Her pores sweated fragrances, always. Anytime, they wafted into his nostrils, Chukwudiadi’s heart assumed the tortured movement of a derailed train. She had a predilection for braids which were usually getting into her face. With exquisite movements that seemed like slow motion, she had a way of flicking the unruly ones away with a deft hand accompanied with a delicate swing of her neck. Such poetic panache was like sorcery to him. If she used a wand, he would not have been enchanted more. Chai!! He wanted her with all his being.

There was a challenge though. They lived on different planets. Amukoko to Banana Island would seem like Mercury to Pluto. He knew he was hardworking and had a bright future ahead of him but being confronted by who she was always made his courage melt like ice cream before her sunshine. His friends usually went out with ladies whose names were coined in the interior of the hinterland he originated from. Names that were a mouthful even for local people. So, how could he marry a lady with a mellifluous name like Chantelle? How would his mother cope? He was way out of his league here, totally!
She liked him in return but was the old fashioned type who believed in Knights and dragons. Chantelle figured that if a man loved her, he should bite the bullet. She was not interested in the depths of a man’s pocket but in the size of his heart. She waited and waited and finally married someone else who was lion hearted.

Lastly, he settled for one that was more like him, someone that seemed like no conquest whatsoever because he refused to stretch and leave his comfort zone. His heart was always somewhere else and for the rest of his days he lived consumed by the flames of misery.

Before someone calls him all these names we use for “sissies”, Jew-man, Bolo, Slacker, Otu, Liverless, etc, hold it! Are we not like him a lot of times? We desire something, we want to possess territories, be it spiritual, marital, financial, professional, etc, God gives us a promise, yet before the dreams, we baulk, become lily livered. We suddenly seem not good enough and we reel out excuses as long as the Nile.

Case in point, God had promised the Israelites Canaan. He minced no words about it. After leaving Egypt, they got to the boundary of the guaranteed land and God asked them to check out the terrain. His idea was to let them see how good the land he was giving them was (and the place was plenteous with good stuff, took a duo of them to carry a cluster of grapes} but they looked at the land from another perspective. They did not see it through God’s eyes.


Mind you, twelve spies were sent and they were leaders not minnows. God did not consider the people in the land when he promised, neither the shortcomings of the Hebrews. All they needed to do was believe. However, the men came back wailing, they declared a verdict of the land being filled with giants who saw them as grasshoppers. In some cultures, grasshoppers are a tasty snack, what you pop into your mouth while attending to more important things. The ultimate truth was how they saw themselves caught up with them. They did not enter the land and all died in the wilderness. I ask myself why they did not even see themselves as bees or wasps that could sting the enemy to death. It is amazing!

Along life’s journey, we will always get to our valleys of Eschol that have so much promise, but seems to be infested with giants. At those moments, how do we respond? What are our reactions? Do we keel over in a dead faint or do we lace up our gloves for battle knowing God is backing us.


Naturally, life deals with us according to how we see ourselves. What kind of insect are you is me simply asking, how do you see yourself? WHO ARE YOU??? FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE!


Ekpo Ezechinyere 2018



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