ had some false walls and when he touched a hidden button, they opened to reveal an armoury that almost had more weapons than the Fort Knox had gold. Lifting two handguns, the familiar weapons felt so at home in his hands and he could feel he was back in his element. His muscles thrummed with tension. They bunched and tensed in the similitude of a jungle cat about to pounce. He was not an ordinary man anymore, he had become a soldier!

It was less than 48hrs when he struck their safe house!

The armoured jeep careened through the gate and broke through a tool shed where it came to a stop, tyres spinning in agitated fury. That was where they came to meet him. He went berserk, within him was activated a killing mode, ignited was a destructive code.


The first one through the door got a knife between his eyes, buried all the way to the hilt and was left writhing on the floor like a beheaded serpent. The guns came out, bullets flying furiously and triumphantly into human flesh. His bullets got spent and since there was no time to load fresh magazines, he started a chain saw plugged to the wall. One was sliced off from the torso, another beheaded. The third had the saw driven through him and left running within as he fell poleaxed.

The soldier heard more footsteps and hid beside the door. First things he could lay his hands on were a hammer and a screw driver. He ran into the mass of bodies and they huddled together forming some kind of scrum. The screwdriver went into a throat and the hammer crushed the bridge of a nose. Then the hammer knocked the screwdriver into the head of the last guy.

He took a fallen submachine gun and ran towards the main house, hosing everywhere with projectiles of death. Stilettos emitted cries of exultation as they thumped into flesh and grenades exploded and exorcised shrapnel into human bodies.


He ran up the stairs and they came at him. The space was too close for shooting so there was a display of martial arts that was not for the purpose of winning gold but for the vanquished to embrace death. He dove under a chop and bringing out another knife, grabbed the hand of his foe and stabbed the hand against the balustrade, in and out, up the arm until he buried it with implacable force into the hollow of the man’s neck, not minding the blood that spurted forth like geysers in Yellow-stone Park. With an anti-clockwise, clockwise twist of the head, another’s neck was ruthlessly snapped.

violence 2

Finally, he stood before the door. He kicked it open and rushed to his wife. As he carried her with her hands hooked around his neck, he murmured soothing words to her frayed nerves.

When they exited out of the front door, dawn was just embracing the first rays of sunlight and the shrill crying of sirens filled the air. He was oblivious to all that though, what mattered most was the well being of the most precious gift that had been bestowed on him, the woman in his hands.

Grimy, dirty, bloody, wounded he was, yet did not mind. It had been worth it all. The fight was far from over. There were certainly more battles to be fought ahead but he promised himself he will never be caught napping again.

Behind them, the house he had rigged with bombs blew up into a huge, fiery, blossoming flower that bloomed all the way to the blue skies…..




9 thoughts on “VIOLENCE

  1. True! The kingdom doth suffereth violence! Luckily, our weapons of warfare aren’t carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds….. And we already have the victory!



  2. DrSwag, this was quite a vivid description of events. It was like watching this play out like an action movie. The lesson is strong and clear! I wish many more of us would take a stand and fight! Fight for all that is dear and precious.


  3. Wow! What a love this was. I am glad it ended well. I’m sure they will both heal body and mind in the knowledge of their deep love that will sacrifice all.

    This is definitely stuff for Hollywood action movies😃. You might be on your way there🤞.
    Message passed effectively.


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