I totally run from any kind of negativity. Not to choke in its noxious fumes, I try as much as possible to wear a gas mask of gratitude always. I intentionally try to live in a world of silver linings and not clouds. Nothing beats the rarefied air of thanksgiving…nothing! Woify says my range of emotions are not fully developed, that I rarely ever have the blues. I tell her it’s a choice. To help that choice, I surround myself with songs.

The Nature Boy, Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler ever and I would say the most flamboyant. Blonde hair and all, Dude was quite a sight in his day. The only 16 time world champion in the history of wrestling. Aside his theatrics in the ring, way he fell on his face like he had been pole-axed and bounces off ropes, his chops, the figure four leg lock, what I fancy so much about him is when he struts about in his cocky fashion and goes Wooo. He faced way bigger giants from Nikita Koloff to Hulk Hogan and was sometimes pulverized. Yet, bloody, he looks opposition in the face, struts and goes wooooo and he does it with attitude.



Villainous elements have a bad habit of trying to steal our joy, wear us down, until we are all messy and pulpy. Question is, how do we respond? Simba in the classic animation by Disney, Lion King said that he laughs in the face of danger.

So if you ever see me strutting and giving a whooping wooooo, when I should be snivelling and groaning from a black eye, don’t be alarmed, I have not gone barmy. It’s just the way of champions, the sterner stuff they are made of.

The Psalmist said that the shouts of joy and victory resounds in the tents of the righteous…..WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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Ekpo Ezechinyere 2018
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