the usos

It is said that doing same thing and expecting a different result is the meaning of insanity. If that is the case then there are a lot of hatters in our world. Case in point, King Saul could not face Goliath with the full complement of his amour yet he offered it to David. The Shepherd boy was smart, dodged the offer and went for another strategy. Why would you offer someone what didn’t work for you?

The Usos. Twins from a great family line of wrestlers who used to be quite colourful, playful and friendly but did not achieve much until they changed their gimmick. They became hard, more resolute and mean. Since their renaissance, they have been unstoppable champions. Last year alone they won the tag team belts thrice.

Similarly, we all need to evaluate our lives regularly to assess what is working and what is not. If an area has not worked consistently over a long period of time, a bit of tweaking might be in order.
If a particular career is not working, despite the fact that more degrees than a thermometer have been acquired along the trajectory of its progression, a switch of careers might be in place. A lady who constantly gives out sexual favours to curry love and attention and has been left in the cold over and over again should have the wisdom to acquire some lock and key. A dude asking out a lady might have to become more romantic. Way Jesus turned water into wine, a married couple might need to change the common to the heady, add some pizzazz to the normal. A business person might need to inject more customer positive experience into his gig.

Basically, the old will not cut the mustard anymore, newness is vital. Like the Usos, we all need to become more purposeful and in some ways more determined but not mean {that trait only works in the wrestling ring} to become champions.

For victory to be attained there has to be altered states, e.g. Clark Kent transforms to Superman!

New wine is not poured into old wineskins.

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