This brother is way cool! His nifty moves in the ring can be totally mesmerizing. His most memorable match for me was the 2010 Money in the Bank contest with Jack Swagger. He did more amazing things in the ring than Spider-man, awe-inspiring stuff! Of course, he won. Following that match I kept asking myself if I could use my brain in the ring of life way he uses his skills. Could I ever be that adroit? Could I be that deft with my skill set?

Skills are needed in every area of life, marriage, relationships, parenting, leadership, making money, speaking, management, cooking, fashion designing, engineering, construction,music, name it. A life without skills is akin to a farmer without tools, nothing will ever get done. Skills make some people champions in a dimension of life while others try to catch up with them, {Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been carting away the world footballer of the year award since forever}. Skills differentiate and also give ease {watch Messi play}. Like oil, they can make life friction-less.

For the Christian, you can become a monk, fast, pray and spend time on a mountain all you want, if you are not skilled, God will almost have no use for you. Joseph was a great manager, Moses, a great leader, David was a great leader, warrior, poet, musician, author and his sling shooting was lit, Bezaleel was a world-class artisan, Daniel was a political guru and administrator {He was so good, he served in a number of the world ruling regimes of his time and held plum positions in them all}, Andrew was a good net-worker, a people person, etc.

Jesus before ministry was a carpenter and much more than that was skilled in other areas. Once, a group of Roman soldiers were sent to abduct him but they came back empty handed. When asked why, they said they had never heard anyone speak like The Nazarene. They had met him speaking and had gotten so spell bound that they forgot their mission.Wanna be a champion, ignite your skills! Be like Rey!

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Ekpo Ezechinyere 2018 Image from Google


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