Another day filled with unbearable humdrum. Even though he was in the wild yet it seemed as if he was enclosed by walls of claustrophobia. After decades, he still could not unravel the mystery of how he ended up here. He was aeons away from his initial high born, trail blazing beginning. In generations to come, some would liken the trajectory of his life to that of a comet, brilliant for a moment and burnt out the other. Others will tag him as the forerunner of Icarus, about to touch the sun then finds himself crashing to ashes. Unfortunately, he was no phoenix it had seemed.

With the lethargic steps of someone who has been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, he went about the day with heavy steps dragged down by the gravity of ennui. He used to be a commander of the most elitist soldiers in the world but now in charge of an ovine army.

Out of the blue, the day took a different twist, there was a whoosh, a noisy crackling and the air was filled with heat waves. He looked up to figure out what was happening. It was a huge expanse of land interspersed with trees here and there, not as remarkable as the ones found along the Nile though. Naturally, anything that flashed across the landscape of this wilderness would cause a ruckus of excitement but this was way much more! He was surprised to see that the same tree he had passed a while back without giving a glance to was now on fire, roaring, and clothed in fiery majesty. Enthralled, he steeped closer to have a look; something beyond the norm was going on. A plain tree that had never been accorded any recognition suddenly acquired significance. It filled the monochrome of a normal day with colours.

Sometimes we are treated like wall paper because we lack fire. The insipid relationship, the tedium of a regular 9-5 and the psychological torture that is sometimes synonymous with it might all become a thing of the past if we begin to blaze with passion. Passion changes dynamics. It makes us stand out, gives a glow that makes people see us differently, in a new light so much they might wonder if we have been invaded by some extra-terrestrial beings. A spouse that had being more distant than Pluto could inexplicably in wonder eyed fascination not be able to keep his/her hands off us.
If a burning tree could lead to the events that sparked off a revolution which overturned the greatest nation of its time, think of the possibilities that might blossom if we can douse ourselves with the gasoline of purpose and ignite our passion. Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four fame to turn himself into the Human Torch (his super hero alter-ego), screams “FLAME ON!!!””






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