After Ricky Steamboat, Jeff Hardy is my most favourite wrestler ever! A champion of many categories, what readily comes to mind about him is his crazy, fear defying moves. His signature winning moves, whisper in the wind and Swanton Bomb are sheer poetry infused with risk. He and his brother {The Hardy Boys} are known for high risk matches e.g. Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Jeff is fearless!

To be champions in life, we must be risk takers and immune to fear. Franklin Roosevelt said the only thing to fear is fear itself. Fear incapacitates. A life without risks is boring!

I know of a dude who seems to have been dealt a bad hand in life and ladies where avoiding him like a disease. His wife who was better placed than he was then took a risk on him. Guy turned out to be someone with a Midas’ touch. Same with a lady who did not seem to have an atom of maternal instinct but her husband took a risk and she turned out to be the best Mum ever! In investment circles, the high risk ventures pay the most. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Imagine asking Abraham at 75 where he was going after God called him and he had told you he didn’t have an idea? You would have thought he had lost his marbles. What about when he was asked to sacrifice his only son? Absolutely crazy stunt I tell you. Today, he is the father of the three major religions in the world amongst other things.

The road to championship glory is fraught with risks but fortune favours the brave. However, we need a robust skill set {Jeff is amazingly skilled in the ring} which comes from incessant training, a deep conviction of faith and must be in tune with our intuitions. For the Christian, prayer is not negotiable.


God took a risk, He was not sure we were ever gonna love him, yet He died for us. The dividends have been worth it to heaven, paid off big time! He is the champion of our hearts…

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Ekpo Ezechinyere 2018

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