Recently my soul was filled with angst.  It seems I was being hounded by my dreams. With feral ferocity they attacked my consciousness, choked me until I tasted them on my buds. You must be wondering why I suffered such discomfiture. It was because my present location seemed to be aeons away from that of the dreams I constantly visualize. I needed answers that day and thankfully I knew what to do.

It was a Tuesday evening and fortunately a prayer meeting day. It was one I should have missed because it was the Thane’s birthday but I decided to breeze in for a few minutes to seek some surcease from my roiling emotions before rushing home.

Funny, it was one of those times i could not even open my mouth to pray. However, as I slowly walked up and down the aisle, it was like i was plunged into an ocean of peace, every tiny cell, every bit of my soul was saturated so much I broke out in a rash of smiles.

Furthermore, I found myself time travelling, bridging the past with the present. Prayer does that for me. It is like the Tardis that my Dr Who across timelines.

Once again, I found myself strolling along the Nile in the land of ancient pyramids and like Sherlock Holmes; I had a former Prime Minister there under my magnifying glass.

It dawned on me that dude once walked in my shoes, felt my angst.  Being an errand boy and a jailbird are far locations from a plum position in the palace or having constellations bowing down to you.

Where he found himself at particular times where all parts of the journey and the ultimate result might not have happened if any other path had been taken. The good, bad and ugly that happen to us are all involved in paving the paths to our dreams. In short it is not about where we are today. It is about the decisions we take every day (the decision not to sleep with Potiphar’s wife led him to the prison where he met the person that took his C.V to the palace), It is about loving people (he went out of his way to help the Butler and the baker), It is about maximising opportunities (he solved problems for those two palace staff of Pharaoh). No matter how far our location might seem to be, it does not really matter. What really makes the difference is in our every day happenings. With the right input, everyday, we inch closer and closer…

Did I say that despite running into hellish traffic on my way home, I was still able to make some good time? Got me some huge slice of the creamy, velvety cake…it was absolutely divine!




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