With all the euphoria associated with crossing the threshold of a new year sometimes the year does not start the way we expect. Confronting us might be school fees that fail to show up, businesses that refuse to lift off ground, bills screaming to be paid, relationships that will not budge an inch like ornery mules, jobs that won’t change, etc and we might begin to think we have been dealt a bad hand by the fates or that someone from the village is after us again. HOLD IT!!!! Caution must be exercised so that a fledgling year will not be torched by the flames of doubt, fear and self pity just as it is beginning to blossom. Truth is, you are actually in good company.

Funny as it might sound, at the beginning of beginnings; the Almighty seemed to have run into a wall too. We usually start a new year with plans well laid out, beautifully formed and well thought out. Just like us, God had well crystallized thoughts of how he wanted everything to pan out but alas what confronted him was an amorphous inky muddle. A situation very far from what he had in mind. However, he did not throw up his arms in dismay, nor turn away from the mess into his divine shell to lament. Instead he stayed with it, HIS SPIRIT HOVERED ABOVE THE WATERS. He ruminated on the situation, assessed the conundrum, searched and looked intently, purposefully for a silver lining. In short, He thought possibilities.

No matter the state of your affairs, don’t give up this year. Be expectant! Look for a spark of light in the ocean of darkness, search out a glimmer of hope, get revelation, and be fixated on illumination. THINK POSSIBILITIES THIS YEAR, ALWAYS POSSIBILITIES! I

At the end, God saw that everything was very good. Out of the billowing and swirling darkness, light will spring out for you. It was written that out of the dead carcass of the lion that Samson killed, sweet honey came forth. 2018 will be a very good year for us.

In reality, messes are not always terrible; they can actually be lovely and delectable, for example, pottage, ikokore, ogi (pap)/Quaker oats with lots of milk and sugar (yummy!)…😂😂😂

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ekpo Ezechinyere 2018


4 thoughts on “THE HOVERING

  1. Doc Swag, this kain New Year wey just open with bombing of one million posts… Hmmm, are we safe? Plus, how can we have Happy New Year in February? You were sleeping since abi? Hmmm. Let us catch you first. How you dey and how’s everything at your end?

    This is short, witty and inspiring.
    That said, let me go and look for my oats. 🙂

    PS: Welcome back bro.


    1. 😂😂😂…..I don write am since but I no post am. Life is groovy my brother, God is good. I don miss you ooo…its bn ages…na happy new years I suppose greet you.


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