Paul the apostle used sports’ illustrations to drive home points about life. In that similitude, I will be sharing some facts I garnered from being an avid wrestling fan in a series over the next few days.

My love for Cena has waned over time except if he is in the ring with someone like Kevin Owens who pushes him to the limit and makes us see new things from Cena’s skill set.
However, his winning move, THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT {AA} is one that gets my attention not because it is fanciful but because of the message it passes across to me.
By default we grow up with some attitudes to life through nature and I believe mostly nurture. Unfortunately, some of these attitudes can be quite negative. If it is said that attitude determines altitude, it means bad attitude makes sitting ducks instead of soaring eagles of people.

Like our idiosyncrasies, we all have different attitudes towards God, marriage, the opposite sex, pursuit for knowledge, finances/money, giving, learning, excellence, love, service, titles, relationships, etc. I for one became more eternally conscious towards my giving when a financial tsunami wiped out almost all my investments years ago. It was an AA in that area and looking back I am all the better for it.

Life is progressive and we need to keep improving and changing. Jesus said new wine is not poured into old wine skins.

The AA usually guarantees victory. Little wonder Cena is the most decorated champion WWE after the Nature Boy Rick Flair. Do we want guaranteed wins in life then we all need a bit of tweaking, get us some attitude adjustment {I need me a lot}. Bad attitude will only lead to losses. Like a bad case of halitosis, it makes people and life shut down on one. With some attitude adjustment though, we will give life a licking. After the 1,2,3 count, we will be the ones standing, hands raised in victory, crowds shouting, drums rolling….like John Cena.



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